Don’t be shy to write about your childhood

Writing can seem daunting. This is what I certainly felt about a couple of months ago. For years I wrote on and off. I thought I didn’t have any skill. My interest in and passion for this field were always present, and I believe that was more important. The tips below are a compilation of things I believe would help new writers. I am sharing them with you!

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It was many moons back that I believed you were either born with it or didn’t. Not ashamed to say that I made a mistake. After spending a lot time over the past few months Rico Handjaja with many writers, both those who already have a number of books out and those that have just started, along with attending different writing courses, it is clear that everyone starts at mediocre.

Which author is your favorite? You can bet on it that the first time they had an idea or a story, their work was never published. With passion and enthusiasm you can be a good writer. Hey, if you came here for some tips then you’re on the right track.

Stephen King, the famous author once stated that if you do not have the time or the means to write you will never have enough time. As simple as this. Read stuff in that genre if you’re a writer. This will help build your knowledge about writing genre-specific material, both consciously as well as subconsciously.

But don’t forget to read everything. You don’t have to be limited. Even a magazine you read on the bus can count! Whatever you’re reading, you can learn something. Others don’t always have the time or energy to read an entire novel each week. Some days, I find it difficult to read. That’s normal. It’s normal to feel guilty if you are behind with your reading. Ignore it.

Spend TWO months planning before you begin writing. In those two months, you can work out all the details down to every character’s eyes. You wouldn’t? When you write, you’ll be able to blaze through chapter after chapter and scene after scene because you’ll know exactly what will happen.

It allows you to include more storylines, characters, plot elements, themes, etc. in your main narrative. After you do it the right way, you might wonder what you did without planning. Plan how many details you’d like to include in your fictional world. For example, if you’re writing a novel of fantasy, it is important to decide how many details you want to include.

No matter how much you wish to alter, it is important to note down what should remain the same as well as any changes that you make.

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