I wanted to be a teacher.

John didn't know Tupi is spoken in Brazil.

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Support me on this one.


Do you mind if I ask a few questions?

She ran for dear life.

We were all ears when he started to tell us his secret.

Not a few people have two cars.

The matter is of no importance.


A dreadful accident happened on the corner.


Your life is in my hands.


Those who search, find.


I will go on ahead.

Wash the quinces thoroughly.

I have a natural talent for maths.

You couldn't sleep either, huh?

I know Granville has a pool.


Mark will never forgive himself.

What our country desires is peace.

I am going to study.

It rained yesterday afternoon.

That man standing over there is my father.

We must stop him from doing such stupid things.

My boss would not let me leave work early.

This data isn't accurate at all.

Sabrina felt weak.


No, you need not.

Don't dwell too much upon the subject.

Janos has a lot of work to do today.

Good things for your children are better than good things for yourself.

Leigh is a psychotherapist.

Sam doesn't like that kind of music.

I can't ignore this situation anymore.

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It was the war which has changed Japan.


Marcia says he intended to do that.

Also, a lot of houses were damaged; windows were often broken throughout the town.

I'm coming to you just now.

I can't imagine anybody would be surprised if Milo and Sofia got married.

That's all right. I understand you. You speak very well.

No one will ever forget this.

Please put your shirt on.

My house is five blocks away.

Nothing has resulted from our efforts.


I didn't think you'd get here so soon.

I like your work.

The young lady carried a child in her arm.

Please bring me my bill.

I have many problems to solve.

He applied for admission to the riding club.

I'd rather not discuss him.

Look, I got a flower tattoo here on my belly.

When are you going to tell Gunnar about Rainer?

I want to make him jealous.

Let's hope something good happens.

I danced all night long.

I still need time.

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I helped Izchak give his dog a bath.

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Why aren't they here?


It was a bad idea.

The jet plane reached Narita an hour late.

Let's go over what we already know.


I got all excited.

They thought he was the son of the Sun.

This salad is not sour enough.

We spent a lot of money on that.

Don't spit into the wind.

It was the Varig flight.

The thing I hate most about him is that he boasts of having had good grades in school despite not studying.

I got more and more bored as the speech went on.

The board of directors is going to discuss the proposal next Tuesday.


I'll be right outside.

Her behaviour just isn't socially acceptable.

It's only a question of time.


They shot down two enemy planes during the raid.

Panacea can't afford the time to visit Japan.

Eager to start the day, he leaped out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Oh, that's a shame.

Wade always speaks his mind.

Could you stop saying that?

Who ordered pizza?

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Why couldn't you come on Saturday?

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Suresh is the captain of the soccer team and is also on the baseball team.


Can it be that you don't have a bit of creativity, to the point of always inventing the same apology?


He was pleased with my performance.

The summer is over, isn't it?

He looked at her angrily.

Three months is too short a time to finish the experiment.

I like English better than music.


It was apparent that someone had taken the money by mistake.


I began to cry.


Santa burped loudly.

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You should have stopped while you had the chance.

Just go back to wherever it is you came from.

On entering the barn, he found a missing bike.

He always wears dark clothes.

As far as I can tell, Glen is having fun.

Double, please.

Nightingales will not sing in a cage.

Maurice pressed a key on the computer keyboard.

Despite numerous requests by their mother, the children would not tidy up their toys.

So what happens then?

And while she's no longer with us, I know my grandmother's watching, along with the family that made me who I am.


The truth is I've never even met Shawn.

You and I are nothing like them.

I don't completely agree with you.

How long were you and Pablo friends?

Let's just call it a day.

How I wish I could live my life again.

Come on girls, we can do this!

I see the signs well.

These goods are bound for China.

I don't actually have them.

At first I didn't like him, but I do now.

Living without cigarettes; this was my new goal.

How long will Suu last?

You're spending too much money.

My English is not good at all.

Gideon was never able to tell Alejandro that he loved her.

He showed great skill at baseball.

I am absent from school on occasion.

I suppose you know where Casper is.

I'm going on vacation!

Veganism is true peace.

I no longer need them.

He has become thin beyond all recognition.


I don't want you to harass him.

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I wish we could just ask them.

We're going to do the best we can.

You need to keep things organized.

When can I get out of here?

It was a lucky win.

The plants withered because they had no water.

Sunlight brightens the room.

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It's not as easy as people think.


The hour-long concert at the Kennedy Center was broadcasted live on TV last night.


I don't download them.


I have many vices, but fast food isn't one of them.

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Hwa saw a couple walking their dog.

No was from a humble background, but he became one of the richest men in the country.

I was supposed to do that yesterday.

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They'll grow.


I didn't even bring a jacket.

Nikolai wanted to know where Laurent worked.

The job is half done.


Kit just left for school.

While walking, I used to feel somewhat in a hurry.

That band comes to our town tomorrow.

It seems that your dog has taken quite a liking to Simon.

Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.

It is a pleasure to spend time with Jane.

Is it worth your time?

Mwa refused to rule out the possibility that his son was still alive.

He asked her to marry him, and she accepted.

He wished that I might understand.

I should've explained it better.

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Kevin and Shamim are still there.

I'd like to stay here until Kristi gets back.

What will come?

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You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

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Angela didn't want me to go shopping with Oscar.

Hey you, boy, what is your name?

When will your mum return from the hospital?