Carson Corporon

Leader, Innovator

Carson Corporon bridges the gap between technology and people,
working strategically as both a developer and a leader.
  • Email: 5048893570
  • Website: Hipposelinum
  • Phone: (775) 771 - 2555
  • Address: 1250 1st St
  • West Lafayette, IN 47906

Who is Carson Corporon?

Carson Corporon is an industrious and inventive student at Purdue University with both strong technical and leadership backgrounds. Carson utilizes his diverse experience in order to bridge the gap between technology and people to create harmony out of disorder.
Carson started his career at Purdue University pursuing a degree in Mathematics and considered adding Computer Science on as a second degree. Two years into his degree, after a successful term as President of a Purdue Student Organization, he decided to move to the Krannert School of Management to pursue a degree in Industrial Management concentrating in Management Information Systems.


Carson has a strong technical background from both classes and personal projects. Carson has excelled in database management courses and has had extensive work with SQL databases for personal projects. Carson is fluent in Java and actively develops in the language utilizing multiple UNIX servers. Carson has a strong leadership background to compliment his technical experience. Having been president of his Residence Hall's student organization for two years and executive board of the Residence Hall Association for one has given Carson a unique experience in leading both large and small teams to tackle difficult problems with a limited budget.

SQL Database




Unix Server Administration


Team Development


Leadership Experience

Shreve Residence Hall Club



Led a team of 60 to raise over $10,000 from Residence Hall Organizations in order to host an All-Hall Semi-Formal with over 700 attendees two years in a row.



Led a team of over 30 to win both the Overall Purdue Homecoming competition and Best Homecoming Float against all other Student Organizations three years in a row.

Purdue Exponent Articles: bud gum, 2013.

Organization Awards


Under the leadership of Carson as President, Shreve Hall won Hall of the Year as decided by the Residence Hall Association and the Purdue Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary.

Personal Awards


Carson won the Best Executive Board Member of Shreve Club in 2012 and Best Cabinet Member of Shreve Club in 2013 as voted on by Shreve Hall Residents. He also won the Bronze Pin for Outstanding Leadership in Shreve Club.

Personal Projects

For the last 2 years Carson has been developing an advanced Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Bot for use on a Purdue centric IRC network. The bot is written in Java and uses PircBotX as a base. Containing over 20 different functions, including action specific commands and logging functions, the bot is highly integrated with a mySQL database to store information. At peak periods of traffic over 200 calls a minute can be sent to the SQL database. The bot also contains an active 4 tier permissions system that can be specifically set for any command or group of commands. The permissions of a command can be heavily restricted, requiring a user to be logged in; moderately restricted, requiring a known username; lightly restricted, requiring you to be on Purdue's campus; or open, with individual blocks for IP or username available. Due to the dynamic permissions system and control system, the bot can add or remove allowed users during operation and join and part channels without the need of a bot restart. In order to maintain the project, Carson has used Bitbucket for repository management and Jira for project and issue tracking. If you would like more information on this bot, please contact Carson directly.

Work Experience

Building Manager

Krach Leadership Center: Purdue University

  • Period: August 2014-Present
  • Job type: Part-Time
  • References: Deb Winger

The Krach Leadership Center is a new building at Purdue University designed to promote student success and assist Student Organization operations. As a building manager Carson assists building visitors, enforces building policy, and ensures building security.

Student Utility Staff

Shreve Hall: Purdue University

  • Period: May 2014 - August 2014
  • Job type: Full-Time
  • References: Gary D. Williams

Over the 2014 Summer, Carson worked as a Student Utility Worker in Shreve Residence Hall in order to maintain and repair the building during Summer Conferences and for the start of the 2014 Academic Year.

Resident Conference Assistant/Summer Student Office Assistant

Summer Conferences: Purdue University

  • Period: May 2013 - August 2013
  • Job type: Part-Time
  • References: N/A

During the Summer, Purdue University hosts conferences in the Residence Halls. The summer of 2013 Carson acted as a Resident Conference Assistant (RCA) and a Summer Student Office Assistant (SSOA) for University Residences Conference. As a RCA, Carson ensured the building security at night, provided assistance to building residents, and acted as an on call staffer in the event of night issues or emergencies. As a SSOA, Carson assisted building guest, handled cash transactions, and provided both phone and in-person customer service to future student residents.


Purdue University

Attempting Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management concentrating in Management Information Systems

Carson started by majoring in Math and considered adding on Computer Science as a major after taking a year of CS core courses. Eventually he made the transition to the Krannert School of Management in order to better utilize his leadership skills.

Reno High School

Class of 2011

Graduated with Honors and seven successful AP courses converted to Purdue University credit.