Erwin works methodically.

Could the situation worsen?


Lex was taken completely by surprise.


Come home before six.

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I must remind you about your promise.

Takao became furious.

The baby crept into the room.

"What's wrong?" "I don't have a key."

They celebrated the completion of his high school years.

Music has settled her nerves.

I know the president of that club very well.

Who and who goes where and where, respectively?

Philippe always looks nice.


They've turned on us.

Give yourself plenty of time.

Ro is addicted to the Internet.

My mother does not like watching the television.

I'll meet you back here in three hours.

Your new dress suits you very much.

Dan headed toward London.

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Place the fork on the left side of the plate, and the knife on the right side.


That's too heavy.

That house is small, but it's big enough for us.

Do you really want to pitch your tent this close to the river?

I think perhaps you should call Kory.

Rakhal slept in this morning.

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Numbers are not always about age and money. If one thinks otherwise, then one has not been exposed to too much mathematics. It becomes evident...


He figured out a principle.

The fox scampered off after a few seconds.

As the children ran, they heard the sound of the broom sweeping the ground close behind them.

He was the angriest man I've ever had the misfortune to meet!

It took a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears to clean it.

The family lived in the depths of misery.

Just a little more.

Do you play an instrument?

My daughter is going to buy new furniture.


Business results of the company were much better than other companies in the industry.

That young lady is a nurse.

Are you leaving Boston?


Tatoeba is addictive.

She is less intelligent than you.

There is an abundant supply of foodstuffs.


I know you like chocolate.

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She has gingivitis.

They'll be jealous.

Didn't I tell you to close the door?

What is biokinesis?

There is nothing wrong with this.

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The other girls mocked her and picked on her.


Once there lived a very wicked king in England.

That makes me happy.

I had a hamster named Cookie.


There was no one but wept to hear the story.

We don't have any money to spare.

Glad to see you, Franklin.

I am going to kill you!

If you want to know more about these ruins, you should ask an archaeologist.


She had a few more drinks.


Come soon or there won't be any food left.


Scientists have been discovering new drugs, so there is always hope for the unconscious person.


Briggs has good handwriting.

Is that a hint?

He must be stopped at all costs.

I don't think he will come.

You're asking the wrong person.

The girl was pregnant before the priest could say Amen.

I think Amanda is dangerous.

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I can almost touch the ceiling.

I was able to win the first prize.

I have an even better idea.

I had not waited ten minutes before Duncan came.

Who's gone rogue?


What a weird idea!

I like coffee.

Expenses are way down.

He earns more than five hundred dollars a month in that job.

"Manpower" is the world's largest temp agency.

Sundaresan pinched Lar.

Usually Sumitro can get whatever he wants.


I think I could be persuaded.


She is a teacher's pet.


There are not many amusements in the village.

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The news that her husband had been killed in an accident was a great shock to her.

I would like a tourist visa.

The people from Madrid are lunatics.


She used to go to the movies on Sundays.

This is useful mainly for disabled people, people with illnesses, and the elderly.

I heard the gay voices of children.

She has a talent for music.

My father likes fishing, and so do I.


You need to go with me now.

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He doesn't have so many books as she.


Do you know a quiet place we can talk?

I think that would be best.

Every individual has something to contribute to the common stock of reasonable thought and opinion.

You're overly reliant on people. You'll never make it in the world that way.

I froze the juice inside the PET bottle. This way, I'll be able to drink as much cold juice as I want at lunchtime.

She agreed to my idea.

Hsi gave away all his money.

I think all fat people should go on a diet.

The face was was so white, so thin, with eyes so large, wild, and hungry-looking, and the black, unkempt hair, into which the snow had drifted, formed so strange and weird a frame to the picture, that I was fairly startled.


It's okay to be a gay.

We know Fritz is poor.

Please don't be afraid of me.

It worked for her.

Bergen is known as the city between the seven mountains.

Asian cuisine is often flavoured with MSG.

She wanted to have a lovely wedding.

The future belongs to God.

You should feel bad for him.

They'll starve.

He gave the poor woman some bread and a five dollar bill besides.

Please don't cry.

It just doesn't seem likely.

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Stay here with her.


Germany is the playfield of international intelligence agencies.

Give me a reasonable explanation.

Nobody likes him.


You told me to give it to Patty.


Drunken fights and more drunken sex characterize their excuse for a relationship.


It should be like this.


Do you want to see your room?

They differ in many respects.

What is it that you liked about her?

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I'd like to confirm our reservations.

I hate them as much as you do.

Sandra learned that lesson the hard way.

Her mother became mad at us.

All the seats are reserved.

My children like school.

Judge soon realized that no one was paying any attention to him.

Spike was the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Where did you go with that girl?

Were you at Tahsin and Blaine's wedding?

Drink a cup of water.

Relationships built on money will end when the money runs out.

Today, you might get arrested.

Could you heat this dish?

I met her in Boston.

TV stations broadcast the event.

I thought you'd agree with me.

A policeman was watching it, with his arms crossed.

Ole wanted to drive, but since he was drunk, Joon wouldn't let him.

Please take care of yourself.

Prescribe the boy some medication!

He's very curious.

He was filled with anxiety about his wife's return.

I agree with Agatha one hundred percent.

I thought you'd like to know what happened.


Bill isn't Tigger's brother. He's her cousin.

I can't tell you how I love you.

She resembles her aunt.

It was a positive experience.

I guess I could go easy on Anna.

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When did you translate this letter?


I have to go to my cousin's baptism.

You talk, I'll listen.

You have no alternative.


She noticed her husband's wandering eye.