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    It’s bittersweet having my first born outgrow quiet books. Thankfully, my toddler is ready to use them, so I’ve begun sewing a new batch! I can’t wait to share those with you… But, that lead me to ponder: what can I make for the 6 year old and up age range? Board games! Showers or […]

  • Sebastian’s Wild One First Birthday Party

    My baby is 1! Oh, it’s so bittersweet… My sweet final baby is now a year old, walking, and beginning to talk. I refuse to switch to saying “toddler” until 2 – what about you? While it’s sad that time is going so fast, I’m also excited for the things to come. Like soon I’ll […]

  • Baby Sebastian, and How I Became a Stroke Survivor

    Valentine’s Day marked 8 months of having baby Sebastian here with us. 8 months of dimpled smiles. 8 months for sweet breastfeeding snuggles. 8 months of being a mama to two sweet boys. And, 8 months of daily shots. Sebastian’s birth was easier on me than Jax’s. I didn’t need Pitocin and everything progressed├é┬ásteadily on […]