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We're here to support Rupert.

Basically, it is the same thing.

I have to recharge the batteries.

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Have you talked to the doctors yet?

You've frightened them.

We've been here for a long time.

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He threw the ball.

As there must be moderation in other things, so there must be moderation in self-criticism.

I can't wait to see him.

I thought you'd be busy getting ready for your trip.

You've got to tell somebody.

I started dating him.

Could you call him?

Putin is a dickhead!

Everything James says is a lie.


You mustn't speak ill of the dead.

"Is Lucifer here?" "No, he just left." "Really? Isn't that him going out the backdoor?"

Sanand looked sideways at Stagger.

It didn't go that well.

I didn't tell Susan what happened.

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So, straight, then to the right, and then?

He's just a pretentious douchebag.

I'm the least perfect person you will ever meet in your life.

Didn't you know that Rupert was married?

I had to write his name and his phone number.

I heard that Dick is planning to come with us.

He is very a dangerous man.


She made her mother happy.

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I don't want to wait until tomorrow.


My teacher recommended that dictionary.

The students were all looking forward to summer vacation.

I think this isn't enough.

When Rees bought his car, he didn't know that it had been involved in a serious accident.

We're celebrating language diversity.

Only a few people understood me.

You're working too hard. Take it easy for a while.

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Ralf finished last.

I'm going home.

My parents made me apologize to Magnus.

That can't be right.

We're just getting ready to leave.

Do you want to do it right now?

I usually wear jeans on Sunday.

I do not have much money on hand.

Either you or your friends are wrong.

I don't know if you know or not, but here in America you're expected to tip the waiter.

I have to design a new flier for the movie.

Let me see what I can do.

He gave flowers to his girlfriend for the second time.

Every language has its own design.

Sofia lived to be 90 years old.


It's genuine.

He did not prepare for his examination.

Don't ask too many questions.

I just wanted to make a gesture.

How did you help him?

Edmund is expecting too much.

I've lost my appetite.

I'm handing out the drinks.

I go to see my friend in hospital every other day.

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Her heart was throbbing with excitement.

Cobbler, stick to your last.

If you only knew what kind of a situation I am in.


I'm looking for the post office.

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She was the first to invest in brand-name office equipment.

I only wish I were part of it.

The king is naked!


We're rational.


Nichael couldn't do anything about the problem.

I can't stand them.

Don't leave any traces.

How do you pronounce her name?

It's still not ready.

Death is certain to all, all shall die.

The horse has four feet.

Our streets look cleaner than they used to.

I just want to get this over with.


She is endowed with a talent for music.

It rained heavily, so the playground is muddy.

It seemed like you secretly wanted to do that.

I bribed them.

Ravindranath boarded the train.

Publishers often reject very good manuscripts from expert authors.

Saumya was staring out the window deep in thought.

She didn't want her daughter to go out at night.

Quit touching me.

How are my buddies?

I studied in Boston from 2003 to 2007.

Izchak looked a bit sheepish.

Thank you for helping me clean out the garage.

I want to be that doctor's patient.

Thank you for adding these new languages to Tatoeba!

We had a very good time at a New Year's party.

I'm glad I did that.

I'm reasonable.

Everybody seems to like them.

Mahesh is thrilled.

She is going to have an international marriage.

Can you wait just a little longer?

I don't hang out with them.

A little more effort, and you will succeed.

I can go months without an alcoholic drink, but not even one hour without a cigarette.

I've been studying French.

Hirofumi looked over the file.


Maybe the poets are right. Maybe love is the only answer.

Panacea became bored with teaching and he looked for a new job.

Trying is out buying me some things I asked for.


Mechael is very attractive.

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Look who's awake.


"This conversation never occurred." - "What conversation?"

I'm a professor, or rather an associate professor, to be exact.

He's an excellent kisser.

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She is buying jewelry in a jewelry store.

Try as they may, they will never succeed.

How many suitcases do you have?

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The airplane landed on my father's farm.


Who made this?

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He stalled the engine three times.

It's still too early in the morning to visit anybody.

Would you please lend me your dictionary?

The castle shone in the rising sun as if it were on fire.

Did you hear what I said to Nici?

Why didn't you ever say anything?

He is having an affair with his secretary.

I've seen how badly Oleg dances.

I really am very busy.


Here you have a counterexample.

They didn't find anything.

I can loan you the book, then you can have a look at it. Maybe you will like it.

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More and more environmentalists advocate and use environmentally friendly unleaded petrol in cars.


As a child, Lance dreamt of becoming a world famous author.

Let's not get distracted.

It is difficult to understand this novel.

Let me buy you a drink sometime.

I used to live close to Pierette.

I could help you make a list of things we need to buy.

I saw her again.

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Kuldip spoke with me about you.


Don't tell him just yet.

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He felt pleased with the new car.

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I've been here for a few months but I only have a little bit of spare time nowadays.

I want to spend more time with my family.

He is crossing the street now.


Jong has failed again. After all she is still young.

He did not agree with it.

I made a great find in the store the other day.

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He always puts himself first.


Could I have that crayon, please?


The stewardess can speak French after a fashion.

She caught Nicolo.

I think this dictionary will be of great help to me.

We cannot earn our bread with the present wages.

I told you that I wasn't ready.

I am consoling Patty.

We were just about to play chess.

Varda couldn't find what he wanted at the supermarket.

I've never made this kind of mistake before.


Don't throw the soup away, the grandfather will eat it up!


I've always had a problem with the way Varda behaves.

And when I've gone, don't tell him I'm dead.

His temperature is normal.