Jonathan quietly sneaked out of the room.

How will Knut stop me?

I told them no.

We have a houseful of guests.

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I swear, I'm having way too much fun.

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Guillermo had nothing to do with Arlene's death.

He is always up to no good.

My wife had a baby last week.


She wants to spend time with her daughter.

Let's go and find him.

Surya has a car, doesn't he?


I have two friends who live in Germany.

I became weary of waiting for her.

Hy likes to be spontaneous.

Why do you need this toothpick?

The typical Japanese person doesn't speak English.

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He is very clever and is not proud either.

Where do I find that?

I'll get some.

Clare refused to pay protection money.

The length of a day or a year varies but little.


There's no problem.

I'm sick of hearing about it.

When did you start?

How dare you marry my daughter without my consent?

Hurry it up.

Duke treated Milner to dinner.

Why would I be friends with him?


I think Howard is right.


If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Please fill this water bottle.

In the fall, many birds head for the south.

I thought it might be important to talk to Josh.

Things didn't go well.

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I was told you had some news about them.

Tell her to help us.

Norbert didn't build the doghouse that Hirofumi wanted him to build.


Please push the Ctrl+Alt+Del key to log on the system.

This is how I cook fish.

The waves dashed against the seawall.


Part accepted my gift.

We can't change what has happened.

Can't I go and look for them?

Every now and then, I play tennis for recreation.

Excuse me. Where is the bakery?


Your smile always makes me happy.

Give me an orange.

We should continue helping Jorge.

I looked her straight in the eye.

All this talk has made me hungry.

No one has the time to do things correctly.

I am tired; nevertheless, I must finish my homework.


His new book will appear next month.


My grandmother made me a new dress.

I have a surprise for Alvin.

You're embarrassing!

Kimmo wasn't there.

Bob is very timid and blushes when chatting with girls.

He doesn't want to talk to me now, and I don't know why.

I sell a new car.

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With winter coming on, it's time to buy warm clothes.

Get a real job.

The trouble is that my watch gains three minutes a day.


He can't chew well, because he has a toothache now.


We go out together every weekend.


That won't make them happy.

Let's just talk this through.

I don't envy him.

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The radio gave a warning of bad weather.

Even a blind chicken can find a grain of corn.

Excuse me, could you lower your voice a little?


His lips brushed against mine.

Mysore spent all day trying to fix the leak in the roof.

With all the teaching and research, I have no time for myself.


His speech was very poor.


They increased the territory of the empire.

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Could you do this instead of me?

If each generation die and leave ghosts the world at last will get overcrowded with them.

Apart from the cost, it will take long to build the bridge.

He was bartering information.

It's hard to say no to Axel.


I like pizza.


You've never done this kind of thing before, have you?

Seth would like to thank Susumu for her help.

He was the first man that climbed Mount Everest.

We will eventually meet today.

As soon as I get up, I have a shower.

I never should've hired you.

Do you know how to use these things?

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I have to go change.


The Vatican is an independent country.

She knows how to bake a cake.

Who is your wife?

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The old man was almost run over by a car.

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I knew what Terri meant.


You sure sound upset.

While attending Sunday mass, the grandmother wears a pink dress and a charming mantilla, and the grandfather, a grey suit with a white shirt.

Let's step outside.


A mathematician wouldn't say such a thing.


Sam might be sick.

We appreciate your promptness.

Why did you pick her?

Debi is decisive.

Herman was punching a punching bag.


Are you worried about anything in particular?

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I'll let him explain.

Let's meet in front of the main entrance at two-thirty.

We'll see how much Jiri knows.

She took two pieces of baggage with her.

As Mahmoud and Julian approached the station, they saw their train pull out.

I want you to get me out of here.

I poured a drink for Vice and one for myself.

Why not go to the movies?

My brother-in-law died last Friday.

Did you discuss any of the issues on our list?

I'd like to put my valuables in a safe deposit box, if any are available.

He was not disappointed.

It's not here.

Brett is getting ready, isn't he?

The room was a complete mess.

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I think I've had one too many.

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That's all you need to know.

I've waited as long as possible.

We should weigh the options carefully before making a decision.

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Does Laurie have a computer?

She practices the piano every day.

It was a delightful bit of nonsense.


Wake up, sleepy-head!

This is the house he was born in.

The other day I met my former neighbour in the city.

The corruption of the best is the worst.

We're very angry.

The A/C does not sound to be working

Trying already knows you want to talk to him.

You know that better than I do.

This river is beautiful.

Do you want gruel?

What're your plans?


She likes her life.


They accused me of coming late.


Blessed are the poor in spirit.

You guys need to be really careful.

She supports the Democratic Party.

Are you all doing well?

All day, I have been strangely preoccupied with thoughts of my hometown.

She lives far from there.

It's in peak condition.


When I saw the ghost, I was so frightened that my hair stood on end.

My advice is not to tell him.

I still don't know what'll happen tomorrow.

Don't try to do two things at a time.

After 11 o'clock the guests began to leave by twos and threes.

I didn't know exactly what to do.

Kriton told me you liked dogs.

He had his sore arm dressed.

It's something really embarrassing.

I can't afford to buy a new car.

Her mates waited for her by the gate.