If you sit back and rest, you will feel much better.

"Don't you have anything more interesting to do than translate stupid sentences on Tatoeba," she asked him.

He is now planning to study abroad next year.

I saw him sawing a tree.


Jem and Rodger walked down the path, holding hands.

He didn't want to part with his house.

Dori did a lot of stupid things when he was young.


They landed on an island safely yesterday.


Both Janos and Piercarlo work as models.

Metin often mispronounces people's names.

How many Canadian friends do you have?

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John called me names.

Hsuan must've been rich at one time.

We could use some new ideas.

I had a meeting with him.

The game was postponed until next week.

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When did you last look someone in the eyes?


Nikolai usually eats alone.


Steven kisses his child a hundred times a day.

Call me at 9:00 tomorrow.

This book belongs to them.

Her father intends her to be a pianist.

Max is completely incompetent.

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Why don't we ask them to help?

We played football together.

I'm not one to sit around.

The cost of living is rising.

You started it.


Dannie's parents were Canadian.

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I wouldn't bet against her.


You might want to reconsider that move, Revised.


Is there anything certain you can tell us about Michelle?


Get up and fight.

What condition is the building in?

My grandfather lived to be ninety-nine years old.


I cannot prune this tree. It's too high.

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We're all human.

They're alone.

My brain is fried.

Leads wanted to ask a question, but she didn't.

Where was Woody Allen born?

Have you met all these people?

He threw a punch at the thug.

I can't believe I just promised Charlie that.

They're going to shoot him.

A rat chewed a hole in the wall.

Behave yourself, or you'll have to leave the room.

You must think I'm stupid.

Would you like me to order the same thing for you?

He asked me the way to the museum.

I've got to run.

They went skiing in the mountains.

It's easy to err once you lose your cool.

I can't figure out why someone would do something like that.

Let us depart from this accursed place!

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I'm your boss.

The monster Grendel attacked king Hrothgar's great hall every night.

The boy has a high fever.

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Vic must be made to talk.

A DNA test proved he was innocent.

He cried how silly he had been.

My family's going to love you.

Stanley found the experience terrifying.

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What is your greatest source of inspiration?

What's happening to us?

Who'll pay the bill?

That's not good enough for them.

You're not supposed to eat on the job.


It's not how much you know, but what you can do that counts.

I'll never be that famous.

Hohn went down to the basement and shut the power.

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Greg pointed at Thad.


Linley didn't deserve this to happen to him.

The accident happened at that intersection.

He lives here.


You always take things too seriously.

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I like to make my clothes last as long as possible.

You can open the window.

Dogs are faithful.

I have to share an office with Van.

My down jacket kept me warm.


There is no excuse for the way Syun acted at the party.

Eveyone had left, and he stayed there.

I'll buy the drinks.


If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Have I kept you waiting long?

I'm going to go get some help.

The skirt is too wide for me.

They will need credit for their mobile phones.

Everybody knows she married him for his money.

I'm sorry, but do you happen to have the key to that machine over there? My croissant is stuck.

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Gary doesn't plan to leave.

My apartment has a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom.

Skip likes to study in the library.

I know you're not an idiot.

Traffic was blocked by a landslide.

Nate is warming himself by the fire.

I think we all know the rules.

Not a single creature on earth has more or less right to be here.

When did he go to Europe?


She will get over the shock soon.

The work required to investigate that is boring and wearisome.

Let's see what you have there.

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Tomas makes an excellent martini.


I will have finished the work by next week.

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He holds only vague opinions about politics.

We want to do the sights of the city.

About 360 000 babies are born every day and about 152 000 people die every day.

There's still no sign of Piotr.

I'm dying.

Mario might know why Dorian isn't here today.

Rodney should be knighted.

We're worse off now than we've ever been.

I'm organizing a scavenger hunt for my son's thirteenth birthday party.

Yes, well, that depends.

I'm going to need you.

He used a wire to connect the new light.

Ralf felt frustrated.

I'm willing to share.

I've been thinking that I may have been too critical.

I apologize for what's happened here.

They ran away from school.

They went to Australia, didn't they?

Morgan shrieked.

May we go now?

We all hate them.

I suppose that's why you don't like me so much.

Peter is a merry fellow.


I fail to understand what the problem is.

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Timothy isn't my enemy.

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I hope Glen doesn't put up a fight.

Sigurd is getting weaker by the hour.

You should think about it first.

Dick spent the whole meal talking to Johnnie.

Why are you so sure?

We could be here a while.

Myrick is devoted to his children.

This is your only chance.

I gave him the morning off.


From where do you know him?

Let's call him Snoopy.

Mr Jones believes in hard work and profits.

He is the best of us all.

Let's not get excited.

He went to sea to swim.

I'll stop gambling.

I saw a woman with hollow cheeks.

I ate nothing but bread and butter.

She stirred her coffee with a teaspoon.

Jinchao asked me to protect Anatoly.

Dion was sitting in the dark, smoking.

The woman's hair is quite short.

The children are allowed to wear their Halloween costumes to school for Halloween.

We've just had our coldest August morning for twenty years.

They came out of nowhere.

She's missed the boat.


Would you mind telling me what to do?

For my part, I have no objection.

Ssi has told me that same joke more than ten times.


Did you see that video where President Obama kills a fly with his bare hands?

Large ships are all equipped with a lifeboat.

We just had a bad day.


It's vitally important.