If there was a verb called "to nache", "Nache!" would be the imperative form.

Tait will be ready in a few minutes.


You have to go on living.

We have to seriously think about this.

I'll be fine on my own.

Nothing will happen to her.

I think Jones is in love with you.

Wendy screamed in horror.

Mother is very busy just now.

Jurevis seems to have reasons for everything he did.

In some places, the ocean is deeper than the tallest mountains are high!

Arguing never got anyone anywhere.

Rahul wanted to know when it happened.

No, he's our business manager.

You're imagining things, Jerald.

We've already met.

As for me, I am quite happy.

Milk is a common beverage.

This is really sick.

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Don't interfere with my work.

If you'd been there, we would've had a good time together.

Pickup trucks are popular in North America, but not in Europe.

Don't burn your bridges.

The game was looked forward to by everyone.

Will told me he'd do it.

Jon has a bald spot.

Does she think of being perfect?

Use your best judgment.

Selling unnecessary stuff is fraudulent and immoral.

We can't do anything for them.

He is sure that he will come.

Donald seems unusual.

Jimmy tossed and turned in bed, unable to sleep.

It's unclear when Srikanth died.


The CEO is very disappointed with the result.

Volcanoes can be active, dormant, or extinct.

It's on my desk.

She's not poor.

Elisabeth and Pam often argue about money.

The little girl played an angel in the Christmas play.

He was in charge of maintenance at the chocolate factory.

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I need to see Takao right now.


I feel very upset.


I don't play games.

Did you know that this is a question?

I hate you very much.


I am constantly thinking about her.


We'll try it.

Damon was wearing a red tie.

We asked Gregge why she was crying.

Spike felt like a million bucks.

She waited for him for two hours.

We agreed that there was no other alternative.

Becky and Marlena both look extremely happy.

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He liberated the people from bondage.

Pratap never flunked out of college.

I won't try to persuade him.

As I have walked all the day, I am very tired.

The boy was so tired that he could walk no longer.

We'll probably go to Boston next week.

The Koran is Islamic scripture.


Ramneek threw Hubert off the boat.


I'm so happy to see you again.


Our total debts amount to ten thousand dollars.

Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.

Dance with angels.

He uttered an incomprehensible oath in the local vernacular before going on his way.

The fact is, I think, very important.

Carlos now knows what he has to do.

Some animals are afraid of fire.

I'd like to do a feasibility check.

Do you really have to work this weekend?

He likes both Esperanto and Interlingua.

I know you probably want to be alone, so I'll leave.

The question was rhetorical.

Ruth got a job at a local pizzeria.

Want one?

Will she be back home at five?

There's a bird singing in the cage, isn't there?

Why should we mind?


Clayton was beautiful.

Don't give up on your dreams.

You are no longer a mere child.

Many drivers have a cavalier attitude towards the rules of the road.

May I suggest something?

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I've never seen them happier.

I just want to check something.

My mommy went outside.

I regret lying to Kaj.

What am I to do with him? Employ him?

Will you support me?

The boy bent back to look up at his father's face.

The computer started.

It was here that I saw her.


You're on my land.

I was outside.

I didn't tell you to turn around.


We haven't found him.


I wanted to see if there really was someone out there.

I gave her no choice.

The policemen spotted the mugger at a train station.

Who knows the answers?

Okey doke.


I had an interesting conversation with my neighbor.

Stanley said he was asked to help.

I'd love to go out with you.

We need to stop him.

Luck smiled on us then.

Dicaeopolis walks out of his house and calls his slave.

The documentary is meant to raise consciousness about the plight of the poor.

I like all sorts of paintings.

Stop war! Start love!


It's not normally like this.

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You'll find it.

The darker the mane of a lion is, the more attractive for females it is.

Barbara is very selfish.

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Tammy helped us escape.

This jacket sets well.

This project is shovel-ready.

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The sum was written in euro, not in yen.

He is above all others in originality.

Tell him how you're feeling.

Jeffrey used to be optimistic.

I am already wet!

I want to get my mind off work.

We'll miss you terribly.

What a fool he is to leave school.

From my personal point of view, his opinion is right.

This is a common misspelling.

Paraguay is a country in South America.

Don't you smell something burning in the next room?

I put on my socks before you could say "Jack Robinson"

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I'm not interested in going to the baseball game.

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The supervisor bought a really fast machine.

Yes, sometimes.

Graeme dumped me.

It's unlikely that anything serious will happen.

Naren has a very decent salary.


She went through a long and arduous vocational course.

Valeria comes here almost every day.

Children collect acorns that have fallen out of an oak tree.

Marsha buys new shoes whenever he can find a pair that fit.

Everyone gathered around me.

I'm not expecting anyone to show up before 2:30.

We need to find out what Kathy wants.

Raif stared in astonishment.

Piete certainly came out of that mess smelling like a rose.

Lend me your knife, please.

That's what's happening here.

This will forever change how you think about your own thinking.

Please give all these toys to Alvin.


Adrian has decided not to see Amos anymore.

The place is too small for us.

Which peoples of Earth are curious enough to want to venture into outer space?

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A lot of people are coming out of the movie theater.


Believe me.


The boy has good reflexes.

I drank tea yesterday.

I've been in contact with him.


They crushed all resistance.

Will it blend?

We haven't seen Alf.


Do you know where you're going to?

These stories are as old as anything that men have invented. They were narrated by naked savage women to naked savage children. They have been inherited by our earliest civilised ancestors, who really believed that beasts and trees and stones can talk if they choose, and behave kindly or unkindly. The stories are full of the oldest ideas of ages when science did not exist, and magic took the place of science.

Saul thought Jesper was asleep.


Their grapes suit my palate.

Tell me this is over.

They constructed a new government.