Cathryn and I dated a long time ago.

Yokohama is one of the largest cities in Japan.

I want to get a divorce.

The class I have the most homework in is English.


You don't need to bring up the matter.

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Can you suggest something that may be more useful?


With the eyes, we see; with the ears, we hear; with the skin, we touch; with the nose, we smell; and with the tongue, we taste.

Do you know what benzyl acetate smells like?

Are you going to leave Boston?


We took up that problem at the last meeting.

Justin just graduated from Harvard.

Everybody is in a good mood looking forward to the five-day holiday that starts tomorrow.

You just stay with me.

There is little money left.

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I guess you're still pretty mad at me, aren't you?

Gabriel was correct all along.

Are you guys all right?

Our team won the game.

I think I'm not aggressive enough.


He took his time doing his homework.

Krzysztof said he wanted to help.

I've been trying to hack my way into the system.

Would you please do me the favor of going to the prom with me?

List told me that he wants to go to Boston.

That's something worth thinking about.

I wonder where she studied English conversation.

Love isn't a game, so you can't just cherry pick the best bits!

Please help Sandeep.

Maybe we shouldn't have stayed so long.

I'm sure you'll be busy tomorrow.


I thought you might want to talk.

Srikanth's flight has just taken off.

These goods are available to members only.


Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!


Everyone wondered who it could be.

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I have an orderly lifestyle.

That shop was full of people.

Good things come in small packages.

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I know you're not lying.


Tell me a little about yourself.

I lowered my meat consumption.

Mr Mitchel demanded that I pay the rest of the money by the end of the week.


Cliff fed his dog table scraps.


Christopher Columbus once found the Holy Grail but threw it out because he didn't like the color.


Root knows that Dory and I are friends.

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I like your last name. Can I take it?


Is this a picture that you yourself drew?


I thought you'd probably already gone home.

I spent my time strolling about the streets.

I thought you needed money.

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How can you sleep with all this happening?

He is sick, it seems.

Leads said he wanted to do more.

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Watch your step in dark alleys.

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God is a circle whose circumference is a straight line.


The deer darted off in alarm.

Tammy kept his illness a secret.

I can't believe Daryl left without saying goodbye.

Susan shined her father's shoes.

It won't do you much good.

I don't particularly care for this painting.

This drink tastes somewhat familiar.

That's what people don't understand.

I wish you would all go home.


Yeah, it's no big deal.

A tsunami is coming, so please be on the alert.

He is very frugal, not to say stingy.

I know where to look for Pat.

When my bicycle hit the rock, the front tire blew out.


What do you think Marion did with it?

I'm bleeding.

Joanne cut his finger.


Either you go now or I will make you go.

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The Mexicans surrendered.

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Nicolas admitted defeat.

That's an utter waste of time.

Bruce said he didn't want to take any chances.

They spotted Brenda.

Lewis didn't seem very interested in going to the concert with us.


Why does everyone think that old people smell like prunes?


I'll go and tell him.

These containers are airtight.

Ramiro drives to work.

You should've asked them first.

I want you to know I appreciate all you've done for us.

He may have met with an accident on the way.

The place is easy to reach from here.

Do you care to hazard a guess?

They'll be coming to the party too.

Some holy men affected sackcloth and ashes.

The Anglo-Saxons displaced the Celts.


You don't want to go there.

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I'm not your type.

He took up golf this spring.

Calvin and I were roommates for three years.

Liz isn't handling it the right way.

I didn't know what happened.

I'm afraid to interrupt.

It goes without saying that good health is more important than wealth.

I don't speak French at all.

Lewis asked Jaime where she was from.

He held her hand in a firm clasp.

You can speak English.

Shut that boy up.

Part is the little brother I never had.

I'm sure we can find something to do this evening.

I don't play tennis after school.

That guy is a total bummer.

In this village, they lived a happy life.

Quakers believe that it is always wrong to kill.

I'm trying to tell you what needs to be done.

Susan walked around the lake.

Today was a beautiful day.


Why has your perspective changed so much?

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Did you pack any snacks?

I don't think we'll meet again.

Hwa apologized for not coming earlier.

Shean is in luck.

His decision to stay there was a surprise to all of us.

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I can sing well.

Kay can't leave just yet.

Daniele doesn't like men who make less than $100,000 a year like Pat.


I want to do this for Roxana.

What do you guys want to do?

An animal can be much more dangerous when injured.

He was grateful for your help.

I maintain that sports are a waste of time.

How long has your skin been jaundiced?

She was always quarreling with her parents.

Would you mind if we join you?

They satisfied their thirst at the spring.

What have we done?

Win saw that Skeeter was fast asleep in the hammock.


I noticed, among other things, that he was drunk.

It's for the greater good.

I'm afraid of dying.


She has spoken English well for many years.


I'm going to leave one night early.

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I want to know who paid for this.

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All my relatives live in this city.

Surya sure does sleep a lot, doesn't he?

It seems easy.

Look at it again.

I won't forget you.

By the way, have you done your homework?

I did that all by myself.

Harmon showed Casey John's picture.

This country has a mild climate.


I never knew there were so many different kinds of insects.

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We're having a barbeque on Sunday.


I take it.

Unless Japan eliminates those barriers, the U.S. will take sanctions.

Nobody can see this movie without being moved.

My hair is still damp.

We want to expand.

Don't pretend what you don't feel.

Please wake me for breakfast.