Leigh asked me to protect you.


Dirk is part of the LGBTQ+ community.


I might've been wrong.


Why are we lying to her?

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You should come see for yourself.

We'd better go help him.

Does Suwandi live far from here?


Vassos is a sweetie pie.


Saul walked into the room with an armful of laundry.


That's the author whose book you praised yesterday.


Bruno hasn't yet told us what he wants to do.

Which rose do you see?

Nhan wrote a scathing review of Cristina's book.

Don't you want to know what this is all about?

I love fish.

He seems to me a serious and reliable person.

Ian is as incompetent as Roderick.


I found a nice place to have a picnic.


What do you think it was?

The war resulted from a mistaken policy.

She is looking for a job where she can make use of her foreign language ability.

I don't think Simon would do that.

She always keeps her word.

Those might know why Helen wasn't at yesterday's meeting.

You didn't make it clear.

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The man washing the car is Mr. Jones.

That's what I was going to say.

When it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetry. The poet, too, is not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images and establishing mental connections.

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I'm taking this to her.


What do you find important in life?


It rained hard last night.

He said farewell as he was about to leave.

Mason kept crawling.

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Take this prescription to your pharmacy.


She planned a birthday dinner for her cousin.

There are a lot of idiots here tonight.

What kind of mistakes did Dwayne make?

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I think you look tired.


She's outraged.


I'd love to do it.

"What did you have for dinner?" "Grilled shrimp and baked zucchini with garlic sauce over rice noodles."

You were always the tough one, weren't you, Darci?

Skef got off the bus and waited for Pedro to come and pick him up.

He lost his movie ticket.

Masanao spent the afternoon with Clarissa.

I couldn't find my sandwich.

It is now in the best condition.

Things were simple back then.


I can't take any more!

The old lady got off the bus.

I'm not an astrologer; I'm an economist.

The second book has more errors than the first.

Many Japanese get married in church.

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She is always afraid of being a klutz when going to parties.

Shaving off your beard took ten years off you.

I'm not supposed to be here.

You've drunk too much.

I'm sorry things didn't work out between you and Shawn.


Jennie has never been in love before.

Jamie encouraged Rajesh to write a novel.

She tattled on me to her teacher.

I cannot help laughing at my folly.

It's a difficult language.

His way of thinking is very similar to mine.

You're not supposed to smoke here.


The less there is to justify a traditional custom, the harder it is to get rid of it.


He fetched some water from the well.

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I am inflating my balloon.

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She has a large room all to herself.

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In this legal system, corporal punishment is imposed on adult men only.

Lock the doors.

I try to put as few Latin words in my speech as I can.

I wasn't at my best today.

Go, already!

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I have 300,000 songs loaded onto my iPhone!

We gave Merton some apples.

The school will provide tents for us.

We don't know why there's more matter than antimatter.

Do you remember your passport number?

I do not feel sad.

He glued the vase together sloppily.

Be happy and smile!

I got a horrible shock when I saw the car accident.

Much still remains to be done.

I'm feeling a little dizzy.


It reminds me of the good old days.

I designed it.

We felt very helpless.


I was the first to sign up.


They are both colleagues of mine.

I hate policemen like him.

It was Albert's idea, not mine. Don't blame me.

Maybe I shouldn't have done that.

My mother's illness prevented me from attending the meeting.

Let's not discourage them.

Nobody wants to work outdoors on a cold day.

Metin died a few days after the accident.

They didn't want me to examine it.

Tell me why you were fired.

Honesty is never the best policy.


What are you smirking at?

He advocated reduction of taxes.

We want you to marry him.

I don't really want to paint my house blue.

I'm going to your house.

Her wish is to become a good teacher.

You're drunk!

I think Steven is compassionate.

The ghost vanished suddenly.

What is your field of study, your domain of inquiry, your major interest?

It was painful to watch.

Do you and Adlai stay in touch?

Olson and Carsten are screaming.

Shyam was in his bed asleep.

The buffalo were killed.


Can't you see what's happening?


I'll give you the address either today or tomorrow.


Save for a rainy day.

Sassan says he'd prefer to talk about something else.

Just look! This is much cheaper than the other one.

I need volunteers.

Would you teach me how to do that?

I can't speak French as well as Jussi.

They have a nice house.


Which one do you prefer among these books?


Charlie also was very thirsty.


Teriann and Honzo are helicopter parents.

Chris was hired to paint houses and was able to raise the money.

She is missing the point.

Is he having an affair?

I wanted to apologize to him.


Intercultural relationships are never easy, but today, we seemed to be having a particularly hard time.

Are you methodical?

Let me check my calendar.

You really are strong.

Gerard is the only one who loves me.

I've learned a lot with her over the years.

He expressed regret over the affair.


I am rapidly losing the ability of immersing myself in activities that I love.

It was a very, very hot night.

The police suspected that Moses was a drug dealer.


They think pornography will make them feel younger.

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What happened after you got there?


Problems are expected in their expedition.

I arranged for a car to meet you at the airport.

Thomas descended into the hall to meet Manon.

Vijay stepped through the doorway.

Open, Sesame!

If you became blind suddenly, what would you do?

I'm beginning to think you're serious.


Are you sure it's OK to drink this water?


The two cars tried to make way for each other.


Is this your first visit to Japan?