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For those going through drug addiction, you may feel alone. You don’t need to feel that way.

Wellard Detox

Who We Help


There are professionals waiting to help you. We can provide the resources, guidance, and assistance you need to overcome this once and for all.

When you come to one of our addiction treatment centers, you can receive the necessary care that you require for an effective drug addiction treatment. What you must do, before you come to our addiction recovery facility, you need to admit to yourself that you have a problem you can’t control nor overcome on your own. Only then will you have taken the first step to getting the treatment you need at a drug rehab center that best suits your needs.

The Conditions We Treat

We understand that drug and alcohol problems are complex.


At our addiction treatment centers, we value community. Once of the most beneficial and effective aspects of drug addiction recovery is communal meetings and trust. During group therapy, you will have the chance to vent your fears, challenges, and struggles while listening to the similar tales of others, and both giving and receiving tips for addiction recovery and staying sober.


Inpatient Addiction

Another valuable aspect of our substance abuse treatment centers is dual diagnosis mental health screening and treatment.


Family Support & Treatment

Nearly half of the people who are struggling with drug addiction are also going through the challenges of a co-occurring mental illness.

Friendly Staff

Outpatient Rehab

To make sure that we fully treat for your addiction, we need to ensure that we exhaust all possible treatment avenues.

Good Performance


Getting down to the core of your problems, both with addiction and otherwise, is instrumental in treating addiction.

Contact Us for Better Help

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Treatment Therapies

Perhaps the part of treatment most rehab centers get wrong is personalization.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Every single treatment program that is designed for our clients is customized and comprehensively altered to meet their needs and requirements.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

No treatment regimen is the same as another. Every client is different, their needs their own, and their treatment should be no different.

Individual / Group Therapy

During individual sessions with personal counselors, you will work with the therapist to come up with personalized solutions to your problems.

12-Step Recovery

Finally, when you go to leave our substance abuse treatment facility, you will not leave alone. You will depart with the care and support that is provided to you from our addiction treatment counselors and fellow clients. Not only will you leave with the assistance and guidance of the people you’ve met, you will leave with everything you’ve learned. It will be found in your personalized and comprehensive addiction treatment program that will be designed around your needs altered to meet them.

Addiction can be successfully managed and treated—we do recover. Treatment for addiction is not a quick fix but rather becomes the platform for stability and engagement in your own recovery, one day at a time.

We’re always here for you.

You don’t have to do this alone any longer. Call our addiction treatment clinic today to get started.