You had better help your father.

Yesterday I helped the father.

Come on, I'll buy you breakfast.

Where are the wolves?

Major just stood there looking at Vicki.

Aimee is very tired at the moment.


Germany then had a powerful army.


I couldn't keep from snickering.

This is a huge development.

I'm not so lucky.

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He talks as if he knew the secret.

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Please call me at this number.


I knew you'd enjoy that movie.


Let's start with a few facts.

The fishermen ignored Gypsy's warning.

Gordon rarely talks to anybody.

Where did you get the idea that I don't like Vistlik?

Collagen is a protein that aids the joining of tissues.


Cory was right not to go there by himself.


He has given us not a little trouble.


I have a lot of work to do today.

You don't have to tell Butler if you don't want to.

Gunnar doesn't seem to understand what's going on.

Darkness causes many children to be afraid.

I'll kill the first one who disobeys me.

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He is angry with me.

It took me a while to find him.

He went so far as to call you a fool.


I'm not saying it's aliens. But it's aliens.

Leif promised that it wouldn't happen again.

I'm no good at dancing.


How about some more roast beef?


How much time do we have before dinner?

We are at war.

You said she was kind and she certainly is, isn't she?


Is that what I'm supposed to do?

Owls cannot see in the daytime.

I am not French.

Did Ranjit tell you what we did?

I live with a porcupine.

Are you still upset about that?

There's your friend.


Who's looking at me?


We must make up for lost time.

It's OK.

No women would buy that.

She's a beaver.

Alas! You do not know me, Sir.

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Hadn't we better be going now?

Pim won't bite.

I wish I spoke more French.

Kent is hiding the truth from us.

Turkey has the world's largest refugee population.


Lum risked getting in trouble for me.

You've done it again.

Is this good French?

You should've told me you needed money.

The point is we need help.

Clarence makes beautiful furniture out of wood.

I want you out of my house.

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It's as old as the hills.

I have a full time job.

He hasn't returned yet.

The social structure is not much different.

The name Canada comes from the Iroquoian word kanata, which means "village" or "settlement".


I can't tell you how many times I've been there.

Jeffrey will end up in jail.

My mother hates to watch the television.


We need to talk with you about something.

We've had enough of this bad weather.

I have them on the line.

How many times has Nadeem been arrested?

You just don't do anything wrong.

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I think I'll take Erik to Boston with me.

Do you love my name more than you love me?

You had better take an umbrella.


Andreas showed Niall where to put the boxes.


Do you suppose they expected to be suffering like this?

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Seenu and Vance are drunk.

It's time to call in our chips.

She misses him, especially on rainy days.


I'm not really that sorry.

The thief will show up.

How far is it to your house?


I'll be coming home.

But did you receive the messages?

How many people are out there?

Please don't touch the ice with bare hands.

I haven't read his novel, and my brother hasn't either.


You're supposed to be asleep.

I lived in Boston for years.

She took full responsibility for her actions.


You can't express that in words.

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I see tears in your eyes.

I'm reading the newspaper.

Vistlik bought some condoms.

Ami was the only man there.

When I was a kid, there'd be nightly arguments about whose turn it was to wash up.


This medicine seems to help.

We were unsuccessful.

Curt has had eight jobs in ten years.

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Does that answer satisfy you?

It is apparent that the architect devoted much attention to details.

It was George that I met in the street this morning.

Danger past, God forgotten.

But people have a little hope.

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Thierry doesn't want to live like that.

I read this book when I was in college.

You've never told me your name.

I have 13 million dollars.

Andre is seeking a job.

John might know what Narendra wants.

Grant is still in his pajamas.


Is this a wig or a wiglet?

I told you what would happen if you came back.

If I create an example, will you correct it for me?

Our teacher is fresh out of college.

Debi tried again.

I love hard-boiled eggs.

You won't feel a thing.

If you had to characterize your wife in three words, which ones would you pick?

Do you have any objections?

I wish we could ask Christophe that question.

Our family doesn't celebrate Christmas.

Which of them do you prefer?

I don't want you to scream.

He was born to be an editor.

I'm satisfied.

It was raining when we arrived.

We hardly ever see you around here anymore.


After the fight, they lost contact entirely.

That was the first time that he not only heard her, but also saw her.

She's turning red.

Between you and me, I think our boss is stupid.

You must not come in contact with him.

Naim takes care of Honzo.

I still need time.

It was extremely weird.

The man drinks water.


How did you accomplish all this?


Lorraine did nothing but cry.


She came to Tokyo when she was 18.

Chuck is insolent.

Don't be so serious. It's only a game.

You haven't given me what I asked for.

Sleep is no less essential to one's health than food.


These fireworks are spectacular!

This has been good.

Poverty teaches you to eat bread without butter.

She had her English composition checked by an Englishman.

I'm not free today.

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I had enough sense to get out of there.

For the time being, I'm happy with my internet service provider.

There is an exception to every rule.


They were pioneers in the investigation of cancer.

I'm ready to forgive her.

The enjoyment of traveling is common to almost all people.

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Ann is partial to chocolate.