Claire is ignoring me at the moment.

A penumbral lunar eclipse can be hard to see.

The exam was very easy.

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I thought everyone knew.


He explored the region around the South Pole.

I know that man who is sitting there on the other side.

His car has just been repaired.

Jay was in trouble financially.

What will I learn in this course?

Well, let's talk turkey.

I don't even want to be here.

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Who else is going to be on the show?

My father said he would reserve a day to take me to the zoo.

Jim attributes his success to hard work.

This custom became extinct a long time ago.

He says he is leaving the country for good.

She spoke in a small voice.

I don't know why Marco wanted me to be here today.

Ramsey is a very well-known biologist.

Let's go have a beer.


Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all.

What is the best fertilizer for tomatoes?

I suggested that he go there at once.

I don't want to eat anything right now.

Did you say your name was Karen?


I know this must be difficult for you.

How old are you?

What an animal it is!

I think you're quite right.

I think that recording is important.


Daniel is making calamansi juice.


Some people say that the theory of evolution is "only" a theory but a scientific theory is something that has been proven to be true.

Her hobby is collecting stamps.

Izumi is very handsome.

It's not true anymore.

You were awfully quiet.

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Which bed do you want to use?


I don't need Francois to tell me anything.


The train for Birmingham leaves from platform 3.


Who else could've done this?

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This knife has a fine edge and cuts well.


That's nothing but a lie!

Raigad was the first capital of the Maratha Empire.

Did you drink tea?

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I've got good news.


I've never seen Pratapwant in such a state.

His illness is critical.

Julia felt like crying when she heard the news.

It was his first job.

How many girlfriends does Raghu have?


Masanobu might've been injured much worse if he hadn't been wearing a helmet.


He warned you.

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I thought you lived with Meeks.

Are you getting much out of that book?

He went to Osaka, where he put up at a hotel.

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For the first time, he stood to take a real interest in his studies.


She was in the right place at the right time.

He is doing his work.

I'm not all that hungry.

It was one of the worst experiences of my life.

Sumitro bought Wendy a fairly expensive camera.

Elisabeth went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.

You were meant for me.

Everett is hoping to go to Boston.

That guy really burns me up.


I'm dead if I stay here.

We are strong together.

I'm afraid you've run out of options.

Don't throw out this magazine. I haven't read it yet.

What's bugging Francois?

Never was she so frightened.

Just throw it away.


I've got no friends.

Saiid spoke with Rajiv in French.

I ruined one of my best shirts when I spilled some battery acid on the sleeve.

He's in his element.

It will not be long before she regrets it.


That he refused our proposal was big surprise to us.

What sort of house do you have?

Now, would you excuse me?

Alain is a fat man.

One cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship.


No matter what you say, I won't change my mind.

I want to see him in my office.

He took some very beautiful pictures in Monaco.

Leaves turn to gold.

This book ought to be a good seller.


You'll be great.

So annoying... Now I get a headache whenever I use the computer!

It's fun to learn Turkish with you.

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It's a troll trying for click-throughs. It's being multiposted in English-related communities all over the place.

I don't believe he'll pass his test.

You're the prettiest thing I've seen in my life.

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It seems downright impossible.

Jasmine and lavender are my favorite scents.

Japan is a very long country from north to south.

You need to come at once.

It was just a shot in the dark.

Are you throwing me out?

Leave now so you're not tardy.

That dress looks stunning on you.

Coleen was attacked by a rabid squirrel.

We've got to do better than that.

The party was well along when I came.

Romain said he wasn't feeling well.

Which films are showing now?

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He will soon get used to the class.


The legal system in America is the world's finest.

Milner didn't go there.

Most virgins have an intact hymen.

Are you a racist?

These particular persons will run.

Justin doesn't think he has the time to help you today.

She started to engage in sexual activity.

Get ready to be happy.

You are doing well for a cub reporter.

"So, said Ethel in a changed voice, you came only for my father." The young man lowered his head, for these words seemed very unfair to him.

I worked hard all day, so I was very tired.

Melinda is setting the table.

My routine is to read the newspaper before breakfast.

I thought he would come soon.

Pedro did well today.

Is that to eat here or take out?

None of that actually happened.


Samir scowled at Sundaresan.

Thanks, guys!

On second thought, I think I will have a slice of that pie.

Let's just do it now.

The misanthrope enjoys his solitude.

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"You look very tired." "No, mom, I'm fine."

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

I'm not comfortable working with Fritz.


I need new shoes.

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I like a lot the sound and rhythm of your translation.

I wonder what happened to Boyd.

You're going to run out of provisions before you get there.

He looks cute in his uniform.

I have no excuse.

He is in want of good assistants.

Izchak is obviously very nervous.

Find out if Eli has any relatives living in Boston.

He has what to reproach you for.

Do what you can for him.

Would you like to be a farm boy?

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Who can deal with this difficult situation?

This summer the transfer market will be more exciting than ever.

The language in a society is never a detail.

Morocco is called "Al-Maghrib" in Arabic.

I'm thinking of getting me one of those.

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This is the camera which I bought yesterday.

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Paradoxically, drinkable water is the first thing in short supply after a flood.

Can I come over and play?

I'm not a scientist.

Judith is tired of all your complaining.

Can I use my credit card?

Hans might be interested.

He was wounded in battle.

I am sure I can get in touch with him by telephone.

This is where it began.

That doctor may cure him of his cancer.

Valeria knows he's a terrible dancer.

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A quadriga is a chariot drawn by four horses.