The neck of the bottle was broken.

This is well good.

There were four pieces of furniture in the room.


What are they doing now?

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Part is partly disabled.

He entered the lion's den.

The exhibition offers profound insights into ancient civilization.

His younger sister is a famous TV star.

Eduardo entered the dining room, carrying a tray.

There is much truth in what you say.

Sonja kissed everyone in the room.

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I have nothing more to add.

I'm never wrong.

We don't have as much money as we thought.

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I asked Roderick what he was drinking.

I'm not going to tell Soohong anything.

This summer resort is no longer as popular as it used to be.

Orville did a lot of good things.

Did you enjoy the movies?

I won't let him die.

I have to write an essay.

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I didn't say I liked him.


I heard Wade was looking for me.

Why do you need it?

Julia is the one with the problem, not me.

This is the computer I told you about.

This fact must not be forgotten.

The interpreter gives emphasis to the last answer.

I'm not sure what that means.


This book is way more interesting than that one.


Daryl set his alarm clock for 2:30.

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Carbon pollution is the biggest driver of climate change.


I must point out that we need to clarify the meaning of this over-used concept.

For what are you waiting? You're always waiting for something.

Why would Piercarlo come back here?

Do you go to school by bus or by train?

By 2030 twenty-one percent of its population will be over sixty-five.

Love began to grow between the two.

They broke the silence.

They seemed to think so.

Luckily nobody died.

She has two cats. One is white and the other one is black.

Don't you speak Tatoeban?

See if you can catch the word she uses as she describes how she begins her day.

What's been keeping you awake?

Had he worked harder, he could have succeeded.

This is a book about England.

I just wish I had more experience.

Do you always wear green on St. Patrick's Day?

It isn't new.

They sound so similar it's not easy to distinguish them.


She liked to party and meet boys.

Don't let Nichael lie on the floor.

Yoshio persisted in believing that in spite of the evidence.

You can take part in the meeting regardless of your age.

Michiel is past his prime.

How in the world do you expect me to pay this?

I'm an avid golfer.


Do people really have to hate one another?


We need your help finding him.

The news was on.

Desertion from the army was grounds for the death penalty.

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Sit down, please!

They're in math class.

Phew, I'm safe now.

She cleaned the room.

Horst has been suffering a lot.


Even though he is 38, he still depends on his parents.

I think it strange that he didn't speak to you.

Why didn't anybody tell me?

Sir got tired of waiting for Jerry, so he went into the museum without her.

We're inflexible.


I didn't understand anything at today's seminar.

Do you know where Cristina and your friends went?

Let him handle it.

I wonder if Takao knows that.

That's exactly what you need now.

Brace yourselves! From today I'm learning the piano. Why? Because I want to become a music teacher!

Jun had every right to be angry.

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We used to go skating every weekend.


Please feed the dog.


The night was very still.

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Sue has never trusted me.


It's hard to admit that you're a failure.

She drinks a little wine at times.

Pickpockets almost always work in groups.

I don't want to watch television this evening.

I don't want to get you into trouble.


"Here I come! ...Your Majesty, Duke Onkled is under attack by the evil forces of Ganon." "..." "Impa?! You're a slut!" "You smell like shit!" "Enough! Where's His Majesty?" "Ganon captured the King!" "Ganon is a prick..."

This argument won't get us anywhere.

Tell Lois I'll talk to him later.


We love to climb mountains.


Please come here at 3 o'clock precisely.

I want to give up.

With gassy planets like Jupiter, the zero level is defined as the level where the gas pressure is one bar.

She shared her husband's fate.

I think I'll give Dwight an egg timer.

How long would that take?

I'm going to take off.

Suwandi has a good grasp of French.

I had to stay in bed all day.

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She must have taken the wrong bus.

Don't say these hideous words again!

Are your grandchildren here in Boston?

Don't be an idiot.

This translation is not quite up to snuff.

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We have an epidemic.

Why don't you be quiet and listen?

I can't do that at this point.

What should I do in order to save time?

He was visiting his foster mother.

I am the best friend, the best support, the best partner you will ever have.

I haven't had time to do that yet.

Ray said he could swim at least as well as Margaret.

You're better than her.

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Do you care about your privacy?


Eduardo was too scared to say anything.


Polly was very sick last week.

Fay was sitting alone in his room.

I think we should try it.

You never liked Winston.

I came across my aunt in Europe.


Time and tide wait for no man.

We arrived at that plan out of pure desperation, but the book sold well.

Russ doesn't like you.

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I have known Taro for ten years.

Sit back and enjoy the show.

Don't do this again.

Mohammad tried to keep it from Hans.

Henry will come of age this March.

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In July of 1994, Jupiter was hit by pieces of the Shoemaker-Levy comet. Dark areas appeared in Jupiter's atmosphere after the large pieces hit the planet.

Human as a biological being belongs to the animal world.

Craig can't understand Julian's motives.

I don't like to call it "the tricolor". I prefer the "French flag."

When you skateboard, it puts quite a strain on your knees.

I know better than to quarrel with her about trifles.

You guys are sweet.

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Kenneth is new in town.

There is nothing in the world from which we can't learn something.

His real name's Lar.

Pick up your things and go away.

They're 30 minutes behind schedule.


I need a massage.

There was a hitch.

Lorenzo knows a lot about baseball.

Jay was still asleep.

I came here to talk to her.

Is French difficult?

Being skinny is unhealthy.

I give greetings to everyone.

He's perfect at everything.

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The bread landed on the floor upside down.

Sooner or later, someone has to speak up.

I don't know what to write in this sentence.

Gordon is a very good speaker of French.

I'm glad you finally figured that out.

I am a poor man.

I hear you've done some pretty extreme stuff.


Did you want to meet with Terrance?


We ate a big dinner and then went right to bed.


Real and his lawyer left the courtroom together just a few minutes ago.