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Find your mentorship match!

The app that matches you to one mentor and one mentee each day to help you achieve your career goals and aspirations! Built for High School students, College students, and Industry Professionals!

How does it work?

We only ask of you to fill out a quick one-time questionnaire that will allow us to pair you with the best candidates. Once we have your basic information, we will run our algorithm that matches you to other users based on your responses.


Each day we pair mentors and mentees with the next best possible candidate we think will help grow their career.


Once matched, you have the opportunity to connect with your mentorship match to share or obtain valuable advice.


As your network grows you’ll get to build meaningful relationships (as a mentor or a mentee). These are individuals with whom you share things in common.

Take a closer look

Mentorcube for iOS comes with a variety of features that will keep you coming back for more!

Easy to use

We have designed our user experience with everyone in mind. People who have tried our app say it is very intuitive and easy to use!


Once we have matched you to the best possible mentor or mentee, you will get to chat with them about anything you want. Keep in mind though that after the day is over, initiating a conversation with the previous day's match will come at a price of 50 cubits!

Virtual Currency

We know that there are those of you who will not be satisfied with only one mentor match per day, so we are adding the opportunity to purchase cubits. Cubits will allow you to connect with more mentors and mentees on a given day.

Watch the video

Here is a quick video of the app in use. We think one more month of development is needed to launch it in the app store.