Why did you have to hide from us?

No one was with me.

I bought this TV on the installment plan.

You can't just sit here all day.

Control yourself!

Starbuck is supported by his family.

It is hard to adapt this story for children.


Keep your fingers crossed for me!

The police looked everywhere and couldn't find any trace of Brender.

I don't seem to be going anywhere.

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He could not attend the party because of illness.

I can deal with Briggs.

Please let go of me.

What's my prize?

You have no choice in this matter.

Oh, if only we could be as shy and timid in our shameful actions as we are in our proper ones!

I didn't know he had a weak heart.

It is only natural that he should do well at school.

It looks like you need to cook this a bit longer.

You're the one who gathered the information.

He decided to go abroad.


The child soon fell asleep in the bed.

I can't tell you how pleased I am.

She's as good as pie.


You worry too much about what other people will think of you.

I'm afraid he cannot come.

She was a Bennett before she married.

I think it's time for you to leave now.

I knew you'd tell me how to do it.

It's the moment of truth.

I found this in our mailbox.


Don't back away.

I don't get paid very much.

Don't give Cathy my number.

To become an astronomer, you have to study the sciences thoroughly, but to become an astrologer, you just have to study the art of lying.

Easter bunnies are an oviparous species in the mammal family of Leporidae.

"Help, help," she cried.

Abraham Lincoln went back to Washington that night.

King, this is Eli's brother John.

You have no choice.

His essay gave only a superficial analysis of the problem, so it was a real surprise to him when he got the highest grade in the class.

There are no cookies in the pantry. Look in the utility room.

It may have been Mr Sato who sent these flowers.

Skip came to our house.


Why didn't you tell me that Konrad was Lila's mother?

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Oh, I have a plethora of choice words for that individual!

What've you been doing to Derek?

They are hand in glove.

I went for a walk with my son.

My mother is always on the go.


The grapes seem to be sour.

Gunnar asked his boss for a raise.

It's been a while since I've seen Kylo.

Do you mind if I go back to sleep now?

I skied almost every day last January.

You should've stayed with us.

We all live in the same dorms.


Tharen became increasingly agitated.

It is not rare that she leaves her umbrella behind.

You should hold your tongue while someone else is talking.

They're really big.

Aimee is weak now, but his intellect is sound.

Sorry, could you repeat that?

Which train is going to the city center?

They fell asleep in each other's arms.

The Japanese language plays an important role in promoting peace in the world.

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That dog is loved by the whole family.

We spent the whole day fishing.

That bridge isn't long.

We haven't had much luck lately.

Were I rich, I would help the poor.

Are you unhappy?

Bart can't believe this.


What exactly do you think?


Most of Japanese cars are built quite reliable.

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Please come to see me tomorrow.

I think you've been lucky.

I've never seen these people before in my life.

I planted an apple tree in my garden.

We should know the result by Thursday.

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The boys are under the bed.

I'll thank you for some more tea.

As incredible as it may seem, she ordered a knuckle of ham with sauerkraut.

I need to know.

From now on, they can do whatever they like.


If it happened to Israel, it could happen to you.


That was the most interesting novel that I had ever read.

Donn wants it to be a surprise.

He sticks to his principles.

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He is not the sort of guy who gives in easily.

If anything goes wrong, I'll answer for the consequences.

It was beautiful in the country, it was summer-time; the wheat was yellow, the oats were green, the hay was stacked up in the green meadow.

Jimmy owns a yellow sports car.

How many stars are there in our galaxy?


An old man is a child with a past.

This is what my mother used to say.

I'm very sorry I got home so late.

Have you ever beaten your dog?

You're sure there's no way?


How do you know my father?

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If it hadn't been for his advice, I couldn't have succeeded.

He doesn't want to go to school anymore.

Valerie intends to visit Dawn on Monday.

In this book you can find the answers to these questions and receive some advice.

And now my parachutes fall from dream to dream through the spaces of death.

The girl was busy making tea for her friend.

I'd like to have mustard on the side.

We have time.

Because of the snow, it cannot be done.


By the way, how many of you keep diaries?

Jean-Christophe asked me some questions about my job.

I ate caviar.

Pay at the cash register.

Tuna was walking along the quiet street when he noticed a robin twittering from an overhead branch.


Shaw said Rusty had a bad attitude.


I had my thirtieth birthday last week.

Steam is coming out of the engine.

Can I have some?


We had no water to drink.

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Thank you very much, you always say more agreeable things than I do.

It's not beautiful things that are expensive, but expensive things that are beautiful.

Why were you here?

There isn't room for everyone.

Is French hard to learn?


Please bring me a half-bottle of wine.

I woke up at ten.

The price of crude oil is sinking.

As far as I know, he is honest.

They smell bad.

She has a friendly appearance.

Overtaking is one of the most dangerous maneuvers.

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Kylo will carry those suitcases for you.


We'll see you at the bar.

The price is not reasonable.

I think Plastic will be coming back next week.

1/4 of the world's carbon dioxide emissions are from America: its per-capita emissions are also the greatest in the world.

We went all out to finish the work before dark.

You're deluding yourself.

Lance took her earrings off.

A reporter asked Krzysztof some questions as he left the courthouse.

Pay more attention to your work.


I'm not going to get married.

Don't waste my time.

When are you going to return home?

Connie doesn't care what I do.

I had to stop them.

That's why I like them.

You're short, aren't you?

The Battle of North Africa was over.

We haven't had dessert yet.


Where is my time machine?

He is a Londoner by birth.

The dog hid under the bed whenever lightning flashed.

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That child is full of mischief.


Mann was my younger brother's roommate in college.

He tried to solve the problem.

Don't you recognize that man?

I have some stuff to do at home.

Dieter persuaded Hartmann to do it.

I go swimming once a week.

He tried solving the problem.

Neal is considered very reliable.

Whatever you do, don't cry.

This is his plane.

Long dresses stayed in fashion.

The poet always takes account of humanism before everything.

Authorities arrested Panzer yesterday.