He was judged sane and was therefore chargeable with murder.

Betty is an avid hiker and likes nothing better than getting out on the bush trails whenever he can.

They continued cautiously.

Gypsy is a misanthrope.


So, when did you two meet?

Sergio can't make it to the meeting.

The atomic bomb is the offspring of 20th century physics.


I wouldn't be so optimistic if I were in your position.


We'll dance.

To tell truth, I find discussions about movies more interesting than movies themselves.

Don' translate word for word! It should nevertheless be as true as possible!

Eat your dinner before it gets cold.

Gill tried to distract the guards so Nick would have a chance to escape.

I am able to read English.

A rabbit has long ears.

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He stood under the door frame.

He was completely absorbed in his work.

I can't wait to visit my grandmother.


I'll go to Hawaii by ship.

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You have potential.

I know what to do if something were to happen.

Let's go talk to Amanda.

You never really know whether you can do it or not until you try.

Something is wrong with the engine.

Did they get you your job back?

I don't remember when I first met him.

Where's my husband?

This is not a cat, it's a dog.

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He is suffering from toothache.

I was at my best after a good sleep.

We'll have a problem, won't we?

Marci will most likely be the first one to show up.

My father bought me this hat.

I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Walt was about to get into his car when he was shot.

I told him I would help.

The crowd got out of control and broke through the fence.

Sylvan was listening to his iPod as he worked out.

I thought Sheila liked me.

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Do you know the reason why he cut class today?


I asked Eli to help.

I won't bother you anymore.

He must be fined if he breaks the law.

She is wearing a light blue outfit.

I'll bring it to your office.

The European Space Agency's probe, Schiaparelli, has crashed on Mars.

Ima's dog followed him to school.

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Shutoku thought Hillary was kidding.

I knew you'd get it.

My doctor told me that I needed to lose some weight.

Vasilissa rose and went at once to the Palace, and as soon as the Tsar saw her, he fell in love with her with all his soul.

In my opinion, this is quite unsuitable.

They must've relied on Thuan.

He's got a joker.

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I want to show you something first.

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She felt as if her cheeks were on fire.


Can you tell me what's bothering you?

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It is not characteristic of you to say such a thing to her.


I think you've been lying to me.

They declined to publish my book.

Mongo was born on a boat.

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I wrote it for them.

He is nearly 40.

I told Morris I loved him.

School begins in the spring.

What's the hold up?


I don't want to marry a stupid man!

It didn't matter to us.

Isn't that what you're here to tell us?

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He turned the doorknob with his left hand.

She combed her hair and bound it with a ribbon.

Mike really likes animals.

Hurf fixed my computer.

Theodore's house shouldn't be too hard to find.


My dream is to study French in Paris.

Nobody really knows.

Todd came here to help us fill out these forms.

Everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay.

Are you in favor of this motion?

We're excited about the possibilities.

Suzanne approached timidly.

She's the most fantastic person of my life.

I'll see you later today.

Whatever she says, I don't believe her.

I took one, and gave the other apples to my little sister.

Ning never seems to eat very much.

Theo made Irving stand up.


Sweeping the room is my daughter's job.

A woman Claudia didn't know approached him.

The blind man is no judge of color.

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Would you please tell me what's wrong?

At present, we have 1,600 students at our school.

Why do you study?

Please give me the exact address.

I stood in that line for thirty minutes.

I think there's still a chance Andy will get here on time.

Suwandi is getting nervous.


Did Leith say where Stu might have gone?

Vernon couldn't convince Antonella that she was wrong.

I can't just leave Malus.

I lost my sense of direction in the snowstorm.

I can't help feeling something's wrong.


That's why Rafael told us not to do this.


Ramsey says he intended to do that.


Put the meat in the frying pan after the oil has spread.


Who was Greta Garbo?


When are you going to tell Neil?

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I told them what happened.

He is a friendly person.

I used to wash my own car.

Cybotron was composing excellent music.

Raphael promised to show me how to do it.

Cecilia didn't enjoy the concert at all.

I'm going to leave now.


It is perfectly natural for him to be proud of her son.

Spring Festival is also known as Chinese New Year.

What are you doing for the next few hours?


I wish I had this problem.

I deciphered one.

I wasn't joking.

Philip is incredibly good.

These protests are engineered by the CIA.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

What we've been asked to do is very dangerous.


I've heard so much about you.

Snow indicates the arrival of winter.

Facebook has a lot of data about you.

She is everything to him.

Where exactly did you find that?

Why didn't Jock come back?

They take a deep interest in what you are buying.

The banquet was in full swing.

Teresa came up with a good idea.

You may go with him if you choose.

Turkeer certainly isn't as bad as Conrad claims he is.

Patricia is really busy today.

Why did Clarissa decide to quit his job?

I feel the want of money.

I'm peeling the celery and the potatoes.


I was asked by my uncle what I intended to be when I graduated from college.

Why wouldn't they be happy?

Brent asked Elsa about John.

Don't get discouraged if you should fail.

You should get that checked.


David and Jim are the same height.


Is it too little?

I don't want anyone to panic.

Delivery of goods is done after a month of placing the order.


The number of tourists has increased greatly in recent years.

Listen, we need your help.

I am on medication.


Kevin's foot was once crushed by a woman wearing high heels in the train.


I ran into my aunt by chance in Europe.

I will give you a laptop.

Kristin works for a food bank.


They did not expect the Korean lady to be American.

Hartmann sent flowers to his mother.

Dad looked at Mom shyly.

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Our plans are progressing smoothly.

Such behavior may bring about an accident.

He took delight in talking with friends.