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For over 20 years the professionals at Specialty Asset Advisors have assisted advance funding market participants in virtually every aspect of the business, including corporate, finance and legal matters. Andrew S. Hillman, Founder and CEO brings together his 35 years of legal and finance experience using in a multi-disciplinary approach to the representation of its clients.


Specialty Asset Advisors understands past and present trends in the secondary market, and we anticipate changes in the marketplace before they happen. Our relationships are deep and long-standing and allow us represent our clients with an overarching, high level view of the marketplace that provides our clients with unique perspectives on fast moving issues.


As a smaller firm, we can provide the personalized attention necessary to fully understand and satisfy our clients' needs. Our nimbleness enables us to serve our clients with a high level of expertise and personal attention. We can serve as a "stand-alone" solution or can be integrated into your existing group of advisors; whatever approach the situation demands.



    • Provide expert testimony in transfer act approval proceedings and in other litigation regarding the secondary market for structured settlements.
    • Develop and advise on protocols with insurers for payment collections and court orders.
    • Manage and lobby legislative and regulatory laws and regulations.
    • Advise on matters relating to investor and broker relations, pricing, competition, and marketing.
    • Serve as outside general counsel to secondary market participants.
    • Draft articles for publication on all aspects of the advance funding industry.
    • Draft position papers on advance funding industry matters.

    • Package investor pools for bulk sales and securitzations.
    • Locate/educate potential investors.
    • Enhance relationships among insurers and funding companies.
    • Educate rating agencies on special asset classes.

    • Provide unique B2B access to untapped sources of potential transactions in the advance funding industry.

  • Specialty Asset Advisors works with various originators and purchasers of structured settlement payment streams to obtain court ordered transfers. In this regard, Mr. Hillman has successfully submitted hundreds of rate affidavits in numerous state transfer proceedings that explain why a particular rate is fair and reasonable and why and how such rates are determined, taking into account the time value of money and, in the case of life-contingent payments, why the risk justifies the discount rate (and resulting purchase price).

    In addition to other services, Specialty Asset Advisors performs structured settlement purchase file reviews that ensures compliance with strict, protective underwriting guidelines that can help achieve the best execution for funders and investors.

    We also act as "independent financial advisors" to sellers of payment rights in transactions where they request such advice or where such advice is required by law.

The Professionals at Specialty Asset Advisors understand that Bankruptcy, Receivership, Probate and other laws may foster and promote the sales of converting illiquid assets. We will help you to identify these assets and to navigate the relevant procedures to obtain cash quickly and easily on the sale of these assets.


The term “advance funding” refers to any advance made on a future payment stream. The term is used very broadly, encompassing future contractual payments like annuities, royalties, lawsuit claims, and legal settlements.

Some examples of financial assets that are financed in the advance funding space are: personal injury settlements (structured settlements), lawsuit settlement advances, payday loans, life settlements, and inheritances. Usually advance funding will involve an assignment or sale of a series of payments due in the future from these assets. In most if not all cases, the advance funding amount will be discounted for some imputed amount of interest to take into account the “time value of money” (i.e., that future payments are worth less over time). Typically these financings are structured as non-recourse sales and purchases of payment streams rather than as “loans”. In this way advance funding financiers can avoid any impacts lending and other laws (e.g., usury, consumer loan disclosures, credit reporting laws, etc.) might have on the transactions. The paradigm for these financings is very similar, and each is specifically patterned around the asset being financed. Two examples of advance funding mechanisms that are most common in this area are:

Structured Settlement Advance Funding

Plaintiffs in personal injury litigation most often settle the litigation and purchase a structured settlement annuity from a highly rated insurance company that makes payments to the plaintiff that cannot be accelerated to satisfy the liability to the plaintiff in the settlement. People who receive structured settlement payments may decide at some point that they need money immediately rather than wait until future payments are made. The reasons for this vary but can include unforeseen medical expenses for themselves or a loved one, the need for improved housing, for education costs or to start a new business. To meet these ends, that plaintiff can sell all or a part of its future payments for a present lump sum. In order to do this approval from a judge must be obtained.

Legal Advance Funding

Also known as litigation funding, professional funding, or settlement funding, legal advance funding is the mechanism through which litigants (including law firms) can finance their litigation or other legal costs through a third party funding company. These third party funding companies provide cash advances to litigants in exchange for fees calculated on the amount of the advance. However, if a litigant does not obtain a settlement of the case he does not have to repay the advance. Accordingly, to qualify for funding with a legal funding company, a litigant’s case must have sufficient merits as judged by the funding company.


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