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Some flame retardants can cause cancer and hormonal disruptions.


I found it impossible to lift the box.

Syd started giggling.

I was in the gym.

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I'm making waffles.

I know you helped us.

How many unemployed are there in the world?

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That's very distant.

You should trust me.

I'm no longer married.

When it comes to drugs, there's a very fine line between use and abuse.

Can I look in there?

I prefer living in the countryside to living in the city.

Without you, I am not well.

I hope you've changed your mind.

Once the work is done, usually around half past five, I come home to have dinner.

Is your dad here?

This stuff's irreplaceable.

It has been raining for three days on end.

Shakil saw Shean sitting alone on a park bench.

Dion is quite absent-minded and sometimes forgets to pick the kids up from school.

Because he is rich, it doesn't follow that he is happy.

The bear ate an apple.

I don't know what they want.


I definitely told you that!

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Earle Jackson's new book isn't selling well.

I don't want to eat with Nici.

Don't ask me so many questions. Use your head.

The solar panels generate electricity.

Given such a situation what else could I do?


Are you sure Kevyn knows what he's supposed to do?

I need them.

I was happy I did that.

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He professes that he had no connection with that affair.

I don't feel like studying at all tonight.

Dorothy explained everything to Hans.


Is that what everybody wants?

She was the kind of girl that takes your breath away.

This website was selected by Yahoo! as one of the Top 5% websites.


Bradford retired in 2013.


Miriam made up his mind to become a newspaperman.

I thought you didn't need anybody.

Wooden houses easily catch fire.

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Steve will get married to Nancy next week.

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I'm calling to support your decision.


You're embarrassing yourself.

I thought it was a bad dream.

I remember having seen her somewhere.

Is that what Sonny would want?

That's beautiful, said John.


Oh yes! I will certainly come with you!

If you're not paying for something, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold.

Help me and I'll help Jones.

He works from Monday to Friday.

Where did you take your socks off?

I have only two classes this year.

Can't we just stroll around the park?

This used to belong to him.

From whom did you hear that rumour?


There's a little bit of water in the glass.

You should probably tell Corey you don't want to do that.

A look of surprise came over Maria's face.

What was your first cellphone?

I don't feel like answering questions.

Ahmed is a student.

You trust us, don't you?


The chief crop of our country is rice.

She has finally been regarded by the nation as the most charismatic actress.

Piotr plays tennis with Patricio at least once a week.

Mahmoud wiped Penny's tears away.

Kristi wants to know when you can come over to our place and help us move our piano.

You can tear the box open.

Do you know what PKO stands for?

Alberto shouldn't spend so much.

We want the same thing.

Call the ambulance immediately!

Is eating egg yolks really that unhealthy?


I'm going to Boston on Monday.


Have you ever been robbed?

Stop playing with that.

The clown's stunts were highly amusing to the boys.

But fun is not enough.

Miki is cooking breakfast.

I'm sorry, my father is not home.

This whole affair stinks to high heaven.

Kaiser was born in Germany.

Which fly bit you?

He is proud of not having consulted a doctor.

You speak too much.

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One would justly put it down to our neglect.

I'd just like to point out a few potential problems.

This is Teri's second year playing professional baseball.


I should think so.

What a little imp he is!

Tell Arnold he can't go.

I recognized Konrad immediately.

We'll wait here for it.


Personally, I relax listening to music.


Why don't we go out and get something to eat?

I'd rather not discuss it now.

We were wont to meet at that pleasant spot.

I have read it to my great profit.

She left her son alone in the car.


I never see this picture without thinking of my father.

The authorities have been hiding the facts from the public.

You should take an umbrella in case it rains.

Why can't we tell her?

I should never have thought they would take such a fancy to their teacher.

Let's go to the mall.

The practice of lean manufacturing principles streamlines our production process, which in turn increases output.

Why do we have to pay taxes?

I counted to three and then plunged into the water.


We've met only once.

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I don't know how we're going to pay for everything.


Keep her out of trouble.

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Niall says that he'd like to come over this afternoon.

I won't hurt you.

I got a traffic ticket.

There are millions of people all over the world who are watching the World Cup right now.

He looked up at the ceiling.

I sure hope that Mayo gets here on time.

Yoshio persisted in believing that in spite of the evidence.

Brendan turned on the faucet and washed his hands.

I often break things when I'm angry.

I was walking, not driving.

His conduct is open to criticism.


Hillary didn't enjoy the concert at all.


This department store is closed today.

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The death rate is the same for us as for anybody ... one person, one death, sooner or later.


He is usually very vigilant concerning such matters.

Do you want a hug?

I have to wake Gill up.

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He doesn't let Kate drink wine.

We'll find another way.

It's a picture of Daren and her long-haired boyfriend.

I'm not going to read it.

But it's very strong actually.

We don't hate them anymore.

He looked away.

That hadn't occurred to me.

Pat thinks that Merril won't say yes.

Thank you for accepting me.

Ramsey just couldn't say no to an offer that good.


You're so sweet.

I caught it.

Do you think it's possible?

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I have to go to bed.


Ellen sounded busy.

Once again, someone is wrong on the internet!

It is often said that the world loses a language every week.


You started all of this.


Since the note was written in French, I couldn't read it.

You can't learn here! This is a school!

I really doubt that Piet would be interested in investing in such a project.

I never go out anymore.

Lila didn't bother to knock.


Jorge promised me he'd come back.

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As the sun rose, the fog disappeared.

Wow, it's really late.

I think everybody already knows that.