What is the difference between medicinal cannabis and marijuana?

The laws vary according to where you reside. You will need to speak with your doctor, and you must have a health condition approved by the state for marijuana treatment. You might get an ID card. Some areas have a store that sells products called a “dispensary”.

There is still much to be studied about addiction in people who are using marijuana medically. Cannabis users who are high on marijuana can develop addiction problems. Dependence is the most common issue. When you have dependence, stopping using the drug will cause withdrawal symptoms. Addiction is a much more serious problem.

In many cases, cannabis is a natural remedy that has been around for hundreds of years. However, there are no studies to prove its efficacy. Researchers prefer large, controlled studies before drawing any conclusions. Unfortunately, most of the research to date hasn’t met Here this standard. It’s difficult to determine the dose of products and they vary greatly in strength. This makes judging marijuana benefits even more complex.

Can cannabis be used to solve the problems associated with powerful painkillers like morphine? Some states saw a decline in the prescriptions given for these powerful painkillers. And researchers discovered a connection between fewer overdose deaths and this medication. In another study, a correlation was found between marijuana and the abuse of narcotics. Researchers need more proof before they are able to say with certainty.

Marijuana is something that has intimidated me for a long time. Just the mention of marijuana brings back memories of older high school boys trying to get in trouble with me, not to mention the innumerable stoner ex boyfriends that I had to take to the hospital because they were *too* high. Yes, it was a good time. Many people recommended that I use cannabis to help with my insomnia. However, I have never been comfortable reaching for it, even if for medical reasons.

The plant has taken on a whole new meaning for me now that it is legal. MedMen, billed as the “Apple store of dispensaries”, was my first visit. It’s amazing how accessible and user-friendly this industry has become. In the store’s minimal shelves, cannabis products are displayed, including tinctures, edibles and balms. They also have plants labeled for specific ailments (e.g. I mentioned insomnia in my previous post.

Although I’m more open to trying products now, without knowing much about the plant, I find that it is still difficult for me. How much THC is in 2.5 mg? Do I feel relaxed or paranoid after using cannabis? For answers to this question and others, I’ve enlisted a bit (or a lot, depending on how you look at it) of assistance from a few heavy hitters within the cannabis community: Sean Akhavan (MedMen’s Head Research Scientist), Jessica Asaf (The Cannabis Feminist), Jeff Chen (Director of UCLA’s Cannabis Research Initiative), and Hamp J. Akinson (MD), co-director of University of San Diego’s Center for Medical Cannabis Research. You can share my newly acquired knowledge with me if you too live in a state that has legalized cannabis.

What if rose wine made you feel like a rose? But you would not. The concept is the same. The different cannabis types have different impacts on mind and body, and so can be used to achieve different goals. sleeping versus creating. Akhavan says that “there are two main strains of cannabis.” Indicas have a deep relaxation effect and are used for winding down at the end of a day or right before bed. The Sativa variety is known for its energizing effects.

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