I'm sorry I didn't call.

Everywhere we went, we enjoyed ourselves a lot.

She had her hat blown off by the wind.

You should start as early as you can.

Let's meet at the station.

I thought you might be able to give me a hand.

You should've helped Sjaak carry his suitcases.

There are a couple of parks not too far from my house.

You abandoned me.

Please bring my phone with you.

What do you want me for?

Don't you like girls?

Nobody wants him to come.

I searched high and low for my glasses but couldn't find them.

Why did Elaine want you to talk to Seth?

Norbert cut down the tree that was in front of his house.

Sand is hot.

I still want to hear Ragnar's opinion.


Can I go in there now?

If it were not for your help, I could not run this store.

Besides being ignorant, he is too proud.

They want me.

There's something I've wanted to say to you for a long time.

This brush is made from camel hair.

This is a very funny story!

The policeman was on his usual nightly round.

Glen was lucky to grow up in a multilingual environment.

I'd like to talk to someone about what I saw.

You're going to like Malaclypse.


Jonathan was sentenced to death and brought to the gallows.

We parted a year ago.

How do I get in touch with you?


The plane cannot take off until the other plane lands.

A 5% consumption tax is levied on purchases of most goods and services.

Who wants to go to Boston anyway?

He suddenly appeared in front of me.

So, you giving up?


I just want to put it all behind us.


Can I ask one more question?

Lech is interested in history.

It's really quite urgent.

His behaviour was bad.

Kate usually plays a good game of tennis, but he's not in good form today.


The thick clouds which cover Venus cause a "greenhouse effect". The clouds prevent heat from leaving the atmosphere.

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We feel really good about ourselves.

A monkey is mature at a few years old.

What's the go for the afternoon?

The hardest part is over now.

A protocol is used when computers intercommunicate, just as human beings do.

That's my idea.

I'm at the airport now.

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Be kind enough to shut the door.


There's no class today.

The gun was Connie's.

Winston tore open the envelope.


Texting while driving is very dangerous.

These computers use punch cards.

Jordan had nothing to do with it.

I'm learning how to write.

The wall from which Humpty Dumpty fell is not the Great Wall of China.


They studied very hard so as not to fail in the exam.

We leave Japan at 3 p.m. next Friday.

Which photos did she choose?

Give me some coffee if there is any left.

I'm mad at myself for following King's stupid advice.

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I can't understand how your father managed to see through that man.


I barely know him at all.

I like to go to the movies with my friends.

He was nearly run over at an intersection.

He is pleased with the plan.

You don't have to respond by letter.


I didn't think I should drive.


He is engaged in export.

Courtney and Sergei are at a table in a quiet corner.

You must go out of the room.

I really liked them.

You're so stuck up.

My brother is very important. At least he thinks he is.

Who's your teacher?


A spanish tortilla is different from a Mexican one.

My hands began to sweat.

I'm taking good care of them.


I was in a few of the pictures.

My car got stuck in the mud.

They export grain to many countries.

Dan didn't even apply for the job.

I have to wake him up soon.

Fully booked for the night, the hotel had to turn away some late guests.

But life is short!

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I was stuck there for hours.

There was still a glimmer of hope left.

A 6% yield is guaranteed on the investment.

Markus is still behind bars.

I have lunch plans with them.

You can hear the sound of the sea in this hotel room.

Has it occurred to you that Vladislav might be able to help us solve the problem?

She was obliged to work to support five children.

We'll just have to wait.

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What's on TV?

Charming, you are, my dear.

I can't believe Reid is really that upset.


I've been crying all morning.


Shane and Theodore sang the song they had just written.


I don't know much about Boston.

The police came and looked into all the evidence.

Please let me talk to Spudboy.

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Suzanne gave police a firsthand account of what had happened.

Does the end justify the means? That is possible. But what will justify the end?

I have to keep it a secret.

Linda is my new British friend.

He's thinking really hard.

I would do anything for Johnathan.

I have a bad habit of biting my nails.

I got it practically for free.

Don't you think that's an exaggeration?

Here's an example of a semantic gamut: non-existent, unique, rare, uncommon, common, trite, worn-out, universal.

Breast cancer is a disease.


I saw him just a few hours ago.

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Here we go!

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He was very gracious to let us take a picture of him.


Give him a second.

Her mother passed away last year.

Will you tell the truth now?

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What unanswered questions remain?


I think you should sit down.


This was to teach me to think methodically.

She was struck by lightning.

TV is harmful in that it keeps your mind in a passive state.

Would you rather live here or live in another country?

They refused to fight.

I was just thinking aloud.

Dustin is at home almost every evening.

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I never should've trusted her.

Pull the rope tight.

I like my steak medium rare.

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I found this on the floor in the kitchen.

They sympathized with the miserable criminal.

It's not important!

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Their job is to fry the potatoes.

Jesus is beginning to turn blue.

I hurt my eye when my contact slipped out of place.


I was wary of showing my intentions.

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I assume Dan told Magnus.

Woody is your boyfriend?

Prostitutes make more than me.

He watered the soil.

I think Chet is forgetful.

As the river become broader, the current moved slowly.

Antonio isn't tough.

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Gypsy gets very boisterous watching sport on TV.

The perfect is the enemy of the good.

I have three tickets for it.

We ought to rescue the environment from pollution.

I thought something was wrong with Carol.

When he broke his leg he was screaming out in pain.

I have to translate the sentences.

I hope you have enjoyed your trip.

Two groups united to form a party.

She is overly competitive.

She saw at a glance that her daughter had been crying.

I found that she wore the same dress that I had seen her wear last time.

She's very insecure about her looks.

The wind is blowing from the sea.

Are you guys from Austria, or is it Australia?