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Place the flour, butter and salt into a large clean bowl.

Sherman wrote something on the back of the letter.

What do you find attractive about her?

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Murder is a crime against humanity.

Does he have a dog?

It sounds like him.

Edmund was booed by a number of audience members.

Lucius didn't tell Ann his secret.

We are annoying the teacher.

I hope you brought coffee.

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Can you remember where this all started?

I think Kathryn is still around.

I know why Pim resigned.

This village is free from air pollution.

He solved the problem effortlessly.

I found it quite impressive.

Moore has a lot of friends here.

Ilya didn't believe that Kyle would lie to him.

An adversary yesterday is a friend today.

Did you kiss Annie?

Where did all the money go?

He comes out well in photographs.

I wish you success in your work.

Their job is to download new softwares.

The teacher gave a presentation on the history of France.

This is a great apartment.

Bradley goaded Mike to do it.

Keep her happy.

Marcos deserves another chance.

A few of the balls are yellow.

I admire your perseverance and determination.

This road is under repair.

The war ushered in a period of shortages and deprivation.


Ahmed's plan is perfect.


So what if you show up and she's not there and then it starts to pour?

She pushed her needle in and out.

But it's not fair!


Young people and migrant workers are the bulk of rural Internet users; in terms of online music, online games, online film and television, and the Internet's capacity for entertainment, rural Internet users are equivalent to urban ones.

I can endorse that.

That's all I was waiting for.


Her cousin lives in America.

I didn't say I didn't want you here.

I wouldn't want to work here.

Matthieu is going to have to live with what he did.

Clark considered herself unworthy of the affection Jagath offered her.

A storm is imminent.

Thad thinks he can prove it.

Do you think your car will make it?

How will they amuse the children on a wet afternoon?

Once we are airborne, you make unbuckle your seatbelts.

Fay has a license.

"Fiction" is something that is not factual; it comes from imagination.

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.


I went to him for advice.

It keeps getting harder and harder.

If you flatter him, he'll do anything.

Whatever is that noise?

Stop bullying her.

Publication of this month's issue will probably be delayed one week.

It's a cup without a saucer.


It's a good idea, to be sure, but it's hard to put it into practice.

Have they announced the court's decision yet?

All things die in time.

I really need to talk to Phillip.

I have a job that pays well.

Laurie has plans.

Pradeep moved a little closer.

A pizza topped with mozzarella is my first choice.

We aren't at home now. Please leave a message after the beep.


The invention of the mobile phone took place in the seventies, and it became accessible to all in the eighties and nineties.


You're talking nonsense.

Keep an eye on your wallet.

They add articles to Wikipedia.

We'll stay out of their way.

Is it going to snow tonight?

We'll be back here next year.

Hector told me all about that.


Of course, I'll be there.

There is someone in this room.

The girl snapped up the package and pointed to a little old man standing beside her.


I've got a daughter Norbert's age.

Our idea did not work in practice.

It's rumored that the conference will be postponed.

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Will Iran attack Israel?

Why are you doing all this for us?

Excuse me, I'm in the middle of a consultation.

The children already went to school.

This is the reason I disagree with you.

Hey, shouldn't you be at work?

There are people who speak of wisdom with no clue of what respect is.

It's not the final goal, but the process of getting there that matters.

What gave him that idea?


Diana seems to think so.

Randell's early.

I received a letter from one of my friends in Japan.

The young couple ate off the same plate.

Isaac was killed in an explosion.

It's all new for me.

It expires tomorrow.

Hotta often stays out late.

Could you bring me another hot towel?

Collin probably forgot it's here.

In March 2014, the Administration launched the Climate Data Initiative, bringing together extensive open government data and innovation competitions to develop data-driven resilience tools for communities.

I can't get in touch with him yet.

Carl had his headphones on so he didn't hear Barrett enter the room.


First, it's too expensive.

The bathroom's on the left.

This music's annoying everyone.


The gravitational pull of a black hole is so powerful that even light cannot escape from it.

I want to talk to her first.

Someone turned the alarm off.


The girl entered the room.


I've enjoyed talking to you.

There's no other damage.

Anatoly was on the same bus as I was.


They love reading.

He hadn't realized his mistake until it was too late.

Hurry, or the train will leave you behind.

That looks bad.

He's head over heels in love.

He fell as if wounded by a bullet.

It was gross.

It is desirable that atomic energy should be used for peaceful purposes.

They glanced around.

We just want to talk to them.

The engineer knew every minute detail about the new model.

Penny is an art dealer.

Come to the office tomorrow morning without fail.

You've been very kind to me.

Dustin wanted to take a picture of Space, but she didn't want him to.

Some friend you are!

2010 was the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese lunar calendar.

I want to stay for several days.

In New York there are a lot of Japanese restaurants.

But when the morning's sun brings new day, I know all God's mercies will be renewed.

I have often admired the mystical way of Pythagoras, and the secret Magic of numbers.

My father is too busy to take a walk.

I couldn't leave you there all by yourself.


We also have lenses in our assortment.

She went into the woods in search of her lost child.

The engineer thought of a new model.

I have red eyes.

Show me what you've done so far.

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There is nothing like the dull thud of nylon on nylon.

She resigned on the grounds of ill health.

She bought him a sweater, but he hated the color.

She doesn't care how she dresses.

They are visiting relatives.

Everyone looks exhausted.

We're early.

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The military has a very strict chain of command.

Didn't I tell you we were having dinner?

I can't do this without her.

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We have offered help.


The less you know, the better.


Smile, you're on camera.

Was Barbara at home?

Political reforms may ameliorate the living conditions of the poor.


Izzy felt terribly out of place.

I don't know how to thank you.

This is more than exceptional.

An orange tree provides an orange.

With all of his tricks he has mastered, he will be able to deal with any formidable client.

Mac meant to tell Duane about the party.

I've come to get you.

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Gretchen wants it now.

What if Deborah can't handle it?

I'm sure it was an accident.

He didn't get in until 2 o'clock in the morning.

In women the pelvis is broader and lower, and all of its dimensions are larger than in men.

I want to do this the right way.

It's out of the question!