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How droovo works ?

Step 1 :
Sign up and subscribe online instatly, update your UAE drivers license, then choose from our range of available cars
Step 2 :
Pickup the car or have it delivered to you. We send you everything you need to get started with your subscription.
Step 3 :
Return the car when you no longer need it. Let us know when you want to end or pause your subscription or just swap to a different car.

Why should I join droovo ?

Financial savvy
There is no down payment or financial charge. Car subscriptions don’t even require you to visit a dealership. You simply sign up through our platform, choose a plan, and have the car delivered to you.

When you subscribe for your car, you can always change to an alternative model and drive as long you want with the single monthly subscription plan

With no long-term contracts, Droovo gives you the freedom to drive the car you want as long as you want and the flexibility to walk away at any time. This package includes insurance and maintenance. Droovo takes away the pain of having to sell your car — an asset with a value that begins to depreciate the minute you buy it — and eliminates the need for maze-like leasing or financing contracts.

What benifits do I get ?

Droovo subscriptions include everything you’ll need

Your car includes

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