Lorien rarely goes in the backyard.

I lied to him and he lied to me in turn.

The criminal tried to cover his tracks.

Please cash this check.

You underestimate yourself.

She seems to have seen the very accident.


Blair ordered pizza.

Danny had to read the sign on the door three times before he understood it.

How do I stop her?

With a warm and wet climate, Guangzhou has fresh flowers all year round.

If you discover any problems on Tatoeba, you should go ahead and blame Sysko.

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I found a secret passage in the library.


That politician is full of ambition.

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We Africans are excellent athletes and runners.

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It was beginning to snow.

Let's get to it. I'm not getting any younger.

I'm not thirsty.


I want you to sing me a song.

I have to give a testimony in the courtroom tomorrow.

What makes one stronger, kills the other.

Cynthia doesn't understand a word you're saying.

Alejandro has already signed up for that class.

He got over the difficulties.

There were none in the room.

I have killed him.

I have an apartment in Boston.

I'll get one for you right away.

Jayant denied taking drugs.

Whatever excuses he may make, I cannot forgive him.

Sandra offered me her seat in the train.

Let's hope Cynthia is home.

He is indifferent to what he wears.

It's cold. Could you close the window?

Were you looking for me?


You always complain about your housing accomodations. You know you can't bring your "palace" with you when you die. You're mortal. Housing is temporary.

Hurry up, slowcoach!

Mechael left Christofer and went to live with another woman.

It really is a good movie.

He pushed the emergency button.

Scot seldom drinks coffee.

Joyce may not be studying French anymore.

What a good tennis player he is!

Nancy lost an earring.

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We will show you how to catch a fish.

Nelken knew all along who I was.

I'm Jeanette's driver.


The price of gold fluctuates daily.

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Roberto thought she had heard wrong.

The mother worried about her children.

I wish I had a reason not to go.

Perhaps it will be all the same to him.

I don't like to be spoken to.

My dog is blind, but he loves to go out for a walk.

English is one of the easiest languages to speak badly, but the most difficult to use well.

Why didn't you say that before?

Ann likes music very much.

Vijay wants to go to graduate school.

What a lovely garden!

Stuart's tattoo reads, "No gods, no masters!"

Men's clothing is loose fitting.


Let's get started anyway.


Pim is really fast.


Please don't tell Ricky what happened.

Tomorrow, I start the diet.

Go ahead, try it now.

We can't blame them.

She let him go.

I'm ill.

That's my beer.


Our business is your perfect satisfaction.

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Pia doesn't have a gun.

Some cruise ships have too many passengers.

When I said that work had got busy so could we split the housework my husband pulled a face.

She was busy with household work.

Meeting is the beginning of separation.

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Barton went back to his hometown.

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He's more popular than me on Facebook.


As Sanity and John walked off the basketball court, Roland turned to John and said, "Good game."


It's very important that we find Hwa.

You'd better not tell anyone about what happened.

Her face glowed with health.


When will the circumcision party be held?

The father is a tailor.

Klaus came before anyone else.

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Knut thought Emil's skirt was way too short.

Gimme a look-see.

I don't have the time or the money.

I was hoping we could do this without Les.

You're still young, but not permanently.

Does this seem fair to you?

Get in the boat.

As soon as she hugged him, he felt a severe pain.

That might take some time.

He wanted my permission to use the phone.

I, too, am worried about him.

This is a family shipping company, and we will never sell it!

Rahul has a perfect alibi.

I only asked you the question out of curiosity.

Will you fill out this form, please?

If you can read rapidly and with good understanding, you will probably find it easy to remember a good deal of what you do read.

I love secrets.

The French like to eat frog legs.

You are not dumb.

You'd better believe it.

This bride is covering her face with a veil.

I'll let Marion tell you.

Don't move! You take a step and you die!

Angus's was the only phone number Axel had.

When acid touches metal, a chemical reaction happens.

They're not going to stop.

Del has been avoiding me like the plague ever since he borrowed my car.

I think anything can happen.

I knew I would win.


Don't you ever have class?


Could you make a copy of this for Marian?

His house is beyond the hill.

We need a coordinated effort.


There are so many stars in the sky that I can't count them all.

I'm very reserved.

The world is split into two camps.

It's fun to watch the race.

Carolyn took the microphone away from Paul.

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Orville was caught driving a stolen car.

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Hiroyuki plays golf every weekend.

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He's an albino.

Meehan couldn't think of right words to say.

Those are empty words.

I just need some time.

I picked out the gray hat.

She is well liked by her students.

Difficult things in the world must have their beginnings in the easy; big things must have their beginnings in the small.

I was able to play piano very well.

You have to at least try.

Stop playing games, Tim.


I've been trying to reach you for three days.

Casper has to go to Boston on business.

Does Jimmy like Boston?

The river meets another below this bridge.

Will you shut up, hellish cicada?

I think Donald will be able to solve the problem.

I heard that she has a boyfriend, and no it's not Celeste.

I know Sergiu likes to travel.

You won't believe what I heard.

We'll take care of this for you.

When I was young, my father often talked to me about the Golden Pavilion.

Tigger is a teacher of Chinese literature.

I heard someone screaming my name.

I'm the type who gets nervous in front of people, so I'm bad at speech making.


Earle seems to be expecting something to happen.

Suresh is eager to impart his knowledge.

The residents of this town are deeply religious and patriotic people.

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This doesn't seem to affect Amigo.


He had grown senile recently.


It won't take very long.


You're twisting the truth.

We both love you.

She was sentenced to death in absentia.

We're selfish.

I don't want to believe that.

Dan didn't even pay attention to Linda.

I spent the weekend with them.

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I don't like this game and I don't want to play it anymore.

Do you require any further assistance?

Catherine, or Cath for short.

Do you like SF movies?

Juliet is still as beautiful as she was when she was a teenager.