Leora is not much older than Gregor's daughter.

Some books, if read carelessly, will do more harm than good.

I'm glad you didn't go there by yourself.

Sassan has a large family.


Andrea's actions aren't predictable.


Don't you know I'm going out with Part?


Major jumped back into the pool.


They prefer patients who can't talk.

According to a recent study, the average life span of the Japanese is still increasing.

Why did you pick us?


Spyros apologized for that.

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She has a bestseller.

A shark snapped the man's leg off.

I can't think of anything.

Hiroshi Itsuki has slits for eyes.

I should not have updated my iPhone.


This is rubbish.

He was stumped by the problem.

Do you go with us?

They both started laughing.

We're not going to answer any more questions.

It must be so hard for you.

Meeks has done what generations of scientists had not managed to do.

Loukas spilled his coffee.

He has gone to Switzerland.

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The belief in an external world independent of the perceiving subject is the basis of all natural science.

There is the risk of losing users and incomes.

I had a fine old time.

I wish you could understand me.

This is hilarious.

Byron seldom reads books written in French.

He is 100 years old.

We haven't heard of him lately.

Some Chinese food has a lot of MSG in it.

Are you hiding something?

To tell the truth, I hate the very sight of him.


The top of Mt. Fuji is covered with snow.


The flood did a lot of damage to the village.

No one was more surprised than me.

Jeff doesn't like multiple choice exams.

There are roses behind the steel building.

Piotr looked to see if Venkata was watching him.

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I didn't know you were going to be here today.

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Whoever uses this toothbrush is not my mother.

Isn't there anything?

I'll kill the both of you.

Emmett is a total idiot.

He had gray hair.

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Ramesh should've listened to you and bought that painting when he had the chance.


He is very much interested in Japanese history. We are surprised at his vast knowledge of the subject.

I have to help Margie clean out the garage.

The customers have been complaining a lot lately.

They are going.

Marco doesn't wear makeup.


Fortune is unstable, while our will is free.

I've forgotten my pin number.

Jayesh doesn't understand what's going on.

Why don't you give it a try?

I've always found her unbelievably adorable.

Roderick hasn't been working hard enough.

He managed to cure himself of his habit of nibbling his nails.

The player performed a wonderful feat.

You need all the help you can get.

There is a window on your left.

Elizabeth is all business.

This car is made in Japan.

She said he would be back right away.

I can't carry all that baggage.

I've never had that problem before.

In 1986, four and one-half years after visiting Saturn, Voyager 2 made the first close-up survey of Uranus.

It was my duty to do that.

He had nothing to do with the case.

That ought to help.


I had little choice.

It never occurred to me that Ray wouldn't like it here.

Did you bring me what you said you would?

That's not like her.

Even Jacques wasn't convinced.

Let's clean this up.

You must not smoke till you grow up.

Mr. Brown is in charge of our class.

How dare he have sex with my wife?

She lives right down the street.

She sells shoes.

Someone tried to poison him.

The rescue flight had to reckon with strong winds and freezing temperatures.


Is there some other solution?

Can I have a ticket to London, please?

I hope to meet up with you this afternoon.


It looks great.

He succeeded.

I don't know what to believe anymore.


Did you find out what happened to Tomas's car?

Don't try two things at once.

The lesson is science.

Marc was just trying to be funny.

The neighbors say that Dewey beats his wife.

Rebecca kicked the door open and went into the room.

You're so fake!

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Spring is slow in coming this year.

I saw you give it to Rajiv.

I would like to order drinks now.

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Rex saw that Takao was about to speak.

Kristin said he needed my help, so I helped him.

He stepped out for a moment.


I thought I had all the answers.

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I don't know why I'm scared.

It was after four years that the war came to an end.

Bring me a glass of water, please.

Why is Gene so afraid of Hillel?

She pulled the door open.


Jason and Sal were a match made in heaven.

I really want to help her.

Don't touch my things.

Adults always ask kids what they want to be when they grow up because they're looking for ideas themselves.

I might be able to help them.


My uncle gave me some good advice when I was in trouble.


Have you seen Urs anywhere?


I don't need your opinions.

We have to find Geoff.

I know them well.

Irving, I asked you a question!

I think they went without us.

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Can you help me get to the hospital?

She went to the hospital yesterday.

Granville was running.


He was transported to the hospital by helicopter.


I couldn't make out what he was saying.

Bill scored the winning goal.

He knows how to swim like a fish.

I've been thinking about it, too.

I owe you an apology.

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I didn't see anyone writing.


Ali is a good person.

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Classes have been suspended due to floods.


I saw Tuan having a drink at the bar.

Can I trust them?

Why do women want to sleep in a man's embrace?

I like bread more than rice.

Your name? I'm Paulo.


Cristina said he didn't have anything to say.

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Sugih opened a box of matches and lit one.

I suggest that you see Mr. White.

Judy cut himself with a knife this morning.


I was shocked by the dog that sprang out of the darkness.

Each exercise should be performed fifty times.

They're unpredictable.

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Your dog was born this year.

Tell her anything you want.

The boom has peaked out.


Jesus knows that it's dangerous to play with scissors.


He just looked on with his arms folded.

I knew you had a girlfriend!

I poured myself a glass of whisky.


Their married life was full bliss.

When has she ever done anything for me?

I almost felt sorry for Toerless.

Ken doesn't know where his notorious dog is.

You can't escape from reality.