They don't want to admit that it's really a passing fad.

Kinch always seems to be between jobs.

Just be yourself.


Something must've happened.

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I want to know why you aren't ready.

It wasn't Claire who kissed Brad.

I better drink my own piss.

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It has been twenty years since I saw you last.


From now on he will be there for you.

This question is like asking a parent which child they love the most.

Kitty might not even be infected.


You shouldn't cancel the meeting.

He came home late in the evening.

Is this the bus to Oxford?

I took a day off to show her the capital as her tour guide

Both Anton and Amy were drunk.


They don't want to talk to me.


He lives in a flat.

She's a xenophobe.

It might not happen now.

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That's a question you shouldn't ask.

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Lincoln is admired because of his leadership.

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I want to move to the country.

Dieter became friends with Herman when he was living in Boston.

I'll marry you.

Brodie is very patriotic.

We still have some time left.

It would be a satisfaction to me.

Before he retired, he had handed over charge of his office.

I just gave it to him.

There are shuttle buses that stop at several hotels in Tokyo.

The assignment took me longer than I had expected.

Charley needs a new car.

Why didn't you say so?

Dimetry is about to go.

Tai is a sports fanatic.

Bradley pulled the nail out of the board with a crowbar.

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How did you accomplish all this?

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Laurence took a drink and then offered the bottle to Ramon.

What do you expect to find in Eric's basement?

How many do they need?

Why are you wasting your time with Rudy?

Apparently, it's getting more difficult to find a good job.

Don't look at me.

Don't shut the door with a bang.

Huey is in the warehouse.

Are you sure about all this?

What'll it be, Jagath?

You will have to get up early tomorrow morning.

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Ralf isn't happy here. Can't you see that?

Don't be hurt.

I don't want a big birthday party.


Shean looked like a weight lifter.

Did you drink wine?

Vicky would agree with me.

When we were on the way to pick up Monica, we saw something frightening.

I won't answer questions.

Why do you need to do that now?

When a good opportunity presents itself, I don't let it pass.


He wears shoes but wears no socks.

It's a miracle that he survived the hurricane.

I tried my best to get through to Ira.

I want to participate in the protest.

The speaker did not refer to his notes during his talk.

I can't catch up with him.

When angry, count to ten before you speak.

It is important to avoid having anyone absent from his assignment.

She made the juice by herself.

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I want to be more like you.

Rhyme and meter form the essential rules of Chinese poetry.

Which team is likely to win?

I don't care for his rudeness.

You'll get there in less than ten minutes.

After I got married, my French got better since I started speaking French with my wife.

Do you need assistance?


You don't want everyone to know, do you, Gerard?

She's pregnant with twins.

Adrian is just scared.

It's unlikely that he did his homework himself.

It becomes warmer day after day.

Put the eggs in the refrigerator.

I'm smashed!


Do you think Anderson might be part of the problem?

How do you like your new class?

He felt her hand on his shoulder.

There is no antidote.

Jock doesn't yet know exactly when he'll leave.

Am I supposed to help her?

When did you come by this bicycle?

He plastered the wall with posters.

I was just thinking the same thing.

Eat something.

He bought some chocolate for her.

They're going to find Sanjay.

They set out on a picnic.


Henry James was an American by birth.

Here they show up to enjoy by the fountain with ice, beer and picnic basket.

Since it was Sunday, the store was closed.

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The city sleeps.

Frank? What does he have to do with this?

You deserved better.

I can't read lips.

These are great.

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You're perfectly safe.

How's the food at that restaurant?

I'm sorry, I don't recognize you.


Speak slower, please.


This table is missing a leg.


Shouldn't we turn off the heaters?

Deirdre and Olaf talked past each other.

No one will talk.

I'm waiting at the door.

How did you and Dad meet?


I'm going out for about thirty minutes.

Luckily, Ralf was there.

Just imagine: that star you're looking at right now has planets orbiting around it.


I can't trust him.

You'd probably really enjoy this book.

Sound travels very quickly.

She scolded him.

In my opinion, that's not a good idea.

Isn't life just great?

She took offence at something.

The government is scheduled to put the plan into practice next year.

Mr. Brown gave me your name.

Like those of many who knew English, his English was very basic: "How much is it?" and "It's not my size."

I'll tell you one thing: I wouldn't like to have his job.

I make it a rule to read the newspaper every day lest I should fall behind the times.

That's welcome news.

I didn't know that someone was following me.

Put that away.

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She did not return till six.

That's what caused our problem.

We have good teammates.

What's your favorite time waster?

"What happened to the money I gave you?" "I spent it."

To my sister Maya, my sister Alma, all my other brothers and sisters, thank you so much for all the support that you've given me.

I compared this picture with that one.

The streets are clean.

He's lived there all his life.


Dorothy should do what Janos asked him to do.

I'm sure it's a good one.

She is always smoking.

I was thinking about something else.

Dustin jumped high and caught the ball.

Please stop hammering.

As the proverb goes, time really is money.


What caused this to happen?


A single mistake, and you are a failure.

This house is built from Brazilian lumber.

What would the others say?

You should dress more modestly.

We went to the mountain to ski.


I would do the same for what you did for me, but unfortunately I find myself in a difficult and disastrous situation.

Geoffrey called the cops.

I'm pretty sure Ed is right.

You could've been the one.

Be quiet and listen to me.

I made my decision based on what you said.

No one of us can cut himself off from the body of the community to which he belongs.

Kuldip is one of the few people I can trust.

Janos received many gifts for her birthday.


That's probably a misprint.

A gentleman is a man of independent means.

The murderer was the gardener.

I didn't know that would happen.

Blue1 was founded as Air Botnia in 1988.