The principal made a rule for the purpose of giving a good school life to the students.

That small house was clean and tidy.

You're not watching.

I wonder what happens if I press this button.

I'll stick with them.

Russian is hard to learn.

You have to believe me. I'm innocent!

It's been ten years since he died.


I got there just in time.

What is your favorite classic rock song?

Long time no see.

I'll stay and watch Ronni.

I will go for a walk if it is nice tomorrow.

We learned English.

What's the minimum salary in Iceland?

When did you notice that your umbrella was gone?

She does like Kiki.

I assume you heard about Cindie's death.

He speaks like an angel.

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Lila was finally able to get in touch with Pratt.


He often writes letters to his parents.

Gill looked at Meeks's sketches.

How deep is your love?


I'm really looking forward to playing tennis with Leila.

His piano playing sounded fantastic.

I hate to say I told you so.

This book is too difficult for me to understand.

I visited the atelier of a painter that I had not visited in a long time. This painter had just acquired a new model and he was in a very good mood.


You seem baffled.


If you do that, Russ will get angry.


Who spread that rumor?

He talks a lot about his father.

Alan is scared of dogs.

The more she spurns my love, the more it grows.

Bradford was in his late thirties.

Ramanan is sick.

Peggy cried as he read Woody's letter.

A newspaper printed a story about the operation.

I'm sure you can do it.

Interest in German is growing, particularly in China, India and Brazil.

Spass needs to do more.

Jane came to our town three years ago.

What time does she get up?

The rights of the individual are important in a free society.

How exactly may I help you?

You were right, he doesn't live in Rio.

What do you think he said when I asked him for a favor?

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When I was in Boston, I used to eat out at least once a week.

Beauty of the surrounding world.

That house is not satisfactory for my needs.


A motel is like a hotel only much smaller and is used mostly by people traveling by automobile.


The calf was born this morning.


Can I use this credit card internationally?

Still others simply travel around America in recreational vehicles, seeing parts of the country they had been too busy to see before.

I didn't know what to do, then.


My age is going to tell on me.


Itamar washed the floor.


You shouldn't rely on other people's help.

I have a delivery for him.

Lee knew Roxane didn't like him.


He said that he was very happy.

Everybody in the picture is smiling happily.

The candle smells nice.

The police wanted to avoid bloodshed.

I've heard that it is best to always feed your dog at a specific time every day.

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Please give me a pen and some sheets of paper.

The bazaar ended a great success.

He has a lot of confidence.

Money does not smell.

Jorge is such a beautiful name.


Red alert!

Kotaro found a large swallowtail butterfly and chased him about 20 meters inside the grass field.

What is the price of peace?


He was speaking.

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Dadaab is a refugee camp in Kenya.

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This design is too inefficient to prototype.

Everything was stolen.

It's now time for me to go to bed.

I pick weaver ant's nests.

I can understand that.

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Kim is still my friend.


Joon is an introvert.

Dark clouds are rolling in. It's going to rain.

Shuvra asked Morris not to go.


What are you going to make for dinner?


All Elijah wanted was a nice hot bath.

You amuse me.

Jin walked into his room.

Can Elsa come tomorrow?

They've bet the farm on it.


The true makers of history are the masses.

Bring me a cup of coffee, will you?

Entry is strictly for staff only.


They are unable to answer that question.

I've always liked that name.

Naomi kisses her child a hundred times a day.

The largest bedroom faces south.

Conscience is sorrow. Intelligence is deception. Only on the outskirts of life. Can one plant a little illusion.

They look up to him as their leader.

Don't forget that we'll play a very special acoustic show.

What can I do with the leftover vegetables?

It is a notebook.

What a beautiful number.

Give me one kibidango.


Let's celebrate.


I think I'd rather walk.


There wasn't a living soul.


Betty killed Jane while she was singing.

I'm used to Izzy always yelling at me.

Harry isn't rich.

He's good at fund raising.

The first scene has a lot of action.

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You must do your homework at once.

He did it for his family.

We may never know why that happened.


Unless we find some way to drum up more business, bankruptcy will be our only option.

It looks hopeless.

We ask the teacher questions every day.

Don't take your mask off.

I just don't remember.

Compassion is alien to him.

Nate denied being Rabin's son.

I'll be playing tennis with Ritchey this afternoon, but it's not something I'm really looking forward to.

Hunter hasn't been able to get a hold of David yet.

I've finally gotten over my cold.

Del becomes lethargic in the summer heat.

I'm a dog lover.

You're quite smart.




I've never seen Hotta cry.

Once a war breaks out, both sides are in the wrong.

Lift it up.

Just do what you can.

He always kept an open mind about his future career.

I'm pretty hungry!

I can't do this on my own.

Tad never did it again.

Make sure you don't forget to fill up the tank.

That was good.

You will derive much pleasure from reading.

Turks are a very friendly nation.

Insects have a hard skin.

The meeting kicks off around 9 o'clock in the morning.

I didn't greet you because I mistook you for somebody else.

I have a normal eyesight.

I'd really love to meet her.

How did you learn about that news?

If you want to go out with Jayesh, you can.


I've got to try to find them.

I have to talk to Derek about something.

Due to constant seismic activity, Japanese engineers have come up with novel construction techniques.


I may be drunk, but I'm not disorderly.


We must maintain a constant vigil.

James aims to please.

I'm not used to speaking in public.

There was nobody.

Rand speaks French to some extent.


Let's make it Monday afternoon.

Radek is probably the one who stole Edgar's necklace.

I am usually able to read eight books in a month.


I really wish to see you today.