Donal is skeptical.

Please wait till five, when he will back.

Who loves not women, wine and song remains a fool his whole life long.

You can't be serious.

Can you see an owl eating a delicious sewer rat over there? That's me.

The girl fainted, but she came to when we threw water on her face.

You should ask her for advice.

Mat removed the splinter from Trying's finger.

Most of my paperbacks are in covers so you don't know what they are until you open them.

Someone locked me in the room.

Somebody has to stop Serdar.

Weeds will soon outgrow the flowers.

He intends to visit his uncle.

That's what's making me sick.


It's so fucking cold!

I'm going to go right away.

I feel awful about it.

I understand the general approach, but I'm afraid that I'm getting bogged down in the details.

Kayvan lived alone.

I couldn't be more pleased.

Miles has gone for the day.

Francis gave me this hat for my birthday.

Tovah couldn't take it anymore so he quit his job.

I have a few purchases to make in this store.

I just wanted to let you know I have a date.


It seems a bit unfair.

Can we please go home now?

I've always been good with my hands.

The situation Spencer described actually happened once in Boston.

It looks like today is not my lucky day.


The girl broke the window.


What do you do with your money?


As far as I know, he is honest and reliable.

Meeks retired at sixty.

You should do what I suggest.

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I want to be referred to using the pronouns he/she/they, him/her/them, him/her/them, as him/her/them, into him/her/them, into him/her/them, out of him/her/them, in him/her/them, into him/her/them, from him/her/them, with him/her/them, or for him/her/them.

I didn't get an email from you today.

Forvo is an international project which has set itself an unattainable goal and therefore always achieves opposite results.

The silence and stealth of a hungry cat.

Could you put this bag in another place?


It's pretty hot today.

This girl is the most intelligent.

I just can't get along with him.

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Do you come from New York?

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We can apply this rule to that case.

I told Ginny that I wouldn't help him.

You are a guide

Neal doesn't want to be there.

Could you perhaps translate that for me?

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She winked at him.

Yes, master.

Kyu left everything to me.


I am getting small!

In a sunny spot stood a pleasant old farm-house close by a deep river, and from the house down to the water side grew great burdock leaves, so high, that under the tallest of them a little child could stand upright. The spot was as wild as the centre of a thick wood. In this snug retreat sat a duck on her nest, watching for her young brood to hatch; she was beginning to get tired of her task, for the little ones were a long time coming out of their shells, and she seldom had any visitors.

Her mother has been sick since last Thursday.

She is the athletic trainer.

She is often late for school on Mondays.

I'll stay until tomorrow.

It's ideal weather for a picnic.

I am afraid of having trouble.

I didn't want to be a burden.


I'll buy a Ford.

Nevertheless, many are choosing early retirement.

He forgot her name.

What are you looking for in the darkroom?

He was aware of a sharp pain.

Even if you know the truth, you had better pretend otherwise at present.

Has Kory ever asked you to loan him money?

I nearly died.

Get out of my bed.


Isn't "Sloppy Joe" someone's name?

I wonder what Bart bought me.

I woke up at five.

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I have had it with Sheila.

I won't let you treat me like a slave.

On one hand he is kind, but on the other hand he is lazy.

I was a fool for a handsome fellow.

Which one would you choose?


Michiel obviously wants to kiss you.

Here is the father's hat.

Bruno is smiling now.

The shop carried leather goods.

I don't want to walk home alone.

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In the evening, we drank sugarcane juice.

I'm going to open the wine and let it breathe.

My Administration will take appropriate action, consistent with law and policy, to disclose information rapidly in forms that the public can readily find and use.

She lost many library books.

This new chair is lavender-blue.

I'm not hungry right now.

We're still young.


I want to travel this summer, but I don't know where to go.

Are you avoiding me?

My mother is always complaining about me.

We'll call if we have any further questions.

She told me once and for all that she did not want to see me again.

I guess I should be going.

I love your lack of shyness.

I don't really know Saqib very well.

Raphael is unkind, isn't he?


They might not notice that Skip isn't here.

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I feel like I'm being drawn into your eyes.

The word astronaut means "star sailor" in Latin.

The little girl had learnt a hymn in which roses were spoken of, and then she thought of their own roses, and she sang the hymn to the little boy, and he sang too.

I'd prefer not to answer.

She hid herself for fear of meeting the man.

Do you feel like going swimming?

I don't think I can fix it.

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I cannot change my clothes. There is no room where I can do that.


Have you done your homework?

Pay attention to what you're saying.

I knew how to swim.

I just want to hear your reasons.

He made a speech in which he supported my opinion.

I will do anything that you ask.

Philippe won't talk to Carole.


Donal lost his pencil.

His story has some color of truth in it.

The garden is fragrant with the smell of roses.

Do you smoke?

Plants do not have a brain.


If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

We need to find out who did this.

I want it to be a surprise.


Have you seen Christina yet?

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I didn't wake you, did I?

I really liked what you cooked for me.

I am a bit hard up now and I can't afford such an expensive meal.

Medical doctors and dentists have very different tools of the trades.

Cole was secretly very excited.


I'll stay until tomorrow.

She's short and fat.

When water boils, it turns into steam.

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Have you seen our museums? What do you think about them?

Kimmo doesn't have to hide.

I'm counting on you not to back out.


What lovely puppies they are!

Everybody has already left.

She dressed herself quickly.

Sara has 31 pens.

What you said made her angry.

Don't leave me again.

Never make fun of someone who speaks a language poorly. It means they know another language.


I never had any doubts.


I was sort of expecting that to happen.

I caught them by surprise.

I doubt Vistlik will stick around.

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Boys are the source of all problems in the world.

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Thank you very much for everything.


Let us briefly recall an important result from group theory.

I might need your help again sometime.

People are waiting for the sunset.

A big canoe was cutting through the water.

We all felt embarrassed to sing a song in public.


Rusty might never come back here again.

That would've been fun.

Who am I to second guess him?

Are you done with the book yet?

She speaks English as well as I do.

Carsten didn't get on back of Kanthan's motorcycle.

Warning: unsupported characters are displayed using the '_' character.

Gregge and Joseph probably won't see each other for a while.

They must believe in something.


Did you want to ask me something?


That's ironic, isn't it?