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I'm afraid I won't be able to make myself understand in English.

This salad has a lemon taste.

I can't blame them for hating us.

It's probably hard.

I don't want to get bogged down in details.

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I thought I could help him.


I need something to wet my whistle.


You had better keep early hours so you will be in good health.

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The two parents are the father and the mother.

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We can't let you go.

You told him.

Help yourself, please.

He is a simple man.

You're a terrible judge of character.

After the race, everyone stood around panting for five or ten minutes.

Hey, can I have that?


Barton is a decent guy.


Believe me, I don't know the answer to this question, but I'm thinking.


The Lord chastens those he loves.

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Where's my family?

They invaded the country.

It is no laughing matter.

I'd rather go take a walk than go see that movie.

The branches come out of the trunk of the tree.


It's getting on my nerves.


Don't buy me anything.

That's just what I was thinking.

It looks like you changed the whole room.

The team is ready for the match.

When I braced myself and said, "I'm pregnant" he said "Are you saying it's mine?"

They have assigned me a small room.

Silence reigned in the room.

You won't get any help from Vernon.

He probably meant that people only go to demonstrations to show themselves and not to protest.

I intend to give this to her.

People on that island are very poor.

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She barely was able to get out of bed.

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Brandy was sympathetic.


This is total nonsense.

Marek mixed the ingredients to make a cake.

You must help me save her.

What's your favorite Australian folk song?

Pam pulled something out of his pocket and showed it to Gunter.


The man with whom she is talking is Mr Allen.

It's simply beautiful.

I'm sick of studying.


Picasso is an eminent painter.

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Jem can't help it.

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This person is your slave, right?


These facts support my hypothesis.


I'm not sure if there was anything in the box or not.

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How many computers have you had so far?

Already retired, but often get asked by them to consult.

He had to share his room with his sister.


I'm departing this evening.

I saw a stranger enter that house.

He retched and then started puking.


Anderson has the bad habit of jumping to conclusions.

You're courteous.

He did everything with great impetus.


I have a dictionary in my hand.

You're fifteen minutes early.

This is a good learning environment.

I never heard back from him.

Nhan looked like a volcano about to erupt.

I went to pick you up, but you were already gone.

Oscar didn't let me finish what I was saying.


Dick doesn't like being contradicted.

We were talking about Think.

Don't put too much cheese on the pizza.

Are your grandparents still alive?

They're staring at each other.

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The roads are closed as a result of bad weather.

I'll stay here as long as I can.

He's pretty cute.

I'm not leaving until I get what I came for.

He thinks it's a waste of time.

The choice is still yours.

I was just passing by.

The delinquents knocked him down and stole his wallet.

Two from ten leaves eight.

On Friday I help Mother make Challa for Sabbath.

I don't know how healthy it is.

I've done the wrong thing.

I'm not accusing you of anything.

Philippe didn't have to tell me if he didn't want to, but he did.

How much is that computer?

Try to go slower.

We had to do as they said.

People should wash their bodies.

I probably will do that again.


This is the boy who showed me around the city.

Dani has jam sessions in his garage twice a week with his musician friends.

Les asked Rodent three more questions.

How will you sort the animals?

There is no point in pretending to be sick.


Must I leave at once?

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The Ukrainian security forces are trying to occupy the towns and villages between Donetsk and Luhansk in order to cut off those two important cities from each other.

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I didn't think we'd be able to get in.

We use "present tense" for this kind of case.

As long as good people do nothing, evil will triumph.

Raghu is just a crazy old man.

Mann is already working on it.


Please serve him his meal first.

You are not in a position to make demands.

As you order!

He is living abroad at the moment.

What was Teresa looking for?

I did not miss my purse until I returned home.

This salad has a lemon taste.


As my watch was slow, I missed the special express.

Lorraine closed his eyes.

We'll hide in Egypt.

I wasn't able to access all of the information.

Damon can be very persuasive.

All the soldiers stood side by side.

Don't think about that anymore.

In older people, wounds take a long time to heal.

Boyd was all worn out.

How lazy you are!

Many of them carried guns.

Cut the meat into thin slices.

Those are questions that I can't answer.


Think watered the flowers.

There's one thing you need to know about Nathan.

She had on an apricot-colored dress.

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I got one.

Our little girl can already walk!

I really can't say that my mother cooks well. For seasoning as well, I prefer the way my wife cooks. But despite this, I want her to teach me. To teach me that taste that I tasted when I was a child.

The lawyer insisted on the client's innocence.

Mechael was impressed with how well George could speak French.

Scottish recipe for tomato soup: Pour hot water into a red cup.

I hope you're not be wasting our time.


Herbert thanked everyone for waiting.


Get rid of those kinds of naive ideas.

These things can happen.

I was proud of her.


Sofia had a confused look on his face.

She may well be proud of her son.

I'm meeting a friend after school.


Manny says he'll hurt me.

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I think it will rain this afternoon.

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The design itself is flawed.

You don't have to hide anything from me.

My friends call me Elisabeth.


Rajeev told Myron to marry another man.

My washing machine broke.

Things won't be the same around here after Audrey leaves.

I used to debate the problem with her.

Both Lord and Gregory have never been to Boston.

He is just pulling your leg.

He stuck me with debts of 1,000,000 yen.


Where have you been yesterday?

We captured Janet.

Kenton thought Edward seemed really busy.

You want to pay in cash?

May you both be happy!