He didn't eat anything yesterday.

Randell hates it when it's hot.

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Dan took five sleeping pills.

Doing that would be a huge mistake.

I came to talk with your father, not with you.

How is the weather today?

What's the forecast?

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The woman practiced abortion three times.


Patty was a witness to the accident.

A theory must be followed by practice.

The girl squeezed her doll affectionately.

Nora thinks this place is haunted.

I'm getting stronger every day.

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Kenji is a tennis player.

Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

She knows English, Chinese, Esperanto and Morse Code.


The hunters got up before dawn.

My camera is much better than yours.

I didn't even have a chance to talk to Ima.

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He was drafted into the army.

Relax, and above all, don't panic.

If a person is dishonest, he is dishonest to the end.

She is a very good teacher.

I do not understand the problem; I could make neither head nor tail of it.

You're taller than I thought you'd be.

You're Lyndon's friend.


How do you feel about this?

What is the opinion of a cultured, secular and sincere man?

Have you questioned them?

Fred wrote his mother a long letter.


The users of Tatoeba don't want Louiqa to die.

I made a lot of mistakes back then.


She only buys second-hand clothing.

I'm taking my coffee with me.

Rather - who the heck are you?! Iori enquired of the girl, ignoring my form rolling around on the floor.

Pat left me.

I spent the whole day cleaning up the room.

A police officer told me to stop the car.

Maybe Po has already done what he was supposed to do.

We're sinking.

Case had a propensity for looking the other way when spoken to.

He surrendered.

How did you get caught?

The river Maritsa constitutes a border between Turkey and Greece.

Stop being nosey.

I don't work on the weekend.

Is there anything you want to add to what I just said?

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It was a stupid joke.


Save us.


The treasure is believed to lie hidden somewhere in the mountain.


Todd was the one who told me.

Don't be so grumpy.

She is more influenced by personal anecdote than I.

She spread dishes on the table.

If you ever do anything to hurt Sanche, I'll kill you.

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Don't ask who he is.

The telephone rang repeatedly.

You should escape from here if you can.

Tell him where he should go.

We have to pay our rent by the end of the month.

Curt came pretty close to getting hit by a truck.

Darrell died in an accident.

Birds sometimes cause accidents by getting in the way of airplanes.

Don't you think it's strange?


I always got up early in my childhood.


The front brakes don't work.


The light is changing from red to green.

Ben, I'm pregnant.

You must not leave right now.

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That is Elijah's perfume? I always thought that was his older-man-stench.


Join us, won't you?

H-Hey! What're you up to!!

He wrote a book on china.

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Most Americans like hamburgers.


Dozens of male and female students were drawing a lone, completely nude male model standing on a platform.


Owen is doing really well.


The government executes the orders of the bankers.


He has a vivid imagination.

People that think and speak only about themselves are hopelessly uneducated.

The police eventually found Chip in Boston.

Put it back.

You'd do the same thing if you were me.


While she was out, the thief got away with her jewels.

You should buy one for Harv, too.

Earl was impressed by the big organ in the church.


I need to know your intentions.

Thus always to tyrants!

She's a poor student.

Susumu was very relaxed.

Earle can play the guitar, I think.

Maybe Tim was nervous.

I was horrible about how I handled everything.

He gave an accurate report.

Do you have a fever? Your cheeks are all red.

If you lend your money to your friend, you will lose your money and your friend.

He's very rigid in his ideas on marriage.

I have the power to find out when someone is reading my mind.

You're contradicting yourselves.


What a lot of books he has!

There was a hiss of steam.

Do you have anything special in mind?


Boston is my favorite city.


Do you see that girl over there?

Every hour of sleep before midnight is worth two after midnight.

What're you smiling at?

It is impossible to speak too severely of his conduct.

Put the flour on the shelf.

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I like the way you make scrambled eggs.

To our great surprise, she held her breath for three minutes.

Imagine that you started to hiccup and couldn't stop.

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Radek wanted to marry a man with ambition.

In the store, there's not a soul to listen to us.

Against my advice, he fed his dog some raw pork.

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Randall seems tense.


Clark didn't know what time he needed to show up.


The average rent for a Manhattan apartment is about $4,000 a month.

According to the news report, the ruling coalition has secured 72 seats as of 5 p.m.

She left the room.


They need customers.

I have some rather bad news.

That's about it for today.

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Laurie pointed toward the ceiling.


Does this interest you?

I'm sure Moses was awake.

She sold her Volkswagen and bought a Mercedes.

We didn't do anything productive during these vacations.

Eva must've been tired.

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It looks impressive.

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Our garbage is collected three times a week.

We slept.

You're gonna be famous one day.

The trouble is that I can't remember where I parked the car.

Who's looking after your dogs?

You should have told it to me sooner.

Guido can't afford to buy a car.


Wolf put plywood over the windows.

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What do you know about climate change?

People who bring personal details into arguments don't know how to argue.

She got herself through college telling people their fortunes as a phony psychic. She didn't even have a proper Tarot deck, but her clients didn't know the difference.

Talk like that will raise suspicion.

You are my friend.

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But now things have changed tremendously.

Maybe I'll bring Trying.

Where's that bottle of wine I asked you to buy.


I need to make a copy.


Don't you want to know what Ritchey really thinks of you?


If you had helped me, I could have accomplished the work.

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I can't hold back my longing for you.


She is going into the second year of pre-school.

I would go to the mountains when young.

I wasn't expecting to win.


It is Egypt that he wants to visit.