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What is the difference?  Veraterm and Smart Tags are compared...
To the Smart Tag developer, the Veraterm System is a full-featured Smart Tag technology engine that handles all underlying subsystems.  Learn more...
Veraterm Technology links users to information without leaving the document workspace!  Relevant information is placed at your fingertips.  Automate common data access tasks and improve productivity.  Learn more  about Veraterm Technology and see how DMA Veraterm can benefit you today.
Veraterm for ACT!

Updated Version!

Now compatible with
ACT! 2005

Remove workflow bottlenecks with real-time access to relevant info.  Automate repetitive and mundane tasks.
Link to contacts in your ACT database without needing to open the ACT application.  Add new contacts directly from an email.
Integrate ACT info with other data in a single view.
For ACT v4-7

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Veraterm for ACT!

Veraterm Professional

Access enterprise data from within MS Office documents.  Combine data from different applications in a single view.  Accepts customized action items, connectors, user-interfaces, and add-ins.

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