I didn't want to look stupid in front of my friends.

I just love flowers.

Mr Tani and his wife were present at that party.

I need fresh air.

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English will take you a long time to master.

Oh, it is me!

Activists are stepping up their protest drive.

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Will you stamp this letter for me?

Mike is proud of his father being rich.

Oh, the driver is a maniac.


Do you speak Hungarian?

The bank robbers were wearing masks.

I loved that show.

I don't care what your mother said.

Nici wasn't able to carry all of the books.

The car bumped the tree.

There's not a single safe place anymore in Japan.

What can you tell us about Boston?

It is essential that we find it.

Is there any other size?

I expect to win.

He called out loudly, but nobody heard him.

With relatives like him, who needs enemies?

I didn't mean to wake them up.

Leonard's parents are both still living.


When I kiss you, I forget the world around us.


Mara set his homework out on the table.

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Why didn't somebody stop us?


Let's not quibble over trivial matters.

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My stars!

My watch has been repaired.

For anybody coming to see us in Dublin, here is the Facebook event page!


Don't get yourself involved in that.

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I was hidden.

I will fight.

Be careful with them.

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The old guard was nearly voted out of the Upper House.

Al said he was going to be late.

I need something for an adult.

Where did you see Nancy?

What does Jacques have to do with any of this?

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I saw wolves in the Appennines.

Dani shares an apartment with three friends.

Hwa approves.

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I promised my parents I wouldn't drink.

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My grandfather, being hard of hearing, often makes an irrelevant answer.

Can I talk to you for a sec?

He measures the time with a radio-controlled clock.

That hardly matters anymore.

I'm working double shifts.

It was rather difficult for me to make out what he was saying.

Don't arrive late at the railroad station.

Were you waiting just for me?

Shyam and I are in love with each other.

Lance says that he reads it for the articles.

Do you want me to continue?

My whole life long, I fought against superstition.

I know this guy that lives off takeaways.


The doctor said, "There's nothing worse for your health than tobacco.

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He has a bright future ahead of him.

Preparing a room for painting is the most important step in the process.

"To be honest, I'm afraid of heights." "Coward!"

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I've known him since I was a child.


No visitor can remain in the hospital after 9 p.m.


Are you sure you're feeling well enough to see Israel?


I have underestimated the strength of my opponent.

Waking up is an annoying way to start a day.

You don't look so well.

He could not get along with his neighbors.

The aphorism is, how to say it?, the champagne of melancholia; each short statement encapsulates years of disillusionment distilled in a moment of intoxication.

Is your brother's name Alexei?

Everything is okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.

Zimbabwe was once a colony of Britain.

Anita is much younger than Pilar thinks.

Where did you set fire to them?

There's a big storm on way.


I can't take this any longer.


I'm happy for him.

This price is reasonable.

This billionaire has 5 homes in 4 different countries.


We can tell them later.

I live in Kobe.

You've got to stop this.


I'm surprised it was that easy.

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And it seems they don't have the slightest intent of coming back so ...


What do you think might happen?

Lindsay was upset when he saw Mickey kissing John.

My urine is pink.


Is Pria absent today?

I was disappointed that you didn't call.

The country is famous for the rapid growth of its economy.

Add salt to taste.

Next please.

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I doubt the new proposal will be accepted.

I've already told him this a thousand times.

I tasted the cake she cooked.

We solved that problem in a week.

Don't go into that area.

He sat there looking out the window.

To tell the truth, I have never spoken Portuguese.


How many Native American languages died to let English be the main language in North America?


Terry's schedule is insane.

I'm sorry I was so rude.

The bottle Warren was holding had a purple label.


My fight in our examination hell is over!

Shai is dreaming.

She likes to go to the library.

The stable is right behind the farm house.

He was duped by being fed false information.


When bad boys become good and kind, they have the power of making their homes gay and new with happiness.


Don't expect anyone to help you.

I think I can explain what the problem is.

Remind me to give this to Mohammad.

It's an autonomous car.

Once in a while, he leaves his umbrella in the train.

He drinks his coffee black every time.

I had good teachers.

Promise me you won't hurt them.

I wish I didn't always feel so tired.

I don't need it back.

He is at home in modern English literature.

Marco is our hero.

Did you know Douglas couldn't drive?

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This has been a paradox, but now the time gives it proof.

She is distantly related to him.

The police want to question you.

At one time the song was very popular.

Rajesh didn't exactly say no.


Many transgender people experience gender dysphoria.

You can't bring this in.

After I graduated from college, I moved back home and lived with my parents for three years.

I mistook her for Ann's sister.

Your customs declaration, please.


Louie is chewing bubble gum.


The population of Australia is much smaller than that of Japan.

People no longer consider it strange for men to let their hair grow long.

Boy, was I wrong.

Did you see Jan leave?

Lars doesn't love her husband.

Do you have a bag?

I don't think of Bret as shy, so much as introverted.

I am the caretaker of this child, and they are my care-receiver.

Raman left his clothes lying all over the floor.

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What's your favorite brand of electronics?


Penny goes to kindergarten.

It's a beautiful picture.

He made money from that business.

He did everything he could to get the prize.

Thanks for saving me.

I heard that he bought a new computer.

Start at once, and you will catch up with him.

This fish is not edible.

I want them behind bars.

The students burned their textbooks.

I've been waiting for this my whole life.

I'm pretty sure Thad's dependable.

Some children broke the window, which made Mother very angry.


It was a stupid thing to do.

Your advice has always been very helpful to me.

Can I buy you dinner?