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"THEY LOOK GREAT!! Wow I absolutely love them, you guys did a great job, thank you so much. My players can't wait for the season to start so they can put them on. I can't wait until we take our team picture." . . . "Wow! The uniforms are fantastic. We are currently on a 9-game winning streak and have claimed sole posession of 1st place in our league. I give the new unis some of the credit. 12-3 since we got them. :)" . . . "Intrepid has given us the best uniforms in the league at half the price of everyone else... You were great to work with and always put the customer first... I will be contacting you again in 2 years to order new unis." . . . "The price was absolutely phenomenal - from the first day our players loved them. They appear to wear extremely well, and after one year the tackle-twill lettering looks the same as the very first day they arrived... I think the uniforms thoroughly beat the competition in price and quality!" . . . "Their quality and style are unmatched. However, as much as we like the uniforms, we are most impressed with your commitment to provide us a uniform we were happy with. Your tremendous service is what sets you apart from any other dealer. Thank you." . . . "We were very pleased with the quality, cost, and service provided by your company. Quality: Excellent; Cost: Excellent; Service: Excellent. I have highly recommended your company to other schools in our area." . . . "I have been very impressed with your service, quality, and price. The uni's look great, are spectacular quality, and they will really enhance our overall program." . . . "As long as I'm ordering uniforms you will have my business. You have been awesome." . . . "Again I can't tell you how grateful the team and I are to you and your staff. Keep up the good work." . . . "I received the uniforms and the invoice, and I must say that the quality and workmanship is excellent. I was literally overwhelmed. Thank you very much." . . . "There are a lot of coaches talking about your uniforms, shooter shirts, and reversibles (how nice they are and your customer service). Teams in my district are bragging on our coaches website about your apparel." . . . "They look even better than I was hoping for. I am sure that I will be coming back to you when I need uniforms in the future." . . . "If you want to use me for a recommendation if you get some inquiries from this area, let me know." . . . "The uniforms are fantastic. The board and administration were impressed with the quality and price." . . . "They are absolutely perfect, I couldn't be happier! Showed my captain the unis, and she loves them." . . . "I will refer you to anybody, because you have definitely been the most helpful and all-around the best uniform company I have dealt with!!! I mean that. Thanks again!" . . . "Uniforms are AWESOME! ! ! ! ! ! ! I coached for 17 years and never had such great uniforms, you guys have done very well." . . . "If I had a dollar for every parent that came up to me and said, 'You guys have the coolest uniforms by far! Where did you get them?' I would be rich!!! Our team looked so sharp! Our own kids and parents are beyond thrilled. I'm spreading the word about Intrepid." . . . "We are definitely going to look good. We have lots of connections and haven't seen a nicer uniform or practice gear around. We've enjoyed doing business with you." . . . "My athletes absolutely loved them as well as our two other coaches. I gave your name and phone number to them. I will continue to push your company!" . . . "We got them and they are the best I have ever seen!! I can't wait to see the shooting shirts!" . . . "Actually, I compared them to the girls' new Nike uniforms, and I'll take ours over theirs." . . . "The home uniforms are absolutely the best uniform we have designed, bar none! I am just thrilled with them." . . . "The quality is that of a Division I university, I couldn't be happier...I am going to order uniforms from Intrepid from now on. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. " . . . "Those uniforms you sent me -- they are [unprintable] awesome!" . . . "A year later they're still in love with them. I have kids saying they would buy 3 pairs of the shorts if I would let them! " . . . "If we play as half as good as those uniforms look, we have a chance to win a championship. " . . . "Another outstanding job." . . . "I can't tell you the number of compliments we've had on the uni's (we've talked/sent info to B_B_, T_V_, and N_N_)...our guys absolutely love them." . . . "When we got the uniforms in the kids liked them so much that they asked if they could wear them to bed that night and to school the next day." . . . "The girls were thrilled!! They love them! We have had a lot of compliments...We are looking forward to doing business again soon..." . . . "The uniforms look fantastic! We will DEFINITELY be ordering uniforms from you guys in the future!" . . . "The kids are excited. I am very impressed with your company, I will never order another uniform from anywhere else." . . . "I am very impressed, and only $74 per uniform. My girls love them...It's safe to say you have earned another customer, and I will be sure to spread the word amongst coaches in southern California." . . . "You guys at Intrepid definitely have a customer for life....I get compliments on them from opposing coaches before every game. The quality, the designs, and the prices are the best in the country." . . . "I can't say enough how grateful I am for the effort you have put in for us down here in New Orleans, Look forward to doing other things with you and the company." . . . "We wore them with pride and won our Region Championship this year. Our team also won their first state playoff game in nearly 20 years. We finished as part of the state's Sweet Sixteen...It was a great year with many accomplishments, and we were able to look good thanks to the uniforms from Intrepid." . . . "We are on the 4th season with our current sets, and they still look nearly new." . . . "The guys went nuts! They absolutely loved them. When the boys feel, look, and are treated first class, then they start to perform like it too. Thank you for allowing the little guys like us to create a first class program for these boys! What a waste of money to use anyone else. " . . . "Intrepid is second to no one. Absolutely, positively the very best customer service I have encountered during my coaching career." . . . "The warm-ups are FREAKIN' HOT! