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For Divya Advani (CGS'18, COM'20), a weekend brunch isn't just about discovering new restaurants around Boston—it's about unwinding from the past week and readying for the next. In the latest installment of our “My Own Boston” series, she takes us to two of her favorite places, then for a stroll along the Charles River Esplanade to take a step back and savor the sunset.

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Thought Orientation was only in the fall? BU welcomes new students entering in January as well, with a weekend of activities and information. On January 20 it was City Excursions, a chance to stroll around popular Boston spots. Here Andrew Haneman (CGS’20) (from left), Nicole Bray (CGS’20), and Ana Obergfell (CGS’20) explore Downtown Crossing, stopping in at Primark. Photo by Chloe Grinberg (COM’19)

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Boston is famous for its neighborhoods, many of them fun, interesting, and easy to get to. BU Today has assembled a guide to several neighborhoods, with helpful lists of where to eat, shop, and hang.

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