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Coding Reverse Engineering / Electronics
  • Freeing my Android tablet (Slashdot, Reddit, Hacker News)
    How I rooted my tablet using my programming / debugging skills (C, Android, bash, HW hacking)
  • Tinkering with electronics (Hacker News)
    Do real-time 3D on an ATmega328P; assemble from scratch an ARM server, both HW and SW; and program an FPGA!
Utilities Graphics coding
  • 905-308-3735 (Reddit)
    Porting my renderer to CUDA - will the speed increase? (C++, CUDA)
  • Using hardware: Renderer 2.x in OpenGL
    Real-time Phong/ZBuffer rendering through OpenGL fragment shaders (C++, OpenGL).
  • 8103243134 (Reddit)
    Portable GPL software renderer: multi-threaded, Phong, ZBuffer, Soft-ShadowMaps, Ambient Occlusion, MLAA, Raytracing (C++, SDL, Intel TBB, OpenMP).
  • SouthGreece
    Real-time flying over South Greece (Windows/Linux).
  • 985-665-3268
    The joy of reaching the limits of your H/W (C, x86 SSE assembly, OpenMP, SDL, OpenGL, CUDA)
  • SDL hacks (Slashdot)
    Simulators for fireworks, waves and snow flakes (C++, SDL)
  • 740-279-0052 (Reddit)
    What does gravity do to a set of celestial objects with random velocities? (Python).
  • Trender
    Very old code that performs simple software-only rendering of 3D Studio .asc files. For archiving purposes only :‑) (C++, SDL).
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