I want to go out.


She looks as if she's laughing to herself.

Go to bed!

Louiqa claims to be a singer, though she doesn't sing well at all.

He was unaware of the enormity of the offense.

They need to work tomorrow.


My brother had his pocket picked in the train.


I didn't see Lee at Joachim's party.

Sagan's scientific curiosity led him to earn four degrees in physics, astronomy and astrophysics from the University of Chicago.

She works so hard that she can get good results.

I want more of that.

I confessed to stealing the money.


I am tired of eating at the school cafeteria.

Ken leapt over the wall.

The last time I read classical Japanese literature was in high school.

I can't believe they hired me!

I don't like it when you're so busy.

If you really have free time, read a book. Borrow one from the ward library.

Do you have Beethoven?

What I told you was true.

Since when have there been fireworks?


Starbuck isn't my boyfriend anymore.

That's just so sad.

The fitting room is being used now.

The professor smiled a little.

She set a new Japanese record in the 100 meter dash.

We want the facts.

I caught sight of the boy escaping from the classroom.

Two spots were open.

Major tried to pass off an imitation for the original.

I've got to get ready.

Let me sit down.

The players ran off the pitch and had a meeting during half-time.

Rearing a child calls for perseverance.


I'd like to be considered for the job.

If it had not been for your support, he would have failed in business.

You've done a good job.

It sounds strange, but it's true.

That's the man whose suitcase I found.


He is a gentleman in every way.

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I saw a photo of a 10-foot python eating a crocodile.


I'm sorry for not replying to your letter earlier.

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A quarrel arose about what to do with the land.


I'm sorry, Kerri, I've got to go.

I want to be in your plan.

They stick to old customs in everything.

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Have you understood this joke?

Maybe I'll write a book.

Would you please repeat what you just said?


Try not to worry about us.


A man's got to do what a man's got to do.

He knew it from the start.

Sonja took a piece of candy from the bag.

You plan to go to Boston with Loyd, don't you?

Can I make an appointment to have a medical examination?

I have to wake him up soon.

I need her.


He calls the boy Marcia.

Bring me some food from the kitchen.

Just tell us what it is.

First come, first serve, was the word, and the first hundred customers got a certificate; whoever came later was shit out of luck.

The inscription carved into the rock is from the sixth century before the Common Era.

Did you take part in the excursion yesterday?

It's not my decision.

He wanted to know more about the flowers.

The train was ten minutes behind time because of heavy snow.

Romain is watching figure skating on TV.

Who remembers?


Can you tell me anything about what happened to Grace?


I'm not hiding from anybody.


I don't have time to do it.

Lana used to often go to Boston.

Do we know each other?


I think that he will return soon.

Look, I'm extremely busy.

We can't just barge into someone's house without a warrant. That would be disrespectful to do such a thing, don't you think?


Please let Hugh sleep a little longer.

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What you said is true.

It is cruel of you to find fault with her.

The server tatoeba.org is taking too long to respond.


He talked his daughter out of marrying Margie.

This is the perfect example.

I felt myself touched on the shoulder.

I've had enough of this place.

But of course that was a long time ago.

Whose is this car?

My client wants to plead guilty.


Can you think of any examples?

Don't do us any favors.

I think Jerald is already on the plane.

We don't want you to hurt yourself.

I told Bryan that I liked Drew.


That didn't come out right.

Kristi helped himself to coffee.

She's playing in the garden.

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I was really emotional.

I want the truth.

My mother is Greek.


The children were waiting for the first snowfall to build a snowman.

I need to find out who Bud was with.

Don't make fun of old people.

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Roger is a human skeleton.


He reads Arabic.

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They tell me you're a real expert!

I hope you brought an umbrella.

I told her to send me another ticket.


Gretchen has written a book.

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He ripped his shirt open.

He is getting along with his neighborhood.

My computer no longer boots up.


In the afternoon today, if arriving at the house, I intend to study.

Do you know either of the two girls?

It was apparent that someone had taken the money by mistake.

I cannot follow his logic.

We would do anything for them.


Vijay messed with the wrong guy.

I get tongue-tied in front of you.

The snow was still too deep.

I need to go to work.

These shirts are identical.

Metin is used to speaking in public.

Look, tomatoes which grew up listening to Mozart!

She slipped some money into her son's hand.

He got the ball.


I gave it a shot.


I'll do it in my spare time.


I want a new kitchen.

Six hundred and forty-four ... and she went to sleep.

If you want it done well, I'm your man.

I've visited my father's grave.

This desk is made of wood.

I have ice cream in the freezer.

It's probably just a coincidence.

In bowling, a perfect game consists of twelve strikes in a row.

What subjects do you study at school?

Azaleas are blooming.

Stop the train.

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Are we safe here?

Do you think that bothered them?

I accept gifts.


The process is simple.

We found Roberto.

The truth is that Thomas is not such a hick, buddy.

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If you have a problem with any of this, I need to know now.

That's a strange question.

I still don't have an answer.

That's what Malaclypse wanted you to think.

I have a ton of food in my pantry.

Hold the ladder tight.

You have to take that into account.

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Do they celebrate Mother's Day in your native country?


We are in need of some food.


You expect us to work on the house, too? what next!


It's strange that other languages don't really distinguish plants which we ourselves consider totally different.


Wait a second. Do you just think that all's well that ends well? That's not the way it is.