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pleased. Rest assured when it comes time for me to order uniforms, you are my 1st call! The guys LOVE how they look." . . . "I cannot thank you enough for taking care of us. You definitely have my business now and forever." . . . "Sweet! Sweet! Sweet! Great quality, great price, and great support." . . . "Holy cow! I got them yesterday, and all I can say is WOW! They look really sharp -- y'all did a bang-up job." . . . "Hope I am not overdoing it with the exclamation marks. I just might sleep in one tonight :) " . . . "ABSOLUTELY GREAT. The coaches love them, the players love them, the administration loves them, and the parents love them...THANKS for putting out such quality uniforms. " . . . "It was like watching kids in a candy store. I am passing the word to every coach, AD, and parent I know. I have had coaches and players from opposing teams comment on them -- something I had not experienced in 11 years of coaching! Let me know if I can do anything to help your business in the CA area, and I look forward to getting more uniforms from you in the future." . . . "We could not be happier with the uniforms. Many other coaches asked me to pass on the information about the uniforms, as they were very impressed." . . . "I can't lie, I was skeptical as to how good a uniform you guys could make for your price...but my goodness, these uniforms are amazing, pro quality...spectacular. We have had so many coaches from other teams comment on our uniforms and ask where we got them. Then they always ask how much and are astonished when I [tell them] the price." . . . "I've received a lot of compliments! I have been recommending Intrepid to my colleagues. I really appreciate the quality, customization, affordability, and lack of hidden costs. This is an exceptional value! " . . . "The designs and pictures do them no justice. I will definitely be using you guys from now on!" . . . "The quality is right on par with the highest-priced uniforms on the market at a fraction of the cost. Our football coach was so impressed with the uniforms that he has already placed an order for football uniforms for next year." . . . "Your company sure puts out a quality product. I know my A.D. and players will also be impressed." . . . "Our coaches were blown away with the look and quality of our new uni's. You rock. Our players love them, and we as coaches do too. I will recommend you to any coach who asks." . . . "I have already passed on your info to W_, M_, and H_, as they were equally impressed. Several other coaches in the building asked for your info as well. " . . . "I'm having to beat them back from the uniform room to keep them from taking the uniforms home and sleeping in them." . . . "I can assure you that every coach I know will hear about you now." . . . "We wore them to our tournament, and every team asked about them or commented." . . . "Even the Nike rep that came by earlier this week was impressed with the Intrepid jerseys and especially the price. He didn't believe it until I showed him the invoice." . . . "The material and finished product has been excellent, and the personal service and attention in finalizing the details of the order has always been exceptional." . . . "They are so amazing. I have already recommended your company to a couple of our sister schools." . . . "The girls think they will be the best looking team in the region this year. If you need an endorsement, feel free to use me or have coaches call, and I will be the best unpaid salesman on your staff." . . . "After being in the coaching business for some time now, I can honestly say that your team has been the best to work with. You and your company have a true commitment to making a quality product." . . . "I love you guys. I have told everyone in this county they are crazy if they don't order your stuff." . . . "The price is fantastic. I am sold. You are by far the most professional company I have dealt with in my 30 years of coaching! You do what you say, your customer service is fantastic, and the product is quality." . . . "I will be ordering new home uniforms in the spring, and you will be the only call I need to make." . . . "I have been coaching high school sports for over 25 years and have ordered a lot of uniforms, but have never been as completely pleased as I have with this order. The professionalism,and pleasantness with which you handled the ordering process, the quality of the uniforms, the speed, the outstanding price, and the sample to know what they would look like were all perfect. Thank you again for making our athletes so happy and helping us to be able to represent our school in such classy uniforms." . . . "You guys are killing ____, and at a fraction of the cost! You have become very popular in Texas and have exceeded all of the hype." . . . "You guys have done a great job. I'm pimping you heavy on our basketball message board." . . . "Myself, my team, and my whole staff want to thank you, it has been a pleasure doing business with you! I will recommend your business to everyone!" . . . "There are more and more coaches going with you guys due to all the positive comments that are being shared on our basketball coaches' website. I am glad to be a part of that growing number." . . . "Everyone that has seen them has asked where we got such sharp-looking uniforms. I am not shy about telling them either." . . . "The first words I get from others are, where did you get these? I expected good, but man these are good. No matter how we play, we will be the best dressed anywhere we go. Yes, I'm proud of the uniforms." . . . "I got stopped in the hallway, and three teachers have complimented me on the unis and how nice they look. I'm so happy :-) " . . . "We are so pleased. In fact, the rest of the teams are so jealous that we got the 'cool' uniforms that they are now looking for another sponsor to get the last two teams jerseys [too]." . . . "The tailoring is excellent." . . . "Can I say I feel a little spoiled? These are nicer than our high school uniforms. Everyone at the gym was jealous. One of the players on our team said that he was going to frame his jersey. You did an amazing job. I would recommend Intrepid to anyone." . . . "In all my years of coaching, these have to be some of the best uniforms I have ever had. The quality is great, and your customer service is outstanding." . . . "We appreciate your craftmanship. It is my plan to place another order in the very near future. The uniforms are admired!!!!!" . . . "Your company has done nothing but impress me since we started working with you. I will make sure to let all the coaches here know they should try you guys out." . . . "I am promoting the crap out your business in our area. I know there are two more teams about to order from you." . . . "The quality of the uniforms is as good or better than any other uniforms I have purchased. The price of the uniforms is unbelievable for the quality...This has been a great experience, and I will recommend you to anyone." . . . "We have had constant compliments...The girls just felt like they were on top of the world." "I could not be happier. They look fantastic!!! Our team will definitely be doing business with you in the future, and I plan on recommending your company to other teams." "I have recommended your products to all my friends, and I have become a customer for life." "When I contacted Intrepid, I was on my last leg, people are all about the dollar. You did all you could to help me from the start -- and yes, you gave us the best. I will recommend Intrepid to everyone I know and meet." "My equipment rep couldn't even come close to the price you have." "The uniforms look fantastic, and my Athletic Director can not believe the quality of uniforms for the price." "We've had Intrepid uniforms for the last 5 years, and they've been great...{We] would like to do business with you again." "We are so happy that we went with you guys." "You have a wonderful product and a great group of people. I look forward to working with you for many years to come." "These uniforms are frickin' awesome. They're unbelievable!" "I hope I never spend another dime with anyone other than Intrepid!!!!!!" "The kids are so excited...I truly believe we have the best looking uniforms around this area...I am going to tell everyone where we got them from...Intrepid is the place to go." "I can not thank you enough for helping our little school." "You definitely have a customer for life..." "I had one veteran coach tell me they were the best high school uniforms he has ever seen...We will help get the word out regarding your company." "Your expertise, low cost, and great customer service has been an encouragement. Your competitor P___ could not match the pricing." "I have already told two other coaches I know that they have to order through you. They look just as good as if not better than the Nike ones we had before, and they were nearly half the cost. Great work! " "The kids were ecstatic. We will be ordering more." "The way you do business is class...Really can't get over how good the uniforms came out, could not be happier, and my boss loves them too." "The home uniforms look AMAZING. They are the best we have ever had, can't wait for the road uniforms." "One coach told me, 'Those are the nicest-looking high school team uniforms I've ever seen!' They are so sharp. Our fans couldn't say enough positive things about how great our kids looked." "A Nike rep just came by and told me uniforms would cost over a thousand dollars more than yours even with our discount!" "I've worn just about every company there is over my span as a player and coach, and these jerseys are second to none, not to mention the price for these jerseys is unfair, and I mean that in a good way. We will be ordering more for next season without a doubt" "Wow, wow, wow. I can't wait to hand this stuff out. They will be walking around school with a bounce..." "Approval from all the players at once. That's a hard thing to get!" "Some of the graduating seniors asked if they could come back for a 5th year just to be able to wear them! We've always had Nike uniforms, and I can honestly say I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and material of your uniforms...we couldn't be happier!" "When people ask where I got the uniforms, I will definitely tell them you guys make the best." "In my 8 years as an AD, no company has been easier to work with than yours...I have told several other athletic directors about the quality of your products." . . . . . . . . .
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