You say something and then you do another.

This girl has a pretty face. My heart melts from looking at it.


Now I have to work in less than 5 hours.


We have missed this.


Read the bottom of the page.

My aunt looks young.

He is good at dealing with children.


Earl won't be arrested.

I should've been there with you.

I drink coconut water in the morning.

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He knows neither of us.

I'll clean this up.

Naoto doesn't know the difference between good and evil.

She was in a hurry to see her father.

This book is meant for children.

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Miek is wearing what appears to be some kind of uniform.

Croatia is a country located in the southeastern part of Europe.

He's rich.

Sadly, terrorism is a global disease, but it must never be allowed to triumph.

English and French are Indo-European languages.

The number of motor vehicles in the city has increased.

People in such countries, especially the ASEAN countries, believe that the secret of Japan's remarkable economic growth is education.


Who is the boy acting the part of Peter Pan?


Walking on a train platform while distracted is very dangerous.

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She sat in a chair reading a magazine.

Music is the soul of geometry.

We don't have enough data yet.

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I phoned.

I'm holding a book by Susanna Tamaro.

I'll get to it right away.


Do you know how this works?

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I saw her somewhere two years ago.

This is my ship.

No one could deny this.

Mason thinks he knows why Vern decided to become a nun.

Peggy sat at the kitchen table.

What is popular now?

What more can I do?

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Ruth pushed Dalton out of the room.

Should I say something?

What's going to happen to them?


Our school stands on a hill, so we can see the town.

Elisabeth and Rudolf got married this year in the spring.

The old sergeant was not less moved than the captain.

Why did you buy such an expensive dictionary?

We have nothing in common.

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He lied, without hesitation.

We took advantage of the day's nice weather to play tennis.

I want to go to see a movie.

I don't know if there was a piece of paper in the box.

I'll teach you how to swim.

I'm faster.

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.


I would rather starve to death than steal.

Three of a kind.

We waited outside for them.


My stepfather was diabetic.

There are many housewives who complain about high prices.

Emmett says he can't figure Susan out.

She lives just down the street.

The President is usually accompanied by his wife when he goes abroad.


We all want to be desired.

Bruce is unkind.

Josip is surprisingly strong.

I didn't ask Deb.

I was hoping to see Lukas.

The game was sold out.

Is this pure gold?

Tonight I feel like doing something!

A whale is no less a mammal than a horse.


I'm running a little late.

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I learned to live without her.

I don't know who Adam's wife is.

The dog next door kept barking all night.

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When you come across unknown words, you have to look them up in the dictionary.

I sent the parcel by airmail.

I cleaned my room.

You heard coughing, didn't you?

Thank you for changing your clothes.

Does your wife know all this?

His wig is skew.

His house is within a short walk of the station.

I don't get it! Why do I have to take the heat?


This watch was given me by my uncle.

Wait a little longer.

We're looking for Nate.

The child offered a flower to the visitor.

She is now eighty-one years old.


I want to make you proud of me.

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The train on which he left goes to Tokyo Station.


Her new statement is a reversal of her previous position.

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I want to do it very much.


He got a nice job recently.

They started talking.

They're tense.


Water gurgles while fire crackles.

Plant growth and productivity react sharply to a complex combination of temperature and moisture.

He thinks that's normal.

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I don't think there is any excuse for his behavior. At the same time, we should listen to what he has to say.

It's high time you went to bed, Ken.

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

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Do you think Jerry is unscrupulous?


Frances is not my girlfriend. She's just a friend.

While surveying the sky in microwave wavelengths, COBE has transmitted evidence which supports the Big Bang Theory of the creation of the universe.

Young people must profit from their bitter experiences.

What kind of salad is this?

I wish I could do more, but I don't know what else I could do.

With pleasure.

You no doubt bore people.

Tell me some jokes, but don't tell me dirty ones.

I've tried everything I can think of.

He told her to study.

There was nobody there.

Finally, we agree on something.

Roberto meets Tuna in the school library two or three times a week.

Rudolf informed Dave that their food supplies were dwindling.

Toufic bet $300 on the fight.


She insisted on my paying the bill for the dinner.

We wish you this one thing: peace.

She squeezed the juice from several oranges.

We know him to be a brave man.

It isn't easy, but possible.


He's my favorite character.


The boy lost his ear in a street fight.

I know why Ritalynne doesn't like Phiroze.

The villager sold the merchant one hundred eggs.


Don lives right by the old fire station.

Can you prove it?

My big sister washes her hair every morning.

Cristina counted on Spudboy's help.

His parents invited me to dinner.

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Please don't look at me suspiciously.


It actually isn't that simple.

She has no brothers.

He was very naughty when he was a little boy.


The meeting started with some general chit-chat to break the ice.

That makes a difference.

Ikeda is my last name, and Kazuko is my first name.

Hurry up in order to catch the train.

How many times did you shoot?

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It was cold last night.


They broke down the house.

You're an adult.

I met her in the store by accident.

He is a knight of nobility without fear and blame.

Spouses are also welcome.

Swamy is still the best.

We could talk about them.

Would you mind helping me carry this suitcase?

Hit the lights and let's go.

I'll take Gunnar to dinner.

I had to put back the hotel reservations for Rome by three days.

"May I speak to Mr Nakagawa?" "Speaking."

Would you like another piece of pie?

Do you hear what I'm saying?

We've been planning this for months.

Masanobu got into his car.

I'm opposed to any type of war.

You're wearing my shoes.

Shouldn't you be studying?