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by Torus Group
Delivering Business Computing as a Service

YourDesk is a different way to run your computer systems. No managing servers onsite, hiring IT staff, or paying consultants. Torus Group is an Application Service Provider and we can host a single application or your entire IT infrastructure. For a fixed monthly fee, Torus Group through YourDesk becomes your outsourced IT department - your servers, your help desk, your IT management. You can work from anywhere, maintenance free.

YourDesk is a superior alternative to the traditional network, where you don't have to shoulder the burden and worries about servers, IT consultants or staff. We become your IT department delivering your applications and data from our secure state-of-the-art network center. You and your staff can Login from anywhere, and you can operate centrally from multiple offices without dealing with the expense and headaches of maintaining secured connections between your offices. YourDesk can provide you with better systems, cost savings, and unlimited innovation in a cost-effective, highly secured manner. All you need is an Internet connection .... and that's it.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you to simplify the management of your technology and maximize your business productivity simply 2705272427 to contact us.