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George seems to really be enjoying himself.


I always liked soccer.

I don't know what made me think I could do that.

Why are you wearing a sweater?

Take care of them.

I'm not taking anyone with me.

Can you put me up tonight?

The teacher was hit by a projectile.

Vinod asked Blayne what she wanted.

Hey, wait a minute, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

It is not good of you to take advantage of your colleagues.

The box serves me well.

Ritalynne is eloquent.

Tammy, please leave me alone.

I pumped five gallons of gas into my car.

What seems easy at first often turns out to be difficult.

You ought to do away with this practice.

Turkey has declared a three-month state of emergency.

A bridge gives access to the island.

I think we get off at the next stop.

We used to have aeroplanes, but we had to sell them.

The situation has taken on a new aspect.

This machine can dig giant holes.

I suspect something is up.

He and his sisters are currently living in Tokyo.

The reason for my silence is there was nothing special to write about.

Thank you, my friend.

Luxembourg is called "Luxemburg" in German.

His roommate would blacken her toast until it set off the fire alarm.

Noemi is moving quite fast.

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He only screams when he's hungry.

Ramadoss couldn't believe that King would really do something that dumb.

Keep me apprised of any further developments.

The relative pronoun 'that' has two states, a nominative case and objective case, but there is no possessive case.

A plane is flying above the city.


That was a near thing!


Is Reid going to eat with us?

I invited him over to my place.

We ruined it.

He's attracted to Asian girls.

You don't need me anymore.

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How I've missed you!

I had a feeling Pravin was going to be late.

Carisa was a lieutenant.

I am going to learn to swim over the holiday.

I wonder if a human will ever be cloned.

I think something scared her.

You don't have to go with him.

Tait needs a coat.

Nothing separates a pair joined by fate.

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What if you regret it?

The country code for calling Italy is 39.

If you know something about this, please tell me.

The train always came early in the morning.

Do it carefully. I don't like botched jobs.

Stay away from the door.

To what extent did he play a part in the research project?

Your son is not interested in studying.

I've never liked this.

Clark and Brent want you to find someone to babysit for them.

You are really very good.

I didn't sleep a wink.

I wish we had a car.

Could you get me some water?

Oleg found an injured bird in the forest and nursed it back to health.

They made love.

I can't remember why I was there.

Vijay owns this property.

I only eat kosher food.

Jerome thanked Rajarshi for the present.

Lincoln returned to Washington.

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At my joke, the audience burst into laughter.

As for the scheme I had in my head, it was not a bad one in itself.

Ozan is shopping for a heavy coat.

After several hours of fighting the fire, the firemen were able to put it out.

Harmon gave a lot of money to Duane.

I started learning English six years ago.

Why didn't you just do what we asked?

"Never mind that, what's with that get up ... a swimming suit!?" "That's right. Sexy isn't it? Feeling horny?"

How sexy she is!

We have yet to learn the truth.

You are rude.

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She's going to Ooita.

Shinko disputed with him about it.

Marcia met Scot in a local flea market.

I will ask him where he went last Sunday.

Let me stay for a night.

I like dogs, but my sister likes cats.

I could not accept that my wife was really dead.


The train is about to arrive.


As Saturn orbits the Sun, though, our view of its rings changes.


The negotiations are on a knife's edge, and could go either way.

What were your duties?

There were beautiful flowers on the reception desk.


I had the time of my life.

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He deceived her, but even now she loves him.


I am not now in a position to help you.

I need to get something to eat.

It was strictly business.

I wasn't very busy anyway.

Bert didn't ask me to do anything.

I wouldn't want to bother you.

What's your view on war?

The matter is settled.

Glynn asked how much we had paid.


Nadeem will trust you.

Roxane usually prefers to ride in the back seat.

Pierre is more likely to help than Ninja is.


My ears hurt.

The prominent poet attempted to commit suicide in his study.

She would not trust me with her secret.

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What would Rajarshi do if he ever learned the truth?

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Ronald introduced his family.


My salary doesn't suit me. I am going to look for a different job.

Can you tell me more about your family?

The firm has built up a wide reputation for fair dealing.

He hurt his hand falling.

Bunnies are very cute.


Chris patted me on the shoulder.

Your shoes are on the wrong feet.

It was heartless of him to say such a thing to the sick man.

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My sweet darling, I miss you so much.

The boys marched on, singing merrily.

Should I talk to them?

I haven't got rid of my cold yet.

Emily needs to eat something, because she's hungry.

Pia, I know you're in there.

Lenora had to go to Boston with Page.


I want to know your opinion.

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I like your plan a lot!


I won't bother you anymore.

She is about forty.

I exchanged seats with her.

I'm the owner of this house.

We always take a bus.

Sabrina reluctantly agreed that he wouldn't tell Sharan.

It happened one morning that she met him on the street.

What is this car doing here?

That's just how cunning North Korea (and China) is.

The Qutub Minar and Red Fort are in Delhi.

Teruyuki placed her baby in a car seat for the flight.

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I've written a couple of Christmas songs.

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Tokyo was really wonderful and the welcome the Japanese extended to us was also just as wonderful.


We've heard those promises before.

Liyuan is smarter than most boys his age.

The match had to be called off because of the freezing weather.

There is a kitchen garden behind my house.

Raj folded his sheets.

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The food didn't taste that bad.

Tran had no further questions.

Look, I'm going to bed now.


I spent the whole morning waiting for something to happen.

The system benefits a small group at the expense of the sacrifice of the rest.

If you didn't have him to exchange letters with, you would be lonely.


Is there any English native speaker here?

Joshua hasn't given up hope.

I don't have anything going on.

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What gave me away?

Stop talking like a fool.

Come on, I'll buy you some ice cream.


The twins will be judged for fraud.

The street to school was flooded and we had to go around.

I was ashamed.

Water covers about 70% of the earth.

We're trying to close the box.

Go help her.

Leith works very hard.