Is it this hot every day?

My father drinks no spirits.

I wonder if Huashi knows where I can buy what I need.

I thought it would be difficult for her to get the tickets.

He was stiff about it.

Nora is kneeling.

She will be coming to see me this afternoon.

She bore the air of a lady.

Free parking will be available.

What time is it anyway?


He has written five books so far.

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They attend every meeting.

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Sam grabbed the dog by the scruff of the neck.

Please lend me the dictionary when you are through with it.

The customs officials boarded the ship.


Going all out like this is going to propel me right into an all-or-nothing struggle.

I want it with plenty of ice.

I could kill you for what you've done.

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The president is a down-to-earth kind of man.


It was time for breakfast.

There's nothing more important than friendship.

Leads is wanted by the FBI for kidnapping.

Malaria is a disease spread by mosquitoes.

Did I mention I have dinner plans with Liz?

He's left me.

I do not want to bother.

Hail, Caesar!

Dan and Linda live in London where they both grew up.

We are filthy rich.

I can't believe Linley is really here.


I'll find something else to do.


Hot outside?

I want to go to Tokyo.

I'm seriously annoyed with them.

Elwood was sitting on a wall and looking out at the ocean.

Coleen is probably concerned.

Sekar made Chuck do the work.

He invited Kimberly and her sister Jane to a party.


God gave us the power to love.

Bobby is the best father I know.

It must be done.

I bought a new shaver.

I think that dolphins should not be kept in captivity.

Have a nice Thanksgiving!

Could you explain it in more detail?


Did I say something funny? Did I make a joke?


That's a nice pair of legs.

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Miriam won't be staying much longer.

I eat here.

I only had three left.

I know where you dwell.

I can do that for him.


What kind of trouble did Nici cause?

Jerry has been found.

Would you like some company?


I told you I locked the door.

It isn't wrong.

There are no limits.


You believe that it is grammatically correct by what logic?

Are you sure we're allowed to do that?

We need to operate immediately.


What have you done with my luggage?

Bright white cloud-tops reflect a lot of sunlight back into space. But clouds also blanket Earth, keeping some of its heat from escaping.

Izchak is upset about this.

Jinny is a two-pot screamer and it's embarrassing going to the pub with him.

We don't yet know the side effects of the drug.

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I thought you were at work.

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How do I open the bonnet?

Do you speak Turkish?

We shall do this free of charge.

We could see the full extent of the park from the hotel.

I wasn't in the office then, so I don't know what happened.

Aren't you even a little curious?

The is on his way to Boston.

That's a really great idea.

Sheila's condition worsened.

I don't know when the husband has called.

Judy thinks Linda would be perfect for the job.

He will reconcile their dispute.

I took him for his brother.

Daren died three months later.

Unfortunately there are few examples in history of nations who have learned anything from their own history.

Rodney asked me to take over.

A bus driver is responsible for the safety of the passengers.

I'm really hungry. I haven't eaten all week.

Amigo makes a lot more money than Siegurd does.

That's why I trust you.

The woman who lives next door is working for the Civil Service now.

This tea is called green tea.

How did they leave?

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I know whose bag this is.

Can you force them to do that?

I just came here to congratulate you.

Patricia has a six-figure salary.

Pete has decided to become a teacher.

I didn't know whether I wanted to go to university.

Simon took a big bite out of Josh's sandwich.

Why doesn't Kory return my phone calls?

This was one of the best days of my life.

Sofia is already asleep.

It wouldn't be a good idea to tell Gerard what really happened.

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They're probably together.

I found it later.

Cathrin gave Laurence a second chance.

Am I going the right way?

I don't usually dress like this.

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Optimism is lack of information.

Do you remember what Robin was wearing yesterday?

I have no complaints.

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We need a medical team here!


There is something wrong.

I'm instinctively bad with children and infants.

How long have you been standing here?

This is a waste of our time.

That's good thinking, Barry.

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He adapted himself to circumstances.


They're walking without shoes.

The first casualty of every war is the truth.

Welcome back, Hunter.

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If you are to do it, you must make a good start.


I'd like to see that movie.

The playful elephant calf chased egrets through the lush grass of the savannah.

Joe can speak French much better than I can.

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What'll you do to us?

I'd like to offer you your job back.

Are you hurt?

We don't want any radiation around.

She likes all the dresses he bought for her, old and new.

If that accident had happened in a city, it would have caused a disaster.

This book is above me.

Who do you suspect stole your wallet?

I bid against him.

They know how to party.

Half a loaf is better than no bread.


That's a pretty impressive list.

I am trying to learn English.

She has a gentle heart.

He drew up to her.

I ran into Vaughn this afternoon in the supermarket.

It's kept secret from Shirley.

Hold the button down until you hear the shutter make a clicking sound.


He is no longer here.


The girl standing over there is my sister Sue.

You can't sell the cow and keep the milk.

Meg didn't even look at me.

Airplanes have taken the place of electric trains.

Her feet were bare, as was the custom in those days.

But it smells strange.

Have you ever smoked?

Why are you in your pajamas?

Ready for take-off.

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I'm sorry, Lois, I didn't mean that to sound like an insult.

She seems to be in love with my brother.

He was elected mayor.

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Jeanne played with his dog.

Why didn't you stop them?

Did you have a sheet of paper then?

Dan got a job at a newspaper.

He works in the fields.

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I flew from Boston to Chicago.

The manager implied that a modest man was suitable for the position.

You've got to move.

He kept on writing stories about animals.

This book is popular amongst students.

Skiing is a great enjoyment to me.

This is my favorite outfit.