What is parkouring

Parkour Shoes

Parkour shoes are used for training discipline movement that is developed from military training. The shoes are used during the training for gripping feet. The main aim in this training is to get from one place to another in a very complex environment, without proper equipment in the most efficient and fastest way possible. Parkour includes jumping, vaulting, climbing, rolling, crawling and running. It is also known as a non-combative martial art. It is an activity that can be taken all alone or with team and it is usually carried in urban spaces, though there is no hard & fast rule for it. The main purpose of parkour is to assume environment in a new way, by navigating movement around, though, over and under its features.

Parkour is actually a type of movement that was established by David Belle. Many consider this movement was an origin of France. However this type of movement also practiced by people in other European countries. The main advantage of parkour is that it can done anywhere, right from the building to your house to playground as well.

Parkour first Debut

International Gymnastics Federation added parkour as one of their discipline in 2017. The first Parkour world Championships is scheduled to take place at Hiroshima, Japan that was on 3-5 April, 2020. It is also going to make its debut in 2021 World Games.

Parkour Movement

Many movements have been organized and many are considered fundamental. Some common movement examples are:

  • Jumping an landing with feet on small and narrow obstacles
  • Arms-jump “jumping on a vertical surface, to catch the horizontal top with the hands
  • Running toward the high wall
  • Moving from a position hanging from a wall top or ledge

Basic Equipment

Parkour is being practice without any equipment. The practioners usually wear light, no restrictive casual clothing. According to practitioners bare hands get more grip as compared to gloves one. Light running ability is the one that is provided by the bestparkour shoes with good grip and flexibility are encouraged because they are allowed for more natural and flow movements. Sometimes they prefer to be bare footed for more grip and better balance. Parkour shoes have been designed by many sneaker manufacturers that provide better running and jumping experience.

Many companies are now designing shoes that are specially designed for parkour. The shoes are super comfortable and worth buying for parkor activities. Special industries are designing only parkour shoes and clothes that allows practitioners to train themselves without getting any hustle in training.

Entertainment & Parkour

Many movies have been directed on Parkour activity. It has become separate discipline. After the attention parkour received from the movie Casino Royale 2006. In October 2018, WIRED magazine issued a report in which some videos showing a humanoid robot doing parkour. It has become a popular element in action movies. The 2019 Netflix film 6 underground featured several scenes of parkour that is choreographed and performed by team Storror.

Modern action video games also include the aspects of parkour as a major game element. The Assasins Creed, Mirror’s Edge games and Brink took many Parkour elements in the game like jumping, and running long runs etc. Prince of Persia and Dying Light include a central parkour mechanice.

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