Pamela is a slob.

Before doing that, you need to ask Jon for permission.

We should play squash together sometime.


He asked me what had become of her.


What would you do if I were untrue to you?

He has already read the daily newspaper.

"Are you a teacher?" "Yes, that's right."

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Police are everywhere.


We'll leave tomorrow, weather permitting.


We've been searching for you for days.

He tells us strange stories.

Prostitution, gambling, the use of narcotic substances, drunkenness, disorder, and all other illegal activities are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

The woman precisely knows that she doesn't know what she wants.

Ask anybody.

Leave it here.

Marcia realized it was time to leave.

I'm going to London this summer.

Sho is chopping wood.


A new bridge is being built over the river.

This computer is yours, right?

You can't be everyone's friend all the time.

I folded all the towels.

Konrad felt in his pocket for his wallet.

He wrote a letter on a piece of paper.

I'm not afraid of them.

Do you know why he skipped class today?

Where there is heart, there is luck.


One must be careful about free advice.

Maybe you should get some sleep.

Do you know what'll happen next?

Will it be hot tomorrow?

What can go wrong?


The matter is very worse.

I'm not interested in talking about Erwin.

As the Mongol Emperor who welcomed Marco Polo to China, Kublai Khan became a legend in Europe.


A rose is a beautiful flower.


I was feeling like being crushed.


I'll be lonely after you've gone.

How can I tell if I'm really in love?

A variety of creatures can be seen under the water.

I would like to go to the seaside with you.

What crime did they commit?


Welcome to Japan.


Roland has already eaten.


Enos became the first chimp to orbit the earth on November 29, 1961, aboard a Mercury Atlas rocket. Although the mission plan originally called for three orbits, due to a malfunctioning thruster and other technical difficulties, flight controllers were forced to terminate Enos' flight after two orbits. Enos landed in the recovery area and was picked up 75 minutes after splashdown. He was found to be in good overall condition.

Dan stopped at a petrol station to call his mother.

It's getting easier to find audio files by native speakers for almost any language you might want to study.

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Spanish on the way.

I'll meet with him.

This is tofu.

Post this card without fail.

Gary is the one who did this.

Elliot says he met my father.

I hear Mickey was the one who taught you how to play the cello.

Is there a bank near the station?

You have to go alone.


Tim could feel the sun on his neck.

Is she passing kidney stones in her urine?

Panacea jumped up and down.


Allow me to kiss you again.


They used that table.


Uri Avnery founded the Gush Shalom movement in 1993.


Let's talk about your career.

Thanks for sharing this.

Do any of you know Christian?


Saumya had trouble finding his key.

The day turned out fine after all.

No one can stop her.

I don't want to be here. I want to not be here.

Mexicans don't like it when people write "Mejico" instead of "Mexico"

Butler didn't work alone.

Stop asking me for a drink! Go get it yourself.


She can't have said such a thing.

This is her book.

I read two books last week. I loved them both.

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Cristina doesn't know much about his neighbors.

They're going to have a problem, I think.

Mrs. Green taught me English.

They're staring at you.

This may be research my secretary did.

Dinner will be ready in about fifteen minutes.

I wanted to go, but I got sick.

Forget about the past, live the present, think about future.

You can only use it once.

Do like I said, OK?

Helen is seventeen years old.

The moon looks so perfectly round. It's actually the base of a cone, you know.

How long have you been dating?


The ceremony was impressive.

She locked herself in her bedroom.

Sarah was wearing a low-cut dress.

I don't want to be any more burden to my parents.

I'm going to take you to them.

She likes snow.

He detests Carisa.

France gave the United States the statue of "Liberty Enlightening the World".

When are you finally going to oil your door?

This dog will protect us.

It was a secret.


Whose bicycle is that?

I don't know what the next step is.

It's already decided.

Raymond threatened to leave Those.

We didn't do a thing.

Go away. I'm busy.

Kay used to be obnoxious.

Why didn't you replied to me?

I watch my weight very carefully.

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It is not necessary to say that she is an excellent pianist.

Panacea couldn't take his eyes off of Andrew.

Reinhard was impressed by Bjorne's plan.


The government imposed a new tax on cigarettes.

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He soon recovered from the illness.


I'll abstain from going out today.

What does Moran have against you?

This is the hotel where Sugih usually stays.

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Liyuan is going to be a little disappointed.

That's all Christian has to say.

It'll soon be sunset.

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Brent looks as though he might start crying.

Don't look down on him just because he's poor.

Should I continue?

The movement of the inhabitants drove the band of thugs out of the town.

The point is, why didn't you tell me?


We should remain silent.

I've lost confidence in Bob.

Gilles works for an oil company.

I explained it.

I doubt I can get him to do it.


They say he's very rich.


Just apologize to him.

Your accusation is preposterous.

You said we wouldn't talk about Alexis, right?

I suggest you don't ask Donal that question.

He was a good-looking but somewhat raffish young gentleman.


He decided to submit his resignation.

There are no trails.

I don't want to lose my girlfriend.

The dog sat down by the man.

Here's the change.


He has too many books.

Kenneth assumed Mick was talking nonsense simply because he didn't understand her.

The shadow falls upon the wall.


They released him.

His wife now had to take care of his grandfather, not to mention their two children.

I've hardly been civil to you.


Do you prefer white wine or red wine?

You just cleaned your room, didn't you?

I came just to see what you're doing.


He speaks only English and German, neither of which I understand.

Josip appeared to be bewildered.

That sounds like a reason to celebrate.

We had a wonderful time together.

I thought you'd be ready.

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You shouldn't speak when the teacher is speaking. It's common sense.

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The student refused to obey his teacher.


I owe them money.