The decline can be traced to the 1950s.


Will you all be here tomorrow?

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It looks like we got lucky.

Did you really see Srinivas yesterday?

Linda told Kinch that he would get revenge for his father's death.

Why don't you two stop your fussing?

I see you made a good impression.

I do not think that you should live in a country where people speak your goal language in order to be able to speak it, but certainly you need a real contact with the language in order to command it perfectly.

This bucket has a hole in it.

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Claudio gave Byron sound advice.

Who stole the apple?

I remember the first time we met.

You forgave me, didn't you?

Mom! Stop! You're embarrassing me.


He was persuaded into doing it against his own wishes.

Everyone is watching.

Were I free from work, I could read these books.

There is an abundance of pictures in the book.

I'm still waiting for Ozan to make up his mind.


He speaks French, not to speak of English.


All students of English should have a good English-English dictionary at hand.

She taught me how to write a poem.

Bernard has never been to Boston before, so I offered to show him around.

When I was in college, I could forget to bring my music player or my camera and still be ok. These days, if I forget my smartphone, I'm screwed!

We stayed clear.

The dog cannot distinguish between colors.

The plan is incapable of alteration.

Jeremy turned off every light in his house.

I used to come to this beach when I was a boy.

Mikey ordered a French bread pizza.

Gilles was unbeatable.

Mother is never impatient with us.

We can see his house over there.

There, straight ahead.

That should be obvious.

Blood is a juice of rarest quality.

There's jealousy from my noodles.

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There are many interesting things all around the house.

I am thankful for vacations.

How does that help?

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You shouldn't mess with Phiroze.


Kenneth found it fairly easy to follow Raj without being seen.


How many children can a woman bear?

My brother is so smart and witty that I can not beat him in an argument.

We helped Julie the best we could.


What did Celia want to eat?

He will be my deputy while I am away.

Do I deserve this?

We will do nothing against your will.

I said such horrible things to him. I feel so awful.

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Don't forget your ticket.


Please give me something cold

I know you're working with them.

Everett sat on the edge of the desk.


Maybe Danny wasn't right.

She explained it over again.

My brother likes music.

Don't you have school today?

Franklin isn't satisfied with the result.

Leaves lay thick over the ground.

You can ask me about anything you want to know.

I'm prepared to do that now.

Some things in life are beyond our ability to control.

Please cease from quarreling.

Another man has died.

You watered your horse, didn't you?

That's excellent news.

Statements will be mailed every quarter.

Just round the corner.


Show me your homework.

As a whole his works are neither good nor bad.

Duncan certainly doesn't want to take advice from Victor.

There is no going out on such a cold day.

Can I see you in the kitchen?

Spudboy put his arm around Maarten.

She isn't cut out for teaching.


I'm not blaming you, Rudolf.


We got used to late-hour work.

Should that matter?

The riot spread across the city.

I bought two pairs of trousers.

Put the words in parentheses into abbreviated form.

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Saad is an excellent kisser.

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I'll make something up.

Let's hope we can avoid this problem in the future.

I'm afraid that my wishes will not be fulfilled.

I was moved.

It's hard to believe that Elizabeth is still single.

I have the ace of clubs.

I was just telling Earle that he should go out and buy something to eat.

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You and he have to do the job.

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Soccer is the favorite sport of the French.


I never want to owe money to anyone.

Randell works six days a week.

That party was a disaster!

He scolded them because of the noise.

You aren't really going to kill Shadow, are you?


The Joneses love their daughter.

The Democratic Party needs major reform.

What a chaotic day.

He's still alive.

It seems to me that she knows everything.


Were you jealous of Ahmed?

There was nothing I could've done.

It was an adventure going down the river on a raft.

If you do that, you are going to look ridiculous.

I can't emphasize it enough.

Can you find the mistake?

He's out there somewhere.

It wasn't my idea to hire him.

Why did you have to go snooping around?

There is a good argument for dismissing you.

Cancel all my appointments.

I have more than that.

Klaudia is a liberal.

There are four seasons to Heaven: spring, autumn, winter and summer. Winds, rains, hoarfrost and dew - none of them is bereft of educational implications.

Why did no one warn me?


Fresh vegetables are very dear in winter.


I'm a very sensitive and emotional person.

Jane got ready for lunch.

Can I be honest?

They tried to eradicate my culture.

I heard they found a skeleton buried in the basement of a house on Park Street.

My wife is partial to apple pie.

She stood bolt upright.

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We walked along the busy street, singing old songs.

That certainly did not cost nothing.

Did he study English yesterday?

And because Deal is very near continental Europe, it's always been one of the first areas of Britain to be invaded.

Why do you want to change shifts?


It's a very decorative plant.

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I'll give you this pendant.

That's not them.

You can't protect everybody all the time, Jean-Christophe.


Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish.

Koko herself cannot use spoken language, but she loves to listen to people's conversations.

He is arriving from Genoa.

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Lonhyn is drowning in debt.


The trip was amazing.


They came in full force.

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Saify lied unconscious on the ground.

You can still swim quite well, can't you?

Some words are hard to define.

Lex isn't very smart.

Ban Ki-Moon needs to find $40 billion for his project.

This is a product for men.

I might be able to convince Elsa to do that.

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The doctor decided to operate at once.


What is the difference between a causal relationship and a casual relationship?

When you're drunk, some things can seem like good ideas even if they're bad ideas.

Hughes told me to load my pistol.


There are no trees on Nguyen's property.


I think we're doing a good job.


Don't click on the link.


I've seen the way she looks at you.

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Everything was perfect, down to the smallest detail.

I'm the tallest in our class.

That's unfair.