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It wouldn't last.

I'm going to ignore that.

Why not let him help you?

Charley is studying now.

I've never seen such a wonderful sunset.

I'd suggest we don't go down that road.

Bryan knows we believe him.

To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.

There was absolutely no furniture in that room.

They left me in charge.

Glad to be able to assist you.

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I have been satisfied with my work so far.

I never travel alone.

We've known Brett for years.

Tonight the King of Hell returns.

Your mom is so fat that she has her own timezones.

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Happiness is always with you. You don't have to go somewhere far away for it. It is here - in a quiet solitary room.


I think it's time for me to consult a lawyer.

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There was a financial crisis in 2009.

His manners were far from pleasant.

The French government made a 35-hour workweek mandatory in 2000.

Without doubt, what people worship first is what they see most often; for example, the animals that had the closest connection to people's lives, like the horse, the cow, the sheep, the rooster, the dog and so on.

I wasn't trying to make a move or anything.

He explained the plan's main objective.

This idiot of Lindsay should have guessed that the last word in this sentence would of course be for Barbra.

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Who speaks Russian?

Do you work here?

A party is a good place to make friends with other people.


It might snow tonight.

I can't tell you what we ended up doing.

Do you know what fear is?


Take your umbrella because it is cloudy.

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Not all girls are like that.


Did you wait for Socorrito?

And below, the princess saw an immense city shone with millions lights. The three travellers descended there, unseen by anyone.

What time did you eat?


What do we know?

The seeds of plants breathe all the time.

Nobody but you can make me happy.


His troubles are not over.


I'm going to meet you there.


You seem to really want to talk about what happened.

What a nice cable-car this is!

Did you ask Samuel why he was leaving?

There is no future without hope.

We made an agreement to meet exactly at ten.

This is today's newspaper.

Randall will regret it sooner or later.

He grew up to be a college football player.

Lars believes that Latin is not a dead language.

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The meeting will commence.

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One must be patient with children.

How much do you love her?

I work at a bar.


We called off the wedding.

As soon as he took a look at her, he fell in love.

Marek rushed out of his office.


The backer is waiting to see how the deal pans out.

Liyuan visited Australia last summer.

All three of them were in love with the same girl.

I can't repay you.

He was always ready to help people in trouble.

The colony was destroyed.

They can fix the heater.


She kept working even though she was tired.


You said that you were tired.

She may have been surprised when she received my letter.

Doug is still just as handsome as he used to be.

Edmund isn't mad at you.

After she picked up the first glass and water went all over the place, she called the boss out.

Srivatsan didn't give me an ounce of trouble.

He cut down a cherry tree.

David took out his handkerchief and blew his nose.

It's his problem, not mine.

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She advised him not to go there by himself.

How brave of him to jump into the water to save the little girl!

Who wants a bit of cake?

The roses in my garden are beautiful.

I haven't eaten since breakfast.


Les felt he had done his duty.


What is the thaler?

The Worldwide Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989.

Frankly, I don't like your idea.

Tell Rod I'll be right there.

The bank has branches in all parts of the country.

I think Winnie is too confident.

Do you like Roxanne's new Halloween costume?


He is a music enthusiast.

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I am not a businessperson.

Do you know how to eat with chopsticks?

Can you tell me more about them?

Van shivered uncontrollably.

All her money went to her nephew.

The is a Briton.

"Okay, Adrian, pitting, pitting." "I really don't understand this drivethrough. I mean, the backmarker was holding me up, holding everyone up, and I get a drivethrough. Tell the FIA I really don't understand that." "Yes, we think it's very harsh and we will discuss it further with the FIA."


We'd like to know more about it.


Shai is a fire eater.

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We drove for miles.


You must let things take their own course.

You're part of the family.

I don't see Erik much.

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Miek said he couldn't provide any more details.

Why were you so slow?

Don't you speak Tatoeban?

Whisper in my ear, Ti.

When are you leaving for Rome?


The cuneiform script was used for more than 22 centuries.

He overlooked my mistake.

Wherever you go, you will meet people who are kind and generous.

We should call him.

With pleasure, my dear.


What would Herb have done?

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There's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip.

I think Aimee is narrow-minded.

Bart seems to be optimistic.


Loud music bothers me.


I apologize for the delay.

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She talked about Paris as if she had been there many times.


Don't waste time on trifles.

I've been stopped by the police many times.

Malloy sat alone on the couch.

I can't explain anything.

Lorraine doesn't want to argue with Jesse.

Van can give you an answer tomorrow.

There's never a new fashion but it's old.


We enjoyed swimming.

The experiments led to great discoveries.

We talked about a variety of topics.

My uncle gave me a book yesterday. Here is the book.

Who said I stole the money?

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That's my opinion.

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That's not such a bad idea.

You see in this world there are only scoundrels and hypocrites.

You're braver than I am.


She still loves him.

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Let's be careful not to catch a cold.

She pretended to know nothing about it.

The passengers were taken off the sinking ship.

Del is horrible.

Jurevis seems to be hiding something.


Would you like to say something?

If you have a time, could you translate some sentences below, please?

I'm traveling on a tight schedule. I don't have the time.


Don't eat me, gray wolf, I'll sing a song for you.

The faithful believe that this relic is imbued with healing properties.

I know you're not completely innocent, you too, share some of the blame.

Which text editor do you prefer?

Who's that with Granville?

You're with him, aren't you?

Barry looked at the fuel gauge.

During the war, we had to do without sugar.

What language do you speak at home?

It's cold. I want to hibernate.

I have to let Justin know when the meeting starts.

You're through here, aren't you?

If you heard her speak English, you would take her for an American